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  1. Not sure what's more tangible than the continuation of the club we support? For me, the sharesave premise is based on the ability at some future date, to recoup what you've paid in.i That is not what the ethos of FSS is as I understand it.
  2. Having a proper breakdown of the ST numbers would be helpful from an outside perspective but you'd hope the FSS had access to the real numbers to base their target on - which I suspect they do.
  3. Beat me too it. My reply As of September 2022, MCT had 945 members and began in 2019. FSS began in 2021? and have 620 by January 2023. In anyone's book that is a hefty uptake if not the desired target of those involved. Comparing all these other groups membership numbers without context doesn't paint the complete picture and as @Van_damage mentioned some of these other schemes have incentives or are structured slightly differently to the FSS model.
  4. Perhaps that's one reason there isn't the expected uptake - FSS explicitly say that's off-the-table currently.
  5. At this point fan ownership isn't the aim of FSS. It's understandable that the FSS - and the club - want rapid growth but whilst it's in its infancy I think it's going to be quite organic and slow.
  6. Apologies in advance but I'm not sure it could be any clearer than what's described here: https://falkirksupporters.org/subscribe/
  7. Apart from the small matter that away fans were moved back to the North stand because they couldn't be segregated. Won't this just re-introduce the same issue albeit in the North stand?
  8. Not cold weather specific but got me thinking: What cost to stream Falkirk TV inside the stadium concourses. Might there be additional revenue to be made from what would effectively be electronic advertising or potentially up-selling to a captured market. Just a thought.
  9. Transfer update from the horses mouth
  10. I get that but we've got three games to negotiate before it closes - Getting past one which could then potentially fund next year and the others are now must win league games. Rowe was a welcome addition and helps cover Williamson's absence but in letting others go AND the quite unexpected loss of Alegria we're only an injury or two away from a perceived crisis. Anyone before Saturday would be a boost as waiting and falling further behind is unthinkable.
  11. It's still early and we knew - and wanted - there to be departures but it does feel like we've been weakened during this window rather than strengthened - so far.
  12. Complete guess but cutting it short based on compassionate leave possibly.
  13. Decent. 2023 update: Ba de ya - We've got Aidan Nesbitt... Ba de ya - He's never been the best but... Ba de ya - He'll run around the pitch all-day ...
  14. It's a free-kick anywhere else on the pitch so should be a penalty in the box.
  15. Nesbitt's tackle before his 2nd goal was pretty naughty ... glad the referee and his stand-side linesman were useless on that ocassion!
  16. I think there will be announcement(s) this morning. Marketing ploy or paperwork related as long as we get some signing emojis pre-game I don't mind.
  17. Going by McGlynns comments we've seen the last of him. Fair play going now and earning a deal over the remainder of this season than have to mess about next summer.
  18. Just realised Dick Campbell has reunited Hetherington with Keaghan Jacobs . I knew he was madcap but that is setting himself a next level challenge to avoid relegation with that pair in your side. Goading Accies to boot and taking the chance that they're gone already!
  19. Hetherington leaves for Arbroath on loan. Doubt this will end in a clamber for his return like Dowds did following his spell.
  20. I can't help but compare him to Kieran Duffie in recovering from injuries. Some players seem to be made of glass and no matter how talented they are they can't "trust" their own bodies eventually.
  21. My original point wasn't in relation to the money or fanbase but as to how "flexible" the rules always seem to become wrt to other side's with (or without) suitable grounds since our attempt to reach the then top-flight all those years ago.
  22. It's shaping up to be a great run-in and yet, one slip up and it's perilous again. Can we handle the pressure. On a sidenote but how galling will it be when Queen's Park are allowed to use Hampden until lesser Hampden is ready. It's a stick on that it'll be heralded as a triumph for them and against the odds yadda-yadda ...
  23. We can't rule out espionage at this point either. Check the board room for listening devices and "studs" in the changing rooms. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Thing_(listening_device)
  24. I don't think anyone will appear before Monday's game, unfortunately.
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