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  1. I recommend Ferguslie Cricket Club. Nice social atmosphere I knew you’d see sense
  2. Rangers are not going to rest players while still going for three trophies. I know the league is a very long shot but stranger things have happened. Jack is a player I’d have starting every game if fit but he looked sluggish last night and I’d consider Lundstrum and Kamara as starters. Ramsey was excellent last night and I’d start him but doubt he ll finish the game. Was Barisic suffering from cramp? If he was I’d start the same back four The extra 30 minutes wasn’t ideal but Rangers have nobody to blame but themselves as we should have taken our chances and yet again our failure to defend a set piece costs us! Was weird watching a goalkeeper coming for cross balls last night. I might miss this game as I’ll be travelling back from London but we ll try and stop somewhere near Manchester to watch it. Quietly confident. 2-1 Rangers.
  3. You do know there will be one of ‘Them’ taking this to Kerrydale as we speak.
  4. I actually thought he might do a job but unfortunately he’s just not good enough and will , hopefully, be moved on in the summer. Im not convinced Ross Stewart is the answer but he’s seemingly doing very well down south
  5. I have noticed he has an ‘expert’ knowledge of our finances but he’s not alone in that ….
  6. At the game I never gave it a thought but still pictures I’ve seen show it’s over the line. Thankfully it doesn’t matter. I think Ramsey’s reaction saves the goalie who was seemingly seriously hurt twice but managed to run 50 yards and slide twenty yards on his knees to celebrate with Bragas back room staff when Braga scored.
  7. If o was a team mate of his we would be having words! Let his team down and those supporters who travelled over for the game. Maybe eyeing up a move to Atletico?
  8. Stuck in traffic for an hour as they closed the slip road from Scotland Street. Cheers GCC! You know it’s been a great night when the back of your legs are black n blue but you don’t feel that pain until after the game! Atmosphere was amazing again on European Night. ‘I’m feeling it’ after 120 minutes . Sensational night. Bennett is right on the money. From dropping points against Montrose, Stirling Albion, Annan Athletic etc etc to outplaying Dortmund, Braga, Red Star etc etc etc. It’s dreamland stuff. Not sure why there is a post about Saltires as there has always been Saltires at Ibrox. We are after all a British / Scottish club. Fair play to Braga. Probably unlucky to only take a 1-0 lead into tonight’s game but we held on over there and battled well. Tonight was completely different. We were , by a distance, the better team and thoroughly deserved to go through. To say I’m delighted doesn’t do this night justice. From having to get up at 5am on a Sunday morning to travel up to Elgin for a lunchtime kick off to dreaming of going to Seville. Unbelievable
  9. 2-2 Never seen so many non season ticket holders trying to get through turnstiles!
  10. Rangers linked to Ross Stewart. Not sure how I feel about this one. If it’s replacing Itten then it’s an upgrade
  11. Fucking Tony Blair Best line I’ve read in quite a while. I must apologise to AJF. I originally misjudged him
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