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  1. Charlie McArthur Rory Wilson BTW no idea how good these players are, but they are teenagers that have attracted the attention of top-end EPL clubs.
  2. Be prepared to pay the salary Ireland paid Trapattoni then see who is interested.
  3. At that time we were looking for managers who could organise players with championship level abilities to avoid pumpings against technically superior opponents. Now you can make argument to candidates that we need someone who can manage/motivate players who play at mid to top end EPL level. Would still need to seriously increase the salary tho
  4. It is up to the players to keep him in his job. After the shocking performance against Ukraine they had this game to show their commitment to him as a manager. They didnt even look particularity bothered during the game. I hope the decision to end his contract is made quickly - a long drawn out process is not fair on Clarke. It also gives new manager chance to plan for euro 24
  5. "CIES Football Observatory Weekly Post presents the 100 best performing U21 outfield players from 32 European leagues according to a brand-new approach taking into consideration players’ performance compared to teammates, the employer team’s sporting level, as well as that of opponents." Make of that what you will. BTW Calvin Ramsey makes the top 100
  6. Gilmour rated 49th best U21 outfield player in European Leagues this season> https://www.football-observatory.com/IMG/sites/b5wp/2021/wp375/en/
  7. It seems like the Pot 4 UEFA team only has a 1 in 6 chance of drawing any Pot 1 UEFA team. 5 UEFA teams means a 1 in 30 chance of drawing any individual UEFA team. Pot 4 UEFA likely gets Qatar,Brazil or Argentina. If that simulator is correct
  8. The UEFA team seems to end up in the Qatar group about 33% of the time using the draw generator. Is that right, or is there a bug? Seems a really high chance. Not that I am complaining!
  9. It is every player in the EPL Billy Gilmour switches the ball more often than any other player in the league I agree it is hard to parse what it actually means. You could check who the other players are on the list with him near the top to get an idea of the context. Rodri, TAA, Pogba, Neves - maybe the players on the end of their switches have an end product?
  10. Ukrainians have bigger fish to fry at the moment. Hard to see how they could have a team together any time this year. Surely would be better to guarantee them a play-off slot 2026? Then they wouldn't have to worry so much about fulfilling qualifiers.
  11. I reckon the only way you can compare the quality of Scottish teams against English teams is to compare wage bills Scottish clubs: https://www.transfermarkt.co.uk/vereins-statistik/wertvollstemannschaften/marktwertetop/plus/0/galerie/0?land_id=190&kontinent_id=0&yt0=Show English clubs: https://www.transfermarkt.co.uk/vereins-statistik/wertvollstemannschaften/marktwertetop/plus/0/galerie/0?land_id=189&kontinent_id=0&yt0=Show So Rangers would be 23rd in England (Top Championship/Bottom EPL) Celtic 26th (Ditto) Hibs /Aberdeen 40th (Mid to Bottom championship) 12th in Scotland = 60th England (Mid to Bottom Div 1) Not perfect but I can't think of a better objective measure.
  12. Listened to the Alan Davies Tuesday Club Arsenal podcast this week (on Spotify). He idolizes Tierney and claims Arteta is alienating him.
  13. Home advantage in final should have gone to the team with the better result in the semifinal
  14. How about resurrecting old tunes. I was watching Scotland 1977 qualifying matches on YouTube and the fans were signing "Bonnie Scotland, We'll support you evermore" - what ever happened to that? Can someone younger than me bring it back to the terraces?
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