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  1. Clearly not! But she must be a more discerning hot chocolate drinker than me.
  2. Tip then all into one tub and throw away empties. Sorted.
  3. John Lewis mince pie today. Filling was nice, the pastry was good as well. However, despite looking pretty I feel open topped pies lack something. Pricey too. 6/10.
  4. Is there anywhere to get these without taking out a bank loan? £18 for 12 online. That said my in-laws stay in Ilkley, so will be sure to sample one when down at Christmas.
  5. I've finally cracked. First pie of the year was the Aldi All Butter Classic. Decent effort, pastry slightly bland, but a solid 6/10. Will have to try the almond efforts mentioned earlier in the thread.
  6. I thought the format last night was excellent. If I'm honest I usually just skip to the Aberdeen highlights and then switch off as I can't be bothered sitting through the prolonged punditry. If the kept last nights format I would be inclined to watch the other games every week.
  7. Massive result today. Not only has our away for been poor, but to get a result over Motherwell feels important.
  8. And if you compare the relative spending power / turnover of the clubs, Celtic are arguably closer to Madrid than most of the rest of the league are to them.
  9. I certainly think society took far far too long to open up, but it's really easy to feel blasé now that things have shifted so dramatically. My recollection of the early days was that it was pretty bad. I'm sure you'll be able to correct me, but wasn't it around a 1% CFR or more across the population, rising in the over 50s.
  10. I agree that lots of things were done that defied logic even at the time. However, in the early days pre vaccine with the original strain of covid case fatality was high and knowingly (this being the important bit) exposing others to this was beyond selfish. The fact that she was an elected politician from a party implementing covid policy doesn't look good as I'm sure she will have been well aware of the potential consequences of her actions (or more worryingly perhaps not).
  11. Agree! It's time to start mixing it up and bringing in Ray on a more regular basis as a co-host. I've not got an agenda against Tam or Stuart, but having another presenter helps freshen it up. It does help when the guests are good too. Craig Levein is great value and I could listen to Daniel Gray from Nutmeg all day.
  12. For years I got itchy eyes when the pollen was bad with no help from the hay fever tablets. I've just discovered cromoglycate eye drops, total game changer for me!
  13. And so it starts again! It's the hope that kills you. I felt so apathetic towards the end of last season. A week of transfers and I reckon we'll stroll the league!* Love an exciting transfer window. *I don't really
  14. One of the main trade offs between working in the public and private sector is job security vs earning potential. Given that we saw that the government is happy to bail out private enterprise to such an extent perhaps it's only fair those in the public sector up their wages a little from time to time. I'm being slightly facetious, but why should one group be allowed to benefit from the best of both worlds and the other not.
  15. I perhaps didn't phrase that very well. Your average public sector worker does not expect an above or even inflation matching pay rise. What they hope for is not to stay static as the world around them pulls away.
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