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  1. He’ll be back quick. He’s dedicated to his fitness. You have a good one there.
  2. Maybe it’s not Queen of the South, and maybe not a potential 1 year deal? Maybe it’s Hamilton, maybe it’s full time and maybe it’s longer than 1 year. Maybe he’ll not cut it and be back with us soon enough.
  3. If I am wrong I apologise but I thought training was at 2 locations. One being K-Park in EK and the other somewhere near Hamilton, but not NDP.
  4. Hopefully it won’t be too long before Tom Lang is ready. His and Berra’s stats when they were partnered together were pretty good.
  5. Spotted training at NDP- where we don’t train of course
  6. Sources won’t be revealed but SSB is spot on.
  7. He wasn’t working full time or even part time and your stab at his RR wage is way off
  8. Thank f**k, won't have to see the tweet "Goal Peterhead, Right footed shot from the edge of the box by Scott Brown" 4 fucking times this season Kirkcaldy bound?
  9. Another who declined our offer of a contract last summer
  10. Ok I’ll bite. Why would you assume this?
  11. After that season he deserves more than a 1 day holiday. Lots to do though.
  12. Not sure many gave us a chance after the cup exit......quite an achievement given the squad and the lack of depth through injuries.
  13. If only we had a Head of Football or a Head of recruitment......
  14. They didn’t pay what Clyde wanted either but outbid you marginally and then there’s the player’s choice to be considered. You had a lucky escape the way it ended up. Good luck next season.
  15. Yep I agree, just don’t like to see misinformation- wrong forum then I guess!
  16. You’ll be telling us all next that your manager wasn’t all over him either trying to get him to play for your club.
  17. Someone is, that’s for sure. You’re also miles off on the wages.
  18. It doesn’t make me feel better but if you want to believe that the contact stopped and the perseverance from JMCG to get him in the door receded after the sponsor and volunteers and fans spoke up against the possibility, I hope it makes you feel better.
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