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  1. Edinburgh City for me, would be my closest away game and far easier to reach than home games. Not sure if they will actually be back in Meadowbank Stadium for the 2022/23 season (based on the City of Edinburgh councils track record on everything else probably not) but if not Ainslie Park will do fine.
  2. This might be a daft question but given that McGlynn started today and there are a stack of players contracted to 31.05.23 / 31.05.2024 will McGlynn run the rule over the squad in the next few weeks or did they effectively all bugger off for the summer after our last game v QPFC on 30.04.22 and wont return until pre season starts? Presumably the players will have an unfettered right to a number of weeks off but if that doesn't officially start until 1 June then getting a look at the squad now might be helpful. They could have been preparing for a playoff just now so its reasonable to get cracking on preparation for next season. Clearly the players would hate being called in, but they should have maybe thought about that before being such useless shitebags this season.
  3. Agree with the post that cited ST sales as evidence of our support holding up (despite us being rotten). Since season 19/20 Falkirk fans have confounded logic by renewing STs in significant numbers - over 2k this season. We've been saying for the last 3 seasons that ST sales must surely plummet this summer - I'm not sure that they will do so, but if they are to go off a cliff eg nearer 1k than 2k then it will be this season or never. If the replacement for Rennie isn't an out an out gamble eg McGlynn I can see folk huffing and puffing then reluctantly finding the money for an ST. The new Board may not be perfect but at least are fellow FFC fans and not the "If I'm not Chairman anymore I'll get my Saturdays back" brigade that have thankfully been chased out the club. My guess would be 1800 STs which I suspect would be more than any team in the Championship next season bar Dundee. I know that the league tables aren't based on ST sales (if only!) and we are in L1 on merit but STs provide the bedrock of investment in the first team squad. Its a fact that in general there is correlation between money and performance, its just that we are Scottish football statistical outlier at the moment (= we've pissed money away on dross left right & centre). I've no grudge against Airdrie, said a couple of months ago that I thought they'd go up via the playoffs and while I know that FFC have to get our own house in order first and foremost Id much rather have Ayr in L1 than Airdrie next season.
  4. Agree. Though imho Lang was more to blame on this specific and calamitous issue. GC was a banker and ML a solicitor so it was it was outrageous that ML didn't give McKInnons GMFC contract a once over - or get another solicitor to do so. Any half decent NQ or even a trainee solicitor would have spotted that it was a fixed term contract that didnt allow McKinnon to walk away.
  5. Most of the truth did surface -> https://spfl.co.uk/admin/filemanager/images/shares/pdfs/Falkirk FC- decision of independent Tribunal.pdf TL;DR : McKinnon wanted to leave Morton, his agent Jim Sherry wrongly (and recklessly) concluded he could do so immediately (as his agent Sherry had little to lose bar reputation), FFC did zero DD on McKInnons GMFC contract despite having a solicitor as Chairman and lo we were fined.
  6. My last game was the Peterhead draw in February. I'm not going tomorrow and I'll probably go watch my local team Edinburgh City v Annan tonight. Its probably the longest consecutive run of games I've missed over the years Ive had a ST. Would love ECFC to get promoted as it would make for two FFC away games within easy reach of home. TFS is a dreadful stadium in a dreadful location and many away fixtures are far easier for me to reach. Dunfermline and ECFC in L1 next season as well as Kelty would be perfect on that front. In normal times the conclusion of an awful season would mean a good number of players making their final home appearance tomorrow. Will be interesting to see how much change has actually taken place when August comes round given that many duds are contracted to 23 or 24. I'm another one who doesn't want KM as manager. We need experience even if its an appointment that doesn't set the pulse racing.
  7. Companies House filing (p3 of the filing dated 07.12.2021) suggests £700k or so https://find-and-update.company-information.service.gov.uk/company/SC005854/filing-history?page=1
  8. Ive probably seen Hetherington more times in an Alloa shirt than for Falkirk, and the contrast is baffling. For Alloa he reminded me of Alex Taylor, an elegant player in the Jefferies era. For us he's more - well - Phil Taylor Im hoping (foolishly perhaps) that he's maybe one of a number of players who can turn it round. He strikes me as the sort of player who, if they left Falkirk would turn (back) into a decent player - similarly I could see the same happening with R Wiliamson McCann, Nesbitt & Ross so Im hoping a new regime might help them find form. Its Hobsons Choice anyway as we'll have to give a good number of the existing squad a try next season one way or another its just a question of which one or two contracted to 31.05.23 or 31.05.24 the club really wants to leave. Top of my list to move on would be McKay - but as he's contracted to 31.05.24 it probably makes it very difficult. Rennie leaving is the correct decision and hopefully it being announced now will allow an early appointment so that the new manager can get a good look at the squad and decide who to keep or look to punt. I see Rennies departure being lampooned on social media as continuing evidence of Falkirk FC The Car Crash Club, but I actually see it positively especially as its effectively just a nil cost seeing out the end of a fixed term contract for an appointment that all parties recognise didnt work.
  9. It's sad but true that McKinnon's recruitment can simultaneously be judged as both (i) poor and (ii) materially better than recent recruitment.
  10. Not an attempt to defend McKinnon. It was typed in a hurry and was simply (a) a reminder of the rationale for his appointment https://www.falkirkfc.co.uk/2018/08/31/ray-mckinnon-named-bairns-boss/ That's relevant when discussion is ongoing about Rennie (appointed explicitly as "the turnaround guy") and (b) a reminder of how shite we are now. Sorry to do that. We thought the 2018/2019 team was very poor at the time - not sure who in todays team (save for Dixon who is obviously still here) would get into that team. Here's the starting XI from the team that beat Ross County on the final day of the season Burgoyne, McGhee, Dixon, Edjenguele, McKenna, Robson, Osman, McShane, Jarvis, Rudden & MacLean Light years ahead of the fakers we have now and unfortunately many are contracted to 31.05.23
  11. When McKinnon was hired, the main reason cited was his previous excellent record in the Championship (over 50% win record with each of Raith, Dundee Utd & Morton - though Morton was only 8 games and DUFC should always be doing well in the 2nd tier). Actually when you think back McKinnons team was little more than a Lyndon Dykes dive away from staying in the Championship and he was sacked when the team was in a position we would have bitten your hand off for this season. His teams were a difficult watch but they would horse the current lot.
  12. Whoever is in charge for next season is likely to be somebody out of a job now or at the season end. Given the club is groaning under the weight of its liabilities then its fair to say that they wont be shopping at Harrods. Talk of McCall, Murray or even Thomson is fanciful so the likes of McPake, Johnstone & McIntyre might be as good as it gets. Rennie would definitely not be my choice but I still sense that he might get it on the basis that it would be a cheap quick and easy option. It will be sold on a "theres been a revolving door for too long / give him a full season" line which of course is bollocks. He was hired as the firefighetr/turnaround guy and has failed miserably. Ive not been to a game since Peterhead at home on 22 Feb but results suggest that he is not the man for the job next season - especially when he wont be able to build his own team. Given the fiascotic contract situation at least half the team for 22/23 will be players currently not doing very well under Rennie today. Shame that a local lad isnt a success but there we are. I cleaned the 1st teams boots as a kid in the 1970s, sadly it doesn't make me Pep.
  13. I was too young to go to this midweek game but I remember Kirkie Lawson as the scorer of a late goal v. Hearts in the League Cup Quarter Final 2nd leg to put us through 1-0 on aggregate. I recall the Falkirk Herald headline "LAWSON THE HEARTBREAKER" We lost the Semi Final to Hibs with the one off game played at "neutral" Tynecastle. Scottish football was mental even back then. https://bettermeddle.org.uk/archive/match.php?season=1975&id=310&type=1 RIP Kirkie Lawson
  14. Mind boggling that with four games left we can finish no higher than 4th, and could yet finish 9th and in a L2 playoff place. I went to Stenny v Annan on Saturday and be in no doubt either would give Falkirk a game.
  15. Just checked the 2002/2003 season to remember "what a turnaround looks like". McCall brought in seven players at the start of the season who instantly featured in the 1st 11 ie Coyle, Ferguson, Henry, Hughes, Hagi, Samuel & Tosh. A stack of players who featured heavily the season before (Christie, Deuchar, Hogarth, Morris and an ageing Crunchie) left the club. Stephen Craig lasted til January 2003 before leaving. Id love to see something similar again this close season, but I just don't see where the money is going to come from to make it happen. By the way, those 7 McCall signings - and add in Kerr, Mackenzie, Miller, McQuilken & Nicholls - what a team. Up there with the Jefferies era.
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