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  1. Every Dunfermline fan trotting this out to hide that uneasiness you must be feeling about Tuesday coming. Having looked home-and-hosed at the turn of the year, we're now breathing down your neck and probably too close for comfort truth be told. You know if you slip up you're potentially another bad result from letting us in when you thought you were romping the league whereas a loss for us leaves us in the same position we are now. We've got now't to lose.
  2. Out-of-interest and for arguments sake - Not sure it requires outright ownership to achieve - If the club did buy the KM7 stand what additional revenues could the club generate from it?
  3. It's been mentioned before, I am sure, that the Kelpies to kick-off is happening this Saturday. 500 tickets available this year and 380 attended the event in 2019. Not sure if this is the 1st since COVID. I know of 2 who aren't regular fans who are participating. Both 2.5/5K walks appear to be sold out.
  4. The agreement with Ineos was in place for 2020 but can't confirm whether it was renewed or not.
  5. Some interesting responses. I'll revise that original proposal and throw £390 figure for a season ticket anywhere in the stadium excluding non-prime seats (again with no EB + DD). In my view (pardon the pun) there isn't much difference between main stand/KM7 stand vantage points that justifies a reduction for KM7 pricing we've traditionally had. Adjusting 23/24 KM7 stand price to the same as last years main stand (ex. Prime) is ~ +9.7% increase - a smidge of current inflation is also a possible scenario and could be what I think was referred to as an anomaly at the AGM.
  6. Reading with interest the posts regarding potential price increase and wonder what would be reasonable. I'd suggest £470 for an adult without an early bird offer but with DD option
  7. Did you get that "surface" 2nd hand from a green grocer?
  8. It's an odd rationale that you'd want to contribute to one and not the other. All the clubs efforts should be focussed on helping the FSS to grow not spreading the cash between various initiatives.
  9. Lots to digest from the AGM and thanks to all sources for their updates and views. I think we can all agree that the recent improvements across the club are commendable and on the pitch we look like we've got our act together. @Van_damage is also correct to say that the FSS is succeeding - the other groups that appear to have been cited at the AGM have been around for longer and we have 2/3 of Morton's in a shorter time - but because of the clubs perilous position the continued message appears to be that the fans need to do more! There is a danger, in my view, that the club is creating a hidden cost of supporting Falkirk over-and-above the matchday price. In KJ's clumsy announcement he did create an unnecessary "us and them" narrative. I appreciate the message is to only give what you can but every statement decrying the current FSS uptake creates more pressure on those who can't (or contributing their limit) to perhaps exceed that. As for the "lukewarm" action off the back of that statement and subsequent explanation I will paraphrase KJ: The club couldn't pick the right time ... and I'm afraid the fan's can't either. The club unfortunately found itself in the eye of the perfect storm.
  10. Oh the irony of that tweet! It's like actions have consequences ... except if you're a fan and then you should be absolved and not admonished. It might be "part of the game" but quite rightly it's one we should be attempting to stamp out.
  11. Feel like he's been brought in to challenge any one of Kennedy, Nesbitt or Morrison's position.
  12. I don't mind the pyro but do agree that it's an unnecessary distraction during a game. I read that some Scandinavian clubs allow it and organise set areas/times for it pre-match which seems like a reasonable compromise. It definitely adds to the atmosphere but the delays, potential for damage and uncontrolled nature for folk with respiratory issues is the downside.
  13. This. Glad we freshened up the squad and have brought better in but hopefully we are working - and players want - to extend their deals.
  14. Worth it just to laugh at everyone tipping Darvel to win and ending up absolutely wrong!
  15. I did find it odd they were televising it again seeing as both Mick Kennedy and the players said it's pretty standard fare for most games. One for Darvel fans to ponder but did it work against them ultimately as he knew he'd need to top the Aberdeen one in some respects and "please" the audience. We'll never know what McGlynn said exactly but it's left me buzzing this morning
  16. That was exactly what we wanted and we rightfully take all the plaudits tonight. Do not fear Ayr at home and added intrigue of Bullen returning. What a rollercoaster this season has been so far!
  17. Scottish football media absolutely creaming themselves for Darvel Vs Ayr Lets piss on all their chips tonight and get ourselves a home tie!
  18. In fairness to us we've brought water pistols to gun fights on most of those occasions. They should've been doing what you'd hope we could do now with a semblance of a decent squad.
  19. Queens Park finished 4th, 21 points behind Airdrie last year (and weren't particularly great) and yet over two-legs beat Airdrie who results wise had the momentum most on here seem to think we'll need heading into what appears to be our best shot at promotion with the title looking wrapped-up. Appreciate Airdrie are absolute bottle merchants which is small comfort.
  20. Don't think anyone is suggesting that our season is done. We just had title aspirations and hopes of avoiding the need to win play-off games against Airdrie, Arbroath or Accies. In the end it becomes a lottery and momentum can count for little.
  21. Love the optimism of posters but that lot have just won having been 3 down (and out) then awarded their 5th pen of the season and playing 10 men who capitulated. We can only dream of benefitting from those types of decisions and scenarios happening to us between now and the end of the season. Agree with McGlynn that performance needs to start dictating results, starting at Darvel. We've not got the same mentality as Fifers as Tuesday showed that we're more likely to crack than they are sadly.
  22. Say's it all about Airdrie. Only ambition is to survive and when you did need saved they failed. Imagine facing a rival and actively rooting for them when you could further your own lot. Sad, small mentality and I'd rather Falkirk kept a perceived arrogance than settle for being Clydebank Lite.
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