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  1. Agree! It's time to start mixing it up and bringing in Ray on a more regular basis as a co-host. I've not got an agenda against Tam or Stuart, but having another presenter helps freshen it up. It does help when the guests are good too. Craig Levein is great value and I could listen to Daniel Gray from Nutmeg all day.
  2. For years I got itchy eyes when the pollen was bad with no help from the hay fever tablets. I've just discovered cromoglycate eye drops, total game changer for me!
  3. And so it starts again! It's the hope that kills you. I felt so apathetic towards the end of last season. A week of transfers and I reckon we'll stroll the league!* Love an exciting transfer window. *I don't really
  4. One of the main trade offs between working in the public and private sector is job security vs earning potential. Given that we saw that the government is happy to bail out private enterprise to such an extent perhaps it's only fair those in the public sector up their wages a little from time to time. I'm being slightly facetious, but why should one group be allowed to benefit from the best of both worlds and the other not.
  5. I perhaps didn't phrase that very well. Your average public sector worker does not expect an above or even inflation matching pay rise. What they hope for is not to stay static as the world around them pulls away.
  6. I'm pretty sure nobody in the public sector (newly nationalised train drivers aside) expects inflation matching pay rises, but it I don't think 2-3% is unreasonable. Maybe I missed it, but I don't remember this level of debate when it was the public purse bailing out most of the private sector in 2020/21.
  7. 55k is hardly excessive, given it's a skilled and probably at times very stressful job. They certainly have a huge amount of responsibility. I don't know if they get supplements for working antisocial hours but I suspect not. Please correct me if I'm wrong. The argument that the average wage is X amount lower isn't entirely relevant. Perhaps it should be higher as lots of jobs in this country are underpaid, or perhaps there are a number of people working 9-5 in lower skilled and less demanding jobs that don't necessarily 'deserve' to be paid more.
  8. On the train just now. My carriage is plastered with 'try praying' posters. Whilst this may simply be the new temporary timetable, it feels a bit off that this is allowed on a state run service. The French have the right idea.
  9. We are lucky enough to be relatively well off in general, however we have a few big expenses coming up and have agreed the need to save some money. Great, but she can't seem to comprehend weekend takeaways and lunch out with her pals during the week are luxuries! Ffs I feel guilty for buying a coffee at work, then find out she's spent another £15 on brunch!
  10. Good to know. I can't believe I didn't know that! Though suppose I've only had a 'regular' commute by train since the turn of the year. Cheers
  11. I get the train to work once, maybe twice, a week. Turned up at Haymarket this morning to find out the times had changed significantly. The change caught me by surprise, but I may well have missed the notices etc on trains and in the station. Do you know the reason behind the move?
  12. I haven't been over to Leith walk for a while, but been a few times in recent weeks. Fucking hell, it's worse in reality than the pics and videos suggest. It can't have been designed by anyone who rides a bike. There are going to be so many accidents both with cyclists and pedestrians, ultimately folk will cycle on the road and it will lead to further conflict. The last thing this will do is encourage 'less confident cyclists' and opportunity wasted and a step backwards for proper cycle infrastructure.
  13. Being generally in favour of greater alignment with a neighbouring power and wanting to see your country systematically razed to the ground, contrary to the what the Kremlin think, may not been one and the same.
  14. Spitaki is fantastic. Great food and a really friendly and welcoming atmosphere. It's somewhere I've been in the evenings with my wife and friends, but also we've gone as a family with the kids during the day. Dumplings of China is my favourite chinese place at the moment. Just up the road from the Cameo cinema so nice to combine with a trip there. Kim's mini meals just sprung to mind. Been a while since I've been but it used to be great. Tiny little Korean place in Newington near the uni. The ribs were amazing. I'm hungry now.
  15. Agreed. I don't really see the harm in testing in this from. But think it's time to draw a line under mass testing. In particular asymptomatic testing.
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