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  1. He scored against Stranraer in the League Cup when Stranraer won 3-2.
  2. I spotted that. Noticed there was mention of both Andersons, Hendry and Spencer but nothing on Joao. Wasn't sure if that meant he was fit but not making the squad or if it was a case that he was injured long term and no point in highlighting it when he would not be back any time soon.
  3. Is Joao Victoria out of the picture or injured? Noticed he has not really featured for Raith.
  4. Sorry to interrupt, where did Calvin Kemp go to from Talbot?
  5. Stewart was at a family wedding. Leon Murphy ineligible and grant Gallagher injured.
  6. As mentioned, PJ came off the bench for his debut up at Brechin and really looked the part. Off the top of my head, he set up Luke Donnelly for the equaliser and could have scored the winner but fired at Connor Brennan. Then, in his home debut, he scored the winner against Dumbarton. That's probably about as good as it got though. I'm not sure of the reasoning but he never really lived up to those moments and in the end was a bit 'meh'. That said, I spoke to him at East Fife and he was quite open in knowing he needed to do more and was quite forthright about that. Best of luck to him and if he can perform like he did in his first few games then he will do well for Dumbarton. He also scored a decent strike against Partick in the Scottish Cup.
  7. It's difficult to really provide much knowledge regarding O'Keefe. He played about 360 minutes between January and the end of the season and a quarter of that was his debut away to Forfar. He didn't ever really stand out - one way or another. Injury also restricted his game time but best of luck to him at Elgin. I think Andy McDonald will likely do well there though. I thought he was a decent enough defender and maybe a bit of a surprise that him and David Brownlie were released.
  8. Forgive my ignorance, is David Gray still with you? Always thought he looked decent in his few appearances for Stranraer.
  9. Would be quite pleased to see Joao return to the club. He provides a little bit of creativity which is needed up that end of the park. Fully agree on the fact he can play a couple of positions being handy as well. It seems to be all quiet on the new signing front, which doesn't bother me in the sense the new season is still a wee while away. That said, I'm not sure on the idea of signing Barr or Gallagher. Both have had their issues with injuries and if - as expected - we are going to run a small squad, we cannot afford someone being sidelined for lengthy periods. I think Gal is exactly the type of player we need though. He is probably one of my favourite players from that Stevie Aitken team. He might not have got the goals of a Longworth or Malcolm or the wing play of Gibson or Winter but he put in a great shift in the middle of the park. Squad so far: David Smith.
  10. Seconded. A two-horse race for me between Turner and Currie. I think I would probably go for Max in what has been his first full season in the team. In that respect, I don't think we have really missed Belford. That said, I think it is a big job for someone to fill Turner's boots next season.
  11. The meeting before that, which was the penultimate game of the 2012/2013 season, I think?
  12. You'll need to wait until he finishes his man of the match champagne. Hamill has his faults but to single him out after the team's performance yesterday is odd.
  13. To be fair, I think it is just the punctuation that is out in the last bit of Car's post. I think the comment is saying they don't think we will go down but if we do there will be a further budget cut for next season.
  14. I quite liked Hawkshaw. He was one of the four or five loan signings (along with Dylan Dykes, Angus Beith, Cammy MacPherson and Ross Lyon) that came in for the second half of the season. He's good on the ball and creative, although from a physical standpoint he is a bit on the short side. Good, tidy player though and should do well at this level. I think he had a trial at Livi during the close season.
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