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  1. A bizarre assessment. In the two games we've played against them we've taken the game to them on both occasions. Not sure why it would be any different on Monday other than making sure we keep a clean sheet this time.
  2. Essentially this is how the club operated before people decided it had to be one or the other!
  3. The club has probably been as transparent and communicative as it's ever been and it will probably be announced in the now regular emails that are sent, just as the original shortfall was.
  4. McGlynn and Smith knew the parameters of the job when they were hired. Ergo they believed they could get a tune out of those that were here already. Re Holt and even a stopped clock is correct twice-a-day - paraphrasing but he was correct in that if we do the same as before we'll get the same again. In our case we desperately need stability and only time will tell if the decision to keep the majority was correct. In my view, the squad can easily be classified into distinct groups: Past, present and potential future. As much as we want to be title contenders, I think at this stage being the best of the rest is about the capability of this squad - in that case McGlynn will have maximised the capabilities of this group and be given the remainder of his contract to exceed that.
  5. Looking at some of the designs they have I reckon we could see some belters over the contract. I don't think the lack of clubs is a slight on their brand - They're clearly trying to break into the football market as there rugby/GAA stuff is quality.
  6. Looking forward to one of those being awarded to us very soon...
  7. It does seem like the wheels have come off in recent weeks. Williamson is a lost cause I'm afraid and will no-doubt look back on his time with us as very frustrating. McGuffie I thought was harshly maligned by some but even I've come around to the fact that he needs to be moved on. Hetherington continues to be a very poor man's McGinn and even McGinn is now morphing into a poor man's Hetherington which is quite concerning. We should also be worried by our lack of goals at the moment. It's noticeable that in the last few games our furthest forward players in the box at times have been McKay and McGinn and Oliver when chances have presented themselves. Apart from Kennedy's goal at the weekend our advanced players like Morrison, Nesbitt, Alegria and Burrell aren't getting anywhere near what a "form" team should be. JMcG does not have his problems to seek at the minute!
  8. What was evident tonight was there is next to no variation in our play. We pump it into the box or shuffle it side-to-side but we hardly drive into the opposition box or slice a defence open. We've become predictable. Lastly can we get Kennedy off the set-pieces. We've more chance of a penalty than him putting one in the top bin from a dead-ball.
  9. It's actually laughable now when you see Dundee's 1st that was awarded tonight. Shoves are acceptable but breathing on a player is a penalty
  10. Shite. We are toothless up front and now worryingly as porous as previous seasons.
  11. Shame Alegria does his best work *outside* the box - exactly where we need him
  12. Utterly dire. It's bordering on shambolic at times. If someone told me the Falkirk team had only met it would be hard to argue otherwise.
  13. Having reviewed it and regardless of my view on Alegria's lack of killer instinct - it's a penalty. We've seen these poor calls all season and the statistics are damning when allied with video to back-up the incidents. So much debate around VAR's introduction in the Premiership that Scottish referees association has missed that the refs aren't upto the job and it's only made worse at this level because no-one is scrutinising it.
  14. It is but as we all know, the refs at this level (especially) are terrible! We can focus on that but Alegrias indecision is equally poor. Before the defender got back he had time to make up his mind and pick a spot but he dithered and dithered allowing Lyness to narrow his angle and the defender an opportunity to recover (foul him). For me, Alegria gives the ref a let off by not shooting earlier and looks like he's played for it so the ref can wave it away. You miss 100% of the shots you don't take. He's not clinical enough in those situations.
  15. A bit of both. Knows it's difficult for the board just now and the onus is on them to find funds, if possible. Probably unlikely. All JM can then do is try and shuffle his pack, whether that be getting deadwood out or choosing to jettison Hogarth, Alegria for others, for instance.
  16. Falkirk collections has some pictures of Brockville. Really good resource for the whole of the Falkirk area.
  17. Kennedy was especially a let down. I just don't see what he adds and given a choice between McGuffie and him I'd pick McGuffie! The games where Morrison plays that more subdued, I think, is to protect the fullback and so he can't drive at the opposition the same way as other games where we won't be under pressure. I don't think it's over as some are suggesting. Put in perspective - To come from where we were last season to having the league leaders need a smash-and-grab performance to confirm their 'superiority' I think we're still in it.
  18. I thought we were decent without creating much. The play acting from them was embarrassing and bar the set piece they had not much more than us.
  19. Hate to defend them but the Rangers kit, although similar, did have matching sleeves having compared them. https://www.footballkitarchive.com/scottish-premiership-kits/ Not inconclusive but does seem that it is consistent that sleeves have had to match.
  20. Over 50% (52.38) isn't great. God help us when we do hit a really rocky patch. I concede we were poor and the tail end of Alloa and result for Kelty must be the warning that we need to be "on-it" from first to last whistle, as if that should be needed to be said. However, painting Saturday as "normal service resumed" does a disservice to what's been achieved from where we were.
  21. It was a bad result but some posters need to get a grip. We've lost once since the last Kelty game. That does not suggest that we have been found out.
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