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  1. What I, @Braes_Bairn and others point is - which is missed by a helluva lot of our fan base on here - is that the site/Twitter etc is our shop window beyond the core support. As I also said earlier in the week, it potentially drives people away from returning to the site and in-turn sponsors don't get some of the exposure they'd expect or worry that their brand marketing is accurate. Earlier this week it was ambiguous information, today it's a copy-paste issue where an older post (Bonnyrigg) is copied and links not updated - Marketing budgets are tight and if the admins can miss glaring issues like these then it doesn't fill marketers with confidence to spend it on us! I really didn't want to get dragged back into this debate as I can see there is work going on to rectify some of the issues highlighted. From what I can tell the work has been sub-contracted out back to CC, surprisingly, but proof-reading for our journalism trained comms team shouldn't be.
  2. Down-voted as Cape Verde isn't South American. I don't think there have been any.
  3. Quite funny how the chances of that result happening are higher due to the multitude of variables at play than any of the points discussed being resolved this side of Christmas. It's a funny old game
  4. Sorry but it doesn't require "IT whizzkids" to operate this. The site and the software has been in place for a number of years now. The functionality should be understood by now and our comms team have been in place for a while now too. Also, see my earlier post re Crunchy Carrots - surely we can have our main sponsor fix bugs or tutor if necessary if that's the problem. See my earlier post regarding plugging the shortfall. The hard reality is the website and social media are shop-fronts and we should be using every opportunity to maximise selling to someone (neutral, visitor or die-hard). If it's neglected folk don't come back regularly and your missing those opportunities.
  5. Schroedingers tickets - simultaneously sold out yet phone the club shop to buy them. If you can't see the error and potential for ambiguity in that then we can leave it be.
  6. What aspersions am I casting exactly? Surprised I've not been called out as an old BOD apologist (yet) this morning I could level my opinion on it at many of the previous regimes as I have no axe to grind with this one before it is said.
  7. Your correct and the fact it's on the club site *should* make it authoritative. Not to mention the irony that our main sponsor is a web-design company. It's not a great advert for them when you scratch beyond the surface.
  8. It's fairly simple - The tickets are sold out so why would I need to buy from or call the club shop! It is superflous in the *updated* article. I mentioned earlier that this ultimately has a cost somewhere. The myopic view is that it doesn't matter and it's mountains-out-of-mole-hills but the website and social media frankly isn't aimed at the die-hards as they will get their information from somewhere regardless. The content (if it even exists - see fixtures as an example) and accuracy is for the visiting, neutral or would-be fan as the website is likely their starting point. They're not going to hang around or come back and buy tickets and/or merchandise if they can't find what their looking for or rely on it being correct - just as we saw with Hibs PATG last week. We have to remember that we're not always preaching to the choir and that's why I call it out - not just to put the boot in! Our ST numbers and attendances can be lauded but I'm sure everyone wants to see that grow - that's surely part of how the shortfall gets plugged and not just by asking existing fans to contribute more. Hopefully this explains why this stuff is such a bugbear of mine.
  9. In isolation, yes. However, as pointed out there is a continual lack of attention to detail. I don't think accuracy is too great an expectation.
  10. We'd spend pages and pages on here moaning if the same mistakes were being made on the park every week. Why is the non-playing side immune from that scrutiny? With all the variables a match can throw up we choose to focus on errors, team selection etc and yet some things which have much less variability get a free pass
  11. This is the 2nd go they've had at it - original post had tickets available even though we had much fanfare earlier in the day about selling out our allocation. They've then updated it to sold out but left in you can call the club for tickets which is a mixed message and lack of attention to detail. Less eagle-eyed fans might misunderstand and then call - which I've seen other criticism of elsewhere about the club not answering - potentially leaving fans frustrated or if they do get through they've wasted both their and club staffs time. Folk can think it's nitpicking but this all has cost somewhere along the line eventually.
  12. We'd have no fans left! Our 1st defeat will see a melt down and calls for another summer clear-out. Sure it was Jamie Swinney who said playing and non-playing side are intertwined so pointing out sub-par areas is valid. Happy for the BOD to point out when fans fail so equally the club shouldn't be immune.
  13. I should've had a look first before posting. Cheers Bonnyrigg Rose: The where do I get parked thread
  14. Appreciate Wednesday's game will be the first time for many at NDP but for those who have ventured - Any tips for parking relatively near or likely decent availability of spaces? Thanks
  15. Can only assume "domestic" is classified as UK and Ireland now whereas perhaps Ireland wasn't in whatever agreements exist.
  16. A couple of my Hibs supporting mates thought it was a skoosh pre-game and post-game were trotting out excuses like both teams were poor and what a terrible advert it was for our game having been on TV. They also mumped about slow entry to the North stand and oversold seating but as I said to them -The history books don't record all that just that we won! GIRUY
  17. Sounds like the tip-of-the-iceberg. Unpaid wages and threatening legal action against Livingston and Falkirk. Also appears Ardeer Thistle rejected his proposed takeover at their AGM. Thankfully this has come to a head before a community potentially lost their club.
  18. Just to clarify - it's the FSS who are buying the shares not individuals so collectively Falkirk fans have more say in how the club is ran rather than each fan having a say.
  19. Anyone catching McGlynn's update will know that it's not necessarily money that is the issue. Strikers worth their weight in goals are hard to come by as clubs who have them don't really want to part with them.
  20. Forgive me but it does seem like there is confusion as to the purpose of the FSS. The contributions are to have more say in how the club is run and gain more involvement in the decision making - and future direction of the club - by buying shares. It's not to sustain the clubs cashflow as supporters are already doing that with season tickets, match tickets and retail alongside the wider sponsorship deals the club has.
  21. Sorry read this after my post and this is along the lines of what I meant.
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