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  1. Wouldn't judge the Hibs streaming on this as it looks like the pixelott style feed with comms. Does show we are lucky to have Raith TV though thanks to Hibs for showing the game.
  2. Tenuous basis for your assertions to say the least. I guess that means the ball boys are also involved in core footballing operations!! The bigger point is a CEO who doesnt/didn't have a hand in such matters is/was a complete waste of a wage. Has she gone? If so what were her big ticket achievements?
  3. "Since the CEO was supporting the BoD and management team in football operations, I would say there is overlap." interesting to read that as what I read and heard particularly through "THAT" time is that the CEO had no direct involvement in football decisions/operations. Where was that written/conveyed? Reason for asking is that you describe a conventional CEO role which is more than our own version ever professed to be. FWIW I never believed she had no such but can't recall anything but a blanket "It wasn't me guv" response to such matters.
  4. That's me all over, completely non-plussed at the signing. Could not have been more wrong, add in my (ridiculous) thought that Brad should have been shipped after promotion as I didn't think he would make the step up. Still at least I wasn't daft enough to question Jamma
  5. LV back fills me with hope and dread in equal measure. I want this to work more for the lad than us supporters. The deal is clear its adult full price only but don't see why the offer couldn't be opened up. Bit of an OG from the club which seems to be their way. Weirdest turn at SP is Aiden in the back row of a team pic. Has his head been photoshopped higher than the original? Looks weird. Still the boy they call Dick now has a first name! The weekly digest should have a distinct section for the stuff the club have cocked up each week.
  6. Great news, nice to get a wee surprise too. No ITK spoilers though we could have probably guessed this was likely. Fair play to the club on that one. You can tell he is buzzing, let's hope it works starting tonight.
  7. Ah, bugger no Raith TV audio. Just no way I can shift cash into the game. My season ticket audio was my go to. Guessing Arbroath said no, which doesn't make sense for me, if I had cash (sorry Raith TV) I would buy the stream or preferably be at the match. I'm rookit so this kills access to the match. Doesn't lose Arbroath a penny as I has zilch to give. Clubs working together with a wee bit give and take that would never work. Assuming Rovers do the same to Arbroath in return. Being skint is honking.
  8. Looks like the club have got it over the line without ITK nonsense
  9. Hard to belittle those who come accross as cynical given our track record. The Titan which JS refers to ad the Titanic being our most recent blooper. However thinking big and improving the structures in such a creative way is something to pin hope on. Bulldoze the unused Railway stand area and put in safe standing. The plan must be to restructure the main stand footprint maybe more hospitality based. Will mean an upswing in numbers for the marketing folk who seem to be struggling with current numbers. JS seems driven by a legacy beyond throwing money at wages. Hardly seems likely he is doing this at the cost of a club existing in the future. TBH I just can't work the guy out and swing from friend to foe by the week! Currently in the first camp.
  10. To be fair you are just coming across as condescending. Mourn, gesture your sadness by all means. What you are actually describing is something forced upon the masses to feed the myth of National grieving. It actually helps Rovers with team selection and it won't break my weekend but forcing such hollow gestures is contrived nonsense rather than respect. Offer a refund on tickets and allow the clubs to decide on a game by game basis. If I go full conspiracy theory on this I wouldn't be surprised if the fear of booing, chanting against the monarchy was part of the decision making.
  11. Player coach, Agnew is away at points isn't he? Just In time to noise up ICT!
  12. Club should employ someone to make sure this type of damage to our reputation could be avoided
  13. Its a bit smoke and mirrors with Bow, injured still? Used to see him in the main stand but I'm in the South now. Really good interview today, the more I hear from Murray the less I think of McGlynn. It also seems like Airdrie fans say its a process and not boom or burst. Also good call on Tait, had his time and done well for us but when he thought he had outgrown us the edge went.
  14. Listened to most of the interview, not what I hoped it would be as it flowed into Sim setting the tone which meant it ran away from the interviewer. No disrespect intended to the lad who IMO took on an almost impossible task. For balance I heard the Bill Clark one which was IMO excellent. The interview we actually want kills the stations link to the club. Probably only a national media person gets that story. In some ways that's better for Rovers as its less wild than we could have expected. It is however riddled with erratic interpretations of life at RRFC. He knew nothing of the deal Hasn't read Courier article Titan wasn't motivated by hospitality Money going to GW doesn't affect club budget Board acted promptly to limit damage Advertising not being paid for The RAITH acronym..I was hoping the interviewer would have said what about the others Does bridge building get mentioned- ladies team, volunteers etc This is what jumped out, as I say not what I expected or probably wanted but maybe that's a good thing. Maybe some of this is covered at the end which I've not caught. Will try to do so when golfing later. I'm still baffled that there is a highly paid CEO leading the club. I seem to type that a lot but I just don't understand what the value is. Maybe someone can educate me. Fair play K107 not an easy task to take on.
  15. Incredibly tepid interview with Sim, so many questions avoided, so many inconsistencies in his answers. Thanks to K107 for the time out into getting the detail but the chance to push the envelope wasn't taken. DGW issue was pretty much a free pass re the clubs reaction to fans, Raith woman's team, volunteers and woman in general. Lack of payment for advertising yet he's been there for years and his CEO is there every day. The Titan discussion was appreciated, I needed a good laugh. The biggest portacabin in Europe to provide hot chocolate for folk using the pitch. Not quite the story we were told. His legacy will be the infrastructure and we will continue to work round his outbursts. At least it wasn't as bad as it could have been, not by a long shot.
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