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  1. Would be quite pleased to see Joao return to the club. He provides a little bit of creativity which is needed up that end of the park. Fully agree on the fact he can play a couple of positions being handy as well. It seems to be all quiet on the new signing front, which doesn't bother me in the sense the new season is still a wee while away. That said, I'm not sure on the idea of signing Barr or Gallagher. Both have had their issues with injuries and if - as expected - we are going to run a small squad, we cannot afford someone being sidelined for lengthy periods. I think Gal is exactly the type of player we need though. He is probably one of my favourite players from that Stevie Aitken team. He might not have got the goals of a Longworth or Malcolm or the wing play of Gibson or Winter but he put in a great shift in the middle of the park. Squad so far: David Smith.
  2. Seconded. A two-horse race for me between Turner and Currie. I think I would probably go for Max in what has been his first full season in the team. In that respect, I don't think we have really missed Belford. That said, I think it is a big job for someone to fill Turner's boots next season.
  3. Stranraer v Loons

    The meeting before that, which was the penultimate game of the 2012/2013 season, I think?
  4. Stranraer v Champs elect

    You'll need to wait until he finishes his man of the match champagne. Hamill has his faults but to single him out after the team's performance yesterday is odd.
  5. To be fair, I think it is just the punctuation that is out in the last bit of Car's post. I think the comment is saying they don't think we will go down but if we do there will be a further budget cut for next season.
  6. I quite liked Hawkshaw. He was one of the four or five loan signings (along with Dylan Dykes, Angus Beith, Cammy MacPherson and Ross Lyon) that came in for the second half of the season. He's good on the ball and creative, although from a physical standpoint he is a bit on the short side. Good, tidy player though and should do well at this level. I think he had a trial at Livi during the close season.
  7. I think the best way to describe him would be the old cliche "good touch for a big man". I think with the ball at his feet Luke is up there with the best in this division. In that respect, you only need to look at his goal up at Gayfield earlier in the season. His technique is second to none and you can tell he has been coached at a higher level (Celtic). However, he perhaps lacks the engine that other players around him possess. Similarly, for a big guy, he's not as dominant in the air as perhaps you would want. A fine player and someone who will carve out chances but he's not an out-and-out striker. More of a number ten, I think.
  8. Stranraer v Brechin

    Will be interesting to see how the suspensions affect the team. Similarly, if McGowan and Cameron come into the team. Also, will be interesting to see what role the weather plays in the game. Does not sound like it is going to be warm and dry tomorrow!
  9. Brechin City 2018 /19

    How is Giuliano Morena getting on? Quite liked him at Stranraer but he never got a look in under Stevie Farrell. Noticed he was back in the Brechin team on Saturday. Will he be sticking around beyond January?
  10. The Arbroath Thread

    Of course, it depends how far down the pyramid you want to go to say you are the "only" unbeaten side in Scotland. Jeanfield Swifts, Penicuik and Bonnyrigg Rose are all undefeated in the East of Scotland Football League and Stranraer are undefeated in the South of Scotland League.
  11. Like a few of the other posters, a bit surprised to see Brown go. Always came across well to speak to and there was not a lot between the two teams on Saturday. The one thing that has been desperately lacking on the two occasions I've seen Stenny this season is a real goal threat. The thing is, top quality strikers are not freely available and just about every team in this league would bite your hand off for one. I think if you guessed the table at the start of the season most folk would have had Dumbarton, Raith and Arbroath towards the top. Montrose and Stenhousemuir - as the newly-promoted teams - towards the bottom but with not a great deal between them and the middle of the pack. In that respect, I think Brown has done what was expected. As I say, a shame to see him go.
  12. Stranraer vs Arbroath

    Certainly, the 3-2 game was bordering on ridiculous. Arbroath were 2-0 up at half time and it 2-0 going on three or four comfortably. Don't get any points for leading a game and not winning it though.
  13. Stranraer vs Arbroath

    To be fair, in terms of points taken last season it was six apiece. Granted, Arbroath's margins of victory were rather more flattering.
  14. First Quarter Review

    Stranraer: Inconsistent would seem a very fair description. We've looked good at times and, well, not so good at others. In that respect, to be sitting fifth after nine games will do nicely. Fifteen new signings and another who was out on loan all last season and returned this season to make his senior debut shows there has been a rather sizeable turnover of players. The cup was used to try to find a system and slowly but surely we seem to be settling on something. Inevitably, some players have not really hit the ground running (Ashmore being the most obvious one) but equally some have really impressed (Brownlie, Cummins, McManus). Throw into the mix that Grant Anderson has started the season really and things don't look too bad. In terms of results, there are not many games where we were massively outclassed. We had chances against Arbroath but the right team won. Airdrie deserved their win as well but equally we were probably a little unlucky against Raith, although both goals were a bit of a nightmare from defensive points of view. Player: Conor McManus has taken plenty of the plaudits but I think David Brownlie deserves a mention. Early doors, he was the odd man out with a back three of Cummins, McDonald and Hamill in favour. However, he has got into the team now and looks a good addition at this level.
  15. First Quarter Review

    He didn't move directly from Stenhousemuir in an upwards fashion but Andy Stirling has done not too badly for himself. Does he count?