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  1. I should've had a look first before posting. Cheers Bonnyrigg Rose: The where do I get parked thread
  2. Appreciate Wednesday's game will be the first time for many at NDP but for those who have ventured - Any tips for parking relatively near or likely decent availability of spaces? Thanks
  3. Can only assume "domestic" is classified as UK and Ireland now whereas perhaps Ireland wasn't in whatever agreements exist.
  4. A couple of my Hibs supporting mates thought it was a skoosh pre-game and post-game were trotting out excuses like both teams were poor and what a terrible advert it was for our game having been on TV. They also mumped about slow entry to the North stand and oversold seating but as I said to them -The history books don't record all that just that we won! GIRUY
  5. Sounds like the tip-of-the-iceberg. Unpaid wages and threatening legal action against Livingston and Falkirk. Also appears Ardeer Thistle rejected his proposed takeover at their AGM. Thankfully this has come to a head before a community potentially lost their club.
  6. Just to clarify - it's the FSS who are buying the shares not individuals so collectively Falkirk fans have more say in how the club is ran rather than each fan having a say.
  7. Anyone catching McGlynn's update will know that it's not necessarily money that is the issue. Strikers worth their weight in goals are hard to come by as clubs who have them don't really want to part with them.
  8. Forgive me but it does seem like there is confusion as to the purpose of the FSS. The contributions are to have more say in how the club is run and gain more involvement in the decision making - and future direction of the club - by buying shares. It's not to sustain the clubs cashflow as supporters are already doing that with season tickets, match tickets and retail alongside the wider sponsorship deals the club has.
  9. Sorry read this after my post and this is along the lines of what I meant.
  10. One thing I have noticed, certainly with clubs like Kilmarnock, Partick and Morton is that the club themselves promote these supporters societies as being integral parts of those clubs. I still feel like the FSS is seen as an arm's length organisation at the moment - a bit like the CI - except with the representation at board level. As it is, it's not even listed alongside other offshoots such as 1876 club, Business Bairns or Junior Bairns and it really should be in my view. I appreciate the club has put out news articles but they will drop off over time if the society is quietly working away in the background.
  11. If this is the chance shown in the highlights then it appears his movement was to shield the ball, failing to do so, and the defender manages to toe it away.
  12. Would assume 4pm close tomorrow. Looks like late opening was for tonight (Wednesday) only.
  13. Sadly I haven't but it's clear that Hugh Clarke must have a more plausible ruse on-the-go than Campbell did as the latter never managed to complete on any of his marks whereas Clarke Epos have fooled folk at every tier of the Scottish sport.
  14. T'is a wee bit harsh. We're not the only one's to have fallen for this shyster.
  15. A case of mistaken identity on my part. It's not him. Case closed
  16. Have to agree with an earlier reply to this but I now doubt it is him.
  17. The house of cards Clarke ePOS built looks like it's beginning to crumble. Quick search last week when it was mentioned returns lots of publicity for the company setting up "record sponsorship" deals with various SPFL clubs, Juniors, Lowland league and Women's teams - one could easily be forgiven for thinking they're main business was sponsoring not online transactions! How they managed to hoodwink so many is an embarrassment.
  18. Goodwillie comment incoming in 3-2-1 ...
  19. I can't be certain but is that Harry Burgoyne playing as trialist for Peterhead in their defeat to Dundee at the weekend
  20. They are part of the solution but the club also needs other revenue streams to increase (advertising, merch etc) to plug the shortfall/ increase budget.
  21. Sibbs is an ambassador for Pro Performance Academy (or something like that) based out of Little Kerse. Charlie Telfer, Cameron Blues and Stephen Kingsley have all been down LK recently getting ready for their respective pre-seasons, wherever they may be so Sibbs probably doing same.
  22. I'd rather spend my time discussing stuff that could be easily rectified and improve some supporters experience than worry about Jaime Wilson getting game time against Stranraer or analyse if Williamson will ever make a player. That's been done to death on here too but I won't complain if others want to discuss it. Handily on P&B I can be ignored
  23. It's not stupid at all. Info like this that removes a barrier to entry - pardon the pun - is helpful and frees up a club employee to do something else instead of answering a phone all day.
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