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  1. Stuart Kennedy was ill suited to running a pub but was bearable as he liked a bit of football chat. Ive seen him tetchy in The Woodside (his default setting) but never rude or aggressive. Like many ex pros he was at his best when talking about his expolits in the game ("Robbie Rensenbrink? Back pocket" etc etc). I recall him joining us for a game at Coasters when we were short of bodies at 6 a sides. Must have been the late 1980s / early 90s so Stuart would have been nudging 40 and long retired through injury. We were all in our 20s and fancied ourselves. He was amazing. You couldn't get past him but he never seemed to put a tackle in, just kind of sent you down the side then took the ball off you. I can vaguely remember him for Falkirk pre 1976 but playing with / against him even after a bad injury and almost 40 was an eye opener in the massive gulf between good amateurs and top pros - effectively a different sport.
  2. The weekly update appears to be going into my spam folder. Just seen the latest one with the 750 figure being quoted. I was relying on social media. I stand corrected ta.
  3. I agree that it shouldn't be published, but the club has in previous seasons pretty much provided a running commentary so an update (or lack of it) will be the subject of speculation. If the figures are published its the most reliable barometer of fans confidence in the club hence my interest in the subject.
  4. Seen other clubs post on social media about ST take up, nada from FFC. Draw your own conclusions.
  5. Oliver is a mediocre striker at best. I dont buy the "he works hard and brings others into the play" argument - the likes of Declan McManus & Zak Rudden couldn't spell link up play but are/were streets ahead of Oliver by the sole measure a striker should be measured by - goals. McGinns fortunate too - a great start to the season then went off a cliff. Happy to see Morrison go.
  6. I await the detail with interest but borrowing against future subscriptions has a lot of risk attached (Ticketus/Sevco Glazers/MUFC etc).
  7. Everything I've seen coming out the club recently is unconvincing, self serving & delusional. L'addition will have to be paid in the Autumn I fear.
  8. I expect McGlynn to stay and expect that most fans will reluctantly accept that. Making a change now would cost and has as much chance of making us poorer not better if the names being bandied about are correct (and the fact that a new man would have an even more limited budget if a McGlynn payoff is factored in). Keeping McGlynn is the low risk option for the Board just now however you'd need to be a massive optimist to believe that a McGlynn team will finish above all of the main contenders next season. Theres the rub.
  9. I though the worst thing about this thread post Tuesday was that we were beginning to sound like Rangers fans re pens and refs but this politics shit takes the digestive.
  10. Surprised nobody has mentioned Brian Rice - taking Alloa to the playoffs is a fair achievement and he has a connection with the club. Of course Alloa may yet go up, more chance of doing so than Falkirk in which case he might be more in demand further up the food chain.
  11. I didn't go last night, had a bit of a bad feeling about it (as I think many did). First, hats off to Airdrie - I hope they go up. Not just to not have to play them for a bit, fundamentally they deserve it. Of the 3 games I've seen them this season they play good football, and I don't think any team should escape relegation via a playoff. Id shed no tears if McGlynn were to go but I reckon the club will try to keep him chiefly on the basis of his two year contract when hired and the relative bonus of a cup semi in addition to the minimum expectation of a league playoff place. They will convince themselves that last night was an aberration and that our performances v Hibs and Ayr were more typical. However the only scenario where I can see the club binning McGlynn is if ST sales grind to a halt and the club will be faced with a choice. Previous seasons however suggest that the fans will lap up STs regardless and McGlynn will still be in place next season. I've no faith in McGlynns ability to win the league and my inclination would be to make a change after such a humiliation, McCall being one of the more obvious names available. I decided a week or so ago not to renew my ST and will just attend on a PAYG basis, probably one of my better decisions.
  12. I've been to fewer than 50% home games for last couple of seasons and checking 2022/2023 I attended 6 out of 18, and actually went to more away games than home (which speaks volumes about how unattractive TFS is as a destination for me). Cant see me renewing ST though you never know.
  13. Falkirk fans been singing a song to the tune of Amarillo since at least the late 70s (back when Elliots was still "the John de" and a place best avoided - though it still is.) The club picked up on it a good few years later - around the promotion year of 90/91 would be my guess - and it gained greater exposure around then.
  14. Your team - like us in 2009 - was handicapped in the cup final chiefly by the fact that the Govan mob were stuffed full of players on EBTs - players they could not afford ergo they cheated. Our respective clubs were denied a once in a lifetime chance at a trophy by a tax dodge. Both had a credible chance of victory had the opposition had a team that reflected their true means at the time.
  15. Ah I didnt know he'd been at EEP before.
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