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  1. I couldn't make the game last night or watch on FTV but from the comments it sounds good, albeit v. a slightly "alternative" PTFC team (though McGlynn was at pains to point out there were some quality players in the PTFC team in his post match interview). Really looking forward to Clyde now it will be my 1st home Leage game this season. I see the next round of the Challenge Cup is 10/11 December. If its the 10th its the same day as two World Cup Quarter Finals (at 3pm & 7pm).
  2. I wasnt at the game Saturday but would have taken a point beforehand. Im quite possibly doing Alloa, Edinburgh etc a massive disservice but I see us as being in competition with DAFC, QOS, Airdrie & Montrose for the four top places (and that the games against them will largely determine where we finish). We've played all four now and have 1W 2D and 1L and sit behind DAFC, Airdrie & Montrose. Those results suggest we're set for a playoff place. That said it doesn't look like anybody is going to run away with it so you never know. COYB.
  3. I'd say it was a mistake to cancel tomorrows matches. One of football's strengths is that it brings folk together. Taking that away is pointless and daft.
  4. Good performance and nice to get a comfortable win for a change. I was standing behind the dugouts and could hear McGlynn - he is always at them to work and was hounding Morrison, Nesbitt & McGuffie at times relentlessly. We look so much more solid in defence and midfield as a result. Looking a bit better going forward too, pleased that Oliver got a goal and Burrell too took his goal well, a debut goal is always a good sign. Carroll looked very comfortable on the ball - had a touch of the Sibbs about him. Edinburgh City were poor, Im assuming it was their two best players who got sent off last week and were suspended as they really didn't threaten much. McGinn was simply imperious today absolutely ran the game and hats off to Yeats for showing he can play a few different positions well. Meadowbank stadium was a disgrace - next time I'll just be buying a ticket for the home seated section.
  5. Just bought my ticket for Saturday. Short bus journey on the 26 from pretty much my front door to Meadowbank. Hope the rain stays off! I think that my last trip to Meadowbank Stadium was this game back in the mists of time - https://bettermeddle.org.uk/archive/match.php?season=1980&id=210&type=3
  6. I've volunteered in a couple of organisations over the years lending some time on a fairly niche professional subject. It does present something of a dilemma. I found a useful test was to try and establish what would happen if I wasn't willing to do the work voluntarily. The answer is most likely to be either (a) "the organisation would have to pay somebody to do this" (which could be by employing somebody or paying a 3rd party for their services) or (b) "the work just wouldn't get done". There might be other outcomes that I've not considered of course. If the answer is (a) then the organisation should be paying somebody the going rate to do it, as a volunteer is effectively taking denying somebody else an income. If the answer is (b) then I see no reason why somebody shouldn't do it on a voluntary basis. Of course there is a fine line between the two scenarios (I gave up my first voluntary role as it became clear that a scenario Id understood as a "b" soon became very squarely an "a"). If I ever volunteered again Id definitely agree to do it only on a time limited basis. My impression is that football clubs generally have a bad habit of paying way over the odds for duds in certain roles (Holt would be the most recent poster boy in this respect) and take the piss out of low paid folk & volunteers in other aspects of their business. Definitely an area where "proceed with caution" is sensible.
  7. Arbroath away. A game we can win and maybe they'll order enough pies this time!
  8. Decent performance and result, albeit that it didnt set the pulse racing. Very heartening to see some of last seasons players doing well - particularly McKay, Hetherington, McGuffie & McCann. Majority of our new signings are major upgrades too - McGinn and Mackie in particular look like Rolls Royces and Yeats is a promising young un. Donaldson did well enough in the 45 he played. I thought Oliver did OK, though he is clearly more of a maker of chances than a taker of chances. GK had so little to do it was hard to discern very much. Probably the only player who had a poor game imho was Williamson. He won L1 with Partick in 2020/2021 but to me he just looks like he lacks awareness of where he is on then pitch, He has pace but has a terrible touch, even after he has seemingly got the ball under control. Still - 0 goals conceded from open play in 4 games against Hibs, Morton, Clyde and Bonnyrigg. The game today reminded me of how we played under Houstie - it wasn't hugely exciting but we tended to win. Id wager that a good proportion of our home league games this season will be like today. And that's OK with me, Id far prefer a dull 1-0 win than watching us pretty much knowing for sure that the away team will probably score. Nice to see us score a set piece two weeks running as well - getting different kinds of goals is always useful,
  9. Looking across the groups I'm assuming that (a) we will need 10 points to go through as winners and (b) 9 points is unlikely to be enough for us to go through (either as winners or runners up) I'm assuming that Hibs will beat Morton tonight and will end up on 9pts and a GD of +7 (+ margin of victory tonight) and that Killie, DAFC, Arbroath/Airdrie and QPFC/HAFC are all more likely to have a better 2nd place record than us if we end up on 9 points and in 2nd place behind Hibs. I know that folk have talked a bit about the "meaningless" penalty shoot outs in the League Cup but if we draw tonight there could be £50k riding on us getting a bonus point. But we're going to win tonight eh?
  10. Looking forward to Wednesday. A new ground for me to tick off my list and its very handy, the 31 bus in Edinburgh goes from the top of my street direct to Bonnyrigg. I really must thank that Serafini fellow for such a fine service. Will have a few pints on the south side of the capital before heading out to deepest Midlothian. Cannae beat a Falkirk away day. COYB.
  11. Well done to the club for calling out this homophobic shit. maybe next they could address another issue of antisocial behaviour and ask/tell fans to bin their litter rather than regularly leaving it strewn all over the stadium . I tend to stay behind after FT in the games I attend and the mass of litter left behind in the main stand is embarrassing (and no doubt the club incur a cost to clear it up). Not sure why folk think that their own football teams stadium is uniquely a place where its ok just to leave their bovril cups etc at their arse.
  12. Weve been waiting for that kind of performance and result for a while. im really chuffed for the likes of McKay, Hetherington, Nesbitt, McCann & Morrison, the lads who were there last year. if we can put in performances that are anywhere close to that last night we will be fine this season. Optimism - a new feeling!!
  13. One of the barriers to me investing more individually is the asking price of 40p a share. Remember that the initial patrons proposal https://www.falkirkfc.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2019/01/FFC-Fan-Ownership-QA.pdf - January 2019 so before relegation to L1 - was based on 33p a share. How much value has been destroyed since then? A lot. I get the fact that shares in Falkirk FC are something of an illiquid asset and putting money into a football club is at least as much a donation made from the heart than it is hard nosed investment. However if you factor in the series of financial calamities since the initial patrons proposal then 40p a share really is fantasy land stuff.
  14. they werent even clever enough to "lose" to footage before it reached YouTube.
  15. Just received the email inviting nominations from FSS members. A really positive milestone for the club - OK its not a new signing but its more evidence of the solid foundations being built at our club - every week the shambles of the previous regime gets further and further in our past. As an aside I was down south at a wedding a couple of weeks ago speaking to a Scottish guy who works for FIFA. I was heartened to hear somebody with an interest in the game but no FFC connection acknowledge the fact that the club is being turned around after the fiasco of recent years (yes he mentioned <that> Board FAQ which is now seared into the collective navy blue memory.) I swithered over putting my hat in the ring but i expect that its effectively a full time job, so maybe one for the future. All the best to those who do put their name forward. COYB
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