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  1. Guess so but this lad is a machine…… really hope he stays on track and gets back in great shape.
  2. Top sports surgeon and progress great- and dedicated lad, be positive.
  3. Been training full time doing double sessions. Looks like he’s gone all out to win a full time deal.
  4. Why would you say “if”… he’s well on the way
  5. He’ll be back quick. He’s dedicated to his fitness. You have a good one there.
  6. Maybe it’s not Queen of the South, and maybe not a potential 1 year deal? Maybe it’s Hamilton, maybe it’s full time and maybe it’s longer than 1 year. Maybe he’ll not cut it and be back with us soon enough.
  7. If I am wrong I apologise but I thought training was at 2 locations. One being K-Park in EK and the other somewhere near Hamilton, but not NDP.
  8. Hopefully it won’t be too long before Tom Lang is ready. His and Berra’s stats when they were partnered together were pretty good.
  9. Spotted training at NDP- where we don’t train of course
  10. Sources won’t be revealed but SSB is spot on.
  11. He wasn’t working full time or even part time and your stab at his RR wage is way off
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