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  1. Thought that was a really solid effort. Undone by goals at key times and that bit of luck we needed went to the home team. A bench of 4 outfield players 2 modern apprentices, 1 lad who had a hip op 2-3 weeks ago and hasn't kicked a ball along with LV who has also been out recently. An 18 year old at right back and missing first choice picks; Millen, Brown, Gullan, Mathews along with 2 cup tied players. Threadbare is being generous. We'll played lads.
  2. Very Rovers act to install an enormous portacabin at significant cost then get investment from folk who could have done it cheap as a homer.
  3. Really shows how wafer thin "journalism" is. An absolute non story on big John and hinting at the Kelty consortium that was the talk of the Novar 2 months ago.
  4. Not as wild as you think…some might call it a 3-3-1-3 Nolan/Lang/Dick Millen/Spencer/Ngwenya Connolly/Stanton/McBride/Easton (effectively a shallow diamond with Stanton shading back) ‐‐---------------------------------- Each to their own but IMO this is as mystifying as it is nieve. I thought the suggestion that Masson and Mcneil should play more was ambitious but this is next level. You did see us getting completely over run in the midfield yesterday? Is Mcbride who offered nothing our striker?
  5. Agree 100% it's great having no drama for now!! Could actually just do with something to give me a Rovers fix. Rangers tickets picked up this morning and happy enough with my lot. Come Saturday its must win or we're doomed. For now I'm happy enough.
  6. I'm still working overseas so asked QP on Monday about a stream but have received no reply. Raith TV saying they could offer the service but it's the home clubs decision and they would work with their preference. Mention of a midweek planning meeting so maybe hear something later in the week. Shows how times moved on that we now expect to see games overseas. Would take a draw and happy to have the 2 teams sign off a 1-1.
  7. Brilliant stuff, loved the on pitch video too. Good to read Motherwell supporters offering praise for our volunteers too as they have really good media themselves. ETA absolutely agree about Mcbride, thought he was another 5 minute bench warmer. The lads taking care of that nonsense
  8. 100% this ☝ its great watching what he's developing. I'm also enjoying the open communication, seems like he enjoys chatting with the TV guys. Always felt there was an edge with JM that meant everyone was on guard (including JM) Just getting the story "as it is" works. I felt the same when results were not falling our way. Actually ridiculous what the squads producing. Also a proper cult hero who gets the ball in the net is long overdue. Goncalves goal and interview puts him in pole position if he wants to have a support falling over him.
  9. Agree 100%, clubs at our level need to help each other. Arbroath have thought they would make a few quid but £8 for an audio pass while our own media is locked out isn't going to fly. I posted elsewhere my old man and mates didn't go on principle and sat in the golf club listening to open all mics. There's £110 they lost out on plus general goodwill. No one favours audio to actually going and the Raith TV output just keeps folk who can't attend or can't afford to ticking over. Probably cost them money when they weigh up subscriptions V non attendees. Poor show Arbroath, not making room for them to film, no comms and according to Raith TV chatboard no space for usual media team. 3 points though so get it roond ye.
  10. Outside the pandemic I don't recall any club other than Arbroath refusing permission. Sure it's intended to drive folk towards their £8 monthly audio as is their right. Problem is I can't afford to attend and now lose out on RTV comms to keep in touch. Mind that cost of living thing Arbroath? One thing football fans like is a pantomime villain and a petty gripe and this is up there. Reality is I pick and choose away games and Arbroath single themselves out. In future if I have the option with shifts of Abroath or A.N Other match I will simply chose other trips instead. Own goal here that will also lead to other clubs being petty in the future when Arbroath decide they want to offer away coverage. Not the end of the world but kinda lacking in style by matching what every other club allows.
  11. Fair play Mr McDonald I've posted a few times that club communication has IMO been poor, this isn't. Speaks with a balance of trying to inform and shows his pride in the club. More of this RRFC,
  12. Seems a tricky guy to pin down without losing his trust. Can't imagine the tabloid sports writers being happy with the lack of "Banter moment's" All the questions I wanted asked were put forward and where they could be probed. A lot to take in but I feel as puzzled as ever. Seems like good communication from our club who don't normally do good communication. Could this be the beginning of a more routine update, let's hope so as this pattern of amateur hour via Courier, FFP is poor form. Output from RTV is exceptional, foundation stuff at Christmas, all the first team stuff and this can't have been an easy task. Wouldn't swap their jobs for a significant wage and they do it as volunteers. It genuinely keeps me from drifting away when I miss a few weeks. Oh and I think I'm a wee bit more comfortable than I was last week about our future.
  13. Thoroughly enjoyed that last night. Saving big John's interview as a pick me up in case the Sim one is a bombscare. However watched the 3 young lads and thought it was excellent. Can't help but think of Hanks earlier post about players mental health. You see as they chat these lads are really just wee boys who are brilliant at football. I was stood off to the keepers left hand post and dont know if it was a club person or friend but the guy was constantly encouraging McNeill. Not so much now but going back years I was definitely a screamer at individual players. See how it helped no one.
  14. What a day, Vaughan testimonial, loan recalls, Silverbear sent to a mate who owns a far away farm so we can't even visit, a match tonight and Sim incoming. The later gives me the most trepidation, happy if we just avoid front page headlines. Oh and can the Chairman reign it in too. Though to be fair the statement last week was quality. Whoever done the response should be handed the club pen. Can we please be even a tiny bit more media savvy?
  15. In order to be fair to the club well done on this latest piece of communication. It is clear, decisive and reassuring so basically everything that was missing in earlier interviews. This is the best media output since pre DGW. Please can they now stay away from microphones and act like a professional outfit moving forward. Seems we might have (for once) dodged a bullet. Facebook FC seem to have been seeking to use us as a showcase for their bang average players hooking Silverbear along the way. They try to belittle the club stewardship via the Courier and get their arse handed to them on a plate. Wonder if the chance they saw was to have their "talent" replace Fife Elite thereby lining their pickets as players were scouted. Maybe the Facebook FC/Raith Rovers reserve team. The Broomhill model further up the tier is the realm of Charlatans and chancers. As bad as the Chairmans talk has been the mention of club values etc has eased my immediate concerns.
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