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  1. I reckon the only way you can compare the quality of Scottish teams against English teams is to compare wage bills Scottish clubs: https://www.transfermarkt.co.uk/vereins-statistik/wertvollstemannschaften/marktwertetop/plus/0/galerie/0?land_id=190&kontinent_id=0&yt0=Show English clubs: https://www.transfermarkt.co.uk/vereins-statistik/wertvollstemannschaften/marktwertetop/plus/0/galerie/0?land_id=189&kontinent_id=0&yt0=Show So Rangers would be 23rd in England (Top Championship/Bottom EPL) Celtic 26th (Ditto) Hibs /Aberdeen 40th (Mid to Bottom championship) 12th in Scotland = 60th England (Mid to Bottom Div 1) Not perfect but I can't think of a better objective measure.
  2. Listened to the Alan Davies Tuesday Club Arsenal podcast this week (on Spotify). He idolizes Tierney and claims Arteta is alienating him.
  3. Home advantage in final should have gone to the team with the better result in the semifinal
  4. How about resurrecting old tunes. I was watching Scotland 1977 qualifying matches on YouTube and the fans were signing "Bonnie Scotland, We'll support you evermore" - what ever happened to that? Can someone younger than me bring it back to the terraces?
  5. Close. I missed the Norway scenario. If Norway and Turkey both win then one of those teams is on 15 points. Betfair: Turkey Win = 1.7 Norway win = 8.2 1.7x8.2=~14(7%). So Scotland only have 45% chance of seed if they draw.
  6. Betfair: Belgium Win 2.37 (42%) Hungary Win 6.5 (15%) Turkey win by more than 3 goals. 20(5%) Overall chance of seeding with a Denmark Draw = 52%. Netherlands result doesn't matter.
  7. Only place I could find the data... So Patterson YC doesn't count because Moldova are 6th?
  8. https://www.foxsports.com/soccer/scotland-men-team-summary-stats?category=standard&sort=t_g&season=2022&sortOrder=desc&groupId=35 Looks like we are on 16 points and Wales are on 15
  9. If Scotland draw 1-1 and Wales draw 0-0 then the ranking will depend on disciplinary record. Anyone know what the respective records are? Does Scotland having played 2 more games get taken into account?
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