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  1. When I mentioned Maxwell he was playing every week in the league above,that is the difference untill the injury massive difference
  2. Charlton Athletic are in league one terrible standard he isn't Scotland class never was never will be
  3. Now there is a blast from the past was at the game I met his daughter and partner in a pub in Glasgow one time she helped to find my contract they were from Paisley but Bryce used to live in Kilbirnie back then
  4. One that doesn't play Mitchell will get a better move than Ayr anyway and be number one looks like he is going to join Partick Thistle
  5. David Mitchell just been released from Hibs decent goalie
  6. Faddy was class before the injury handled the top flight in England unlike Coisty,who agree was a top striker up here a penelty box predator
  7. Jed Steer needs a loan at start off season if he gets a decent move maybe to championship I'm sure that he will come into contention if he is doing the job
  8. Maybe but he won't and is usually injured
  9. McGilvary hasn't been near squads for about two years why would he suddenly get a call up?Isn't even playing in English championship
  10. We have Hickey is 19 and Patterson is 20 and Ralston is 22,what else are you expecting? Doig will come into the reckon at 19 at one time and Ramsay at 18 if Doig joins Bolonga and possibly Liverpool loan Ramsay hopefully to Bolonga as well
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