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  1. So why were we not aware of this given Danny’s link with John Rankin? Surely he’d have been a great addition
  2. Decent financial backing compared to us who have the charity tins out Or maybe they have an even more impressive scouting network than us
  3. I think this is accurate- Gomis? 350 or 400 with what we’ve signed so far I can’t see the money available for players being the same as last year
  4. 9 weeks at £400 supposedly so £3,600 - wonder if that’s all that we lost on the transfer fee?
  5. I believe there was no external funding for his wages last season
  6. Easton a big miss sure enough. you can swap out for Montrose or Alloa then
  7. Think top 4 will be Falkirk, Dunfermline, QOS Airdrie in any order. then Montrose Kelty Alloa in any order then us, Peterhead and Fc Edinburgh. would love to be wrong and see us mid table- but can’t see it
  8. Yes, clearly even with buffer of David’s large wage being gone and the transfer fee which of course remains undisclosed. We’d better prepare ourselves for a long hard slog in a very tough league. 8th would be acceptable now. Anything better will be over achieving and top 4 a pipe dream.
  9. Yet at the meeting at NDP the FD stated the budget the same. I fully agree that the signings would suggest otherwise.
  10. How are you so sure of this? As for “ raining on my parade”…. It’s merely an opinion and a talking point. No parading just opinion and discussion…. Let’s not make it more than that.
  11. I agree- which is why I’m not buying into the “we have no money for players” stuff.
  12. Are you talking strictly players? I thought the football budget was quoted at 336k but included all staff such as physios and team manager etc. If same as last year it should still stretch further without David’s wage draining the pot
  13. I thought I read that our football budget was the same as last year, which included a hefty salary for our captain. Also a few players reported to be on very good money- Gomis, Balatoni being two mentioned. Also, there was a transfer fee for Mitch and David’s transfer fee. Why, after signing so few players and mostly from divisions below us and with the exciting new commercial opportunities at NDP we are hearing about…… are we to accept we have “no money for players”?
  14. Chances are he won’t break down. Top surgeon with new internal brace method. Boy is working his socks off and is looking like returning fitter and stronger than before.
  15. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/62030282 interesting article
  16. Guess so but this lad is a machine…… really hope he stays on track and gets back in great shape.
  17. Top sports surgeon and progress great- and dedicated lad, be positive.
  18. Been training full time doing double sessions. Looks like he’s gone all out to win a full time deal.
  19. Why would you say “if”… he’s well on the way
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