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  1. You tell yourself that, China. Video games are for kids. I'm an adult. Crack on.
  2. Look at title of thread, Mr Aggressive! Go play with your wee games.
  3. Makes sense. Cos when you die that's the first thing St Peter asks - how many coronations did you watch on TV?
  4. I liked Ebdon as a player, and he's a respected coach.
  5. The Paras were (are) wanks. Not met one who was a normal human.
  6. Wasn't at a Scottish game today (bad cold) but watching Wolves here and the stadium announcement says showing respect for those who lost their lives in conflict AND members of armed forces today who put their lives at risk protecting us. What? The first part is what I thought Remembrance was about, certainly used to be. The second part can get tae.
  7. Lazy about language, lazy about life. Hence the breakdown of society and reemergence of widespread ill behaviour. Language structure encourages societal structure. In my opinion.
  8. The whole thread could be based on people getting their own language wrong. Why, for example, does it seem like roughly 40% of the population don't know the difference between did and done and when to use them? And why have generations of useless teachers failed miserably at teaching such a basic awareness?
  9. Behave myself? Lol. You ripped into a guy for mispronouncing a Spanish word! I'm here to tell you I reckon misspelling someone well-known's surname is slightly worse in the pedantry stakes. If you're gonna be a pedant about pronunciation, prepare to have it back at ya.
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