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  1. This is what started this off today. @Glen Sannox was at the event last night and said that Jerry did not masturbate in front of the audience. He said Jerrys cock was out for a second, but his version of events was untrue according to @Mr. Alli. I apologise if I offended anyone with my views on drug abuse. This is not the right place as I doubt many of us are professional drug councillors. @Mr. Alli has said to me he’s not affected by my views. But the inevitable pile on from the usual suspects calling me all manner of things. Free speech and all that, but you can’t call for someone to be banned when you are commenting with all manner of personal abuse. That’s hypocritical. So I’m “potentially a threat to both women and children”. Really? On what evidence? I apologise to @Mr. Alli for my comments regarding his personal drug habits. I do hope he seeks professional support and gets himself clean.
  2. Why for speaking the truth? I am not the one making false accusations about Jerry Safowitz masturbating at the Fringe. I don’t agree with the Dead Pool forum on this site and the disgusting jokes many make regarding peoples deaths. I don’t ask for an IP ban for those people. Why should I? It might offend me, but so what? We live in a free society where we can openly discuss such things. This is cancel culture at its finest.
  3. Anyone taking cocaine in Scotland has the blood on their hands from the people who die every day in the manufacturer, supply and distribution of this drug. How many innocent people are caught up in this? How many innocent people are knocked down and killed by people high on such drugs driving cars? Back on topic I don’t think anyone had died from seeing a Jerry Sadowitz performance.
  4. I have lost friends and family to heroin addiction and gang warfare in Paisley in the 80s. I’ve seen first hand in the last 10years what an alcohol and cocaine addiction can do. My best friend in his 50s lost his high flying career, his house and now he doesn’t even recognise his own wife, kids or friends as his brain is totally fcuked from snorting that shit. He now has to live in a care home and he’s not even 60 years old. This is not a forum for those seeking help for drug addiction. Coming on boasting of how many g’s he has done on a weekend is not a good look. Seek help before it’s too late. https://www.rehab4addiction.co.uk/country-wide/drug-alcohol-rehab-dundee
  5. Well as far as that argument goes as far as I’m concerned you are also a random on the internet with a made up cocaine addiction to gain some green dots. Sad.
  6. Pretty shite calling someone a masturbating sex offender without evidence to back it up.
  7. Well thank goodness for someone who was there to scotch this allegation that @Mr. Alli clearly made against Jerry Sadowitz.
  8. Well? @Mr. Alli Why can’t you answer the question above?
  9. I’m not breaking any laws asking a question. This guy has had it in for me for some time. Just because he takes class A drugs it seems that it’s ok for him to abuse other people. Just say no. He kicked this off today. I’ve not quoted him for weeks and he starts on me today after he publicly boasted that he had put me on ignore. Why then remove me and start chucking out insults. It’s a two way street.
  10. Is Jerry the first performer at the Fringe to have taken his penis out on stage as part of his act?
  11. Is this the first time an actor or a comedian or a performer displayed his or her genitalia to an audience at the Fringe?
  12. Potentially? Make your fcuking mind up. Did Sadowitz masturbate live on stage or in the audience last night in Edinburgh? If he did then I’m sure the police will take action. Did you do any illegal drugs this weekend that have fcuked with your logic?
  13. All I knew from written reports was he had taken out his penis. I compared those actions to that of other performances on tv, screen, theatre and strip clubs. I don’t see the difference. He is edgy and out to shock. Everyone and anyone who knows anything about Sadowitz knows that his shows are based on that. Plus he was looking for publicity to sell out his upcoming tour. I agree that he if he performed masturbation during a comedy show then that is something I would not approve of. Let’s see what the police will do.
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