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  1. They didn’t pay what Clyde wanted either but outbid you marginally and then there’s the player’s choice to be considered. You had a lucky escape the way it ended up. Good luck next season.
  2. Yep I agree, just don’t like to see misinformation- wrong forum then I guess!
  3. You’ll be telling us all next that your manager wasn’t all over him either trying to get him to play for your club.
  4. Someone is, that’s for sure. You’re also miles off on the wages.
  5. It doesn’t make me feel better but if you want to believe that the contact stopped and the perseverance from JMCG to get him in the door receded after the sponsor and volunteers and fans spoke up against the possibility, I hope it makes you feel better.
  6. That statement is plain and simply untrue
  7. Well done... looking forward to seeing these highlights.
  8. He was voted man of match by Clyde owners
  9. In what way was he “hung out to dry”?
  10. Absolutely and although that’s 3 seasons without the need for playoffs.....it doesn’t feel like we’re an established league 1 side.
  11. Not quite but we’re not supposed to mention him
  12. And that’s assuming those 4-5 players wish to stay. Big job ahead.
  13. Which implies we are paying something which also suggests it’s RR who were unwilling to agree to tear up loan agreement.
  14. Guess it would help cover the wage contribution we are sending RR for Goodie.
  15. Rumours of a £400 per week contribution to his RR wages from Clyde as part of a loan deal which saw him play for 25 mins in a 9-0 Glasgow cup defeat. All 3 parties had to agree to terminate the loan agreement apparently.... I’m fairly sure we can deduce which party declined.
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