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  1. That's the kicker about tonight's result. I've yet to see evidence of the old adage that it balances itself out but as we've had poor calls, which I think tonight's was, go against us and we've had nothing for obvious fouls. P.S. Congratulations to the Railway end linesman who clearly won a match officials experience in a raffle as there was no other explanation for his being there. Useless!
  2. Good on him. Footballs fickle and if he had have scored that gilt edged chance he had in his 1st game it might have been different. Don't think the period he was at the club was conducive to anyone succeeding.
  3. Former Bairn Mick Doyle joins Alloa ahead of our game tonight
  4. So were we following the "Brentford model" or are they copying the "Falkirk model"?!?!
  5. Can't wait until one of those is awarded against him and he's greetin' about how it's never a PK! Ageyman would give Tom Daley a run for his money with form like that.
  6. It's oddly not a new thing. Whether it be our star-studded loanees of the past or players who've passed through our doors - with increasing regularity - I find myself calling out who's played for us in really random games. Mark Howard the other week in Wrexham's FA cup game for instance. Just trawled Higginbotham images on Google to get one of his crying face and there's a ton of players featured just related to him that have turned out for us. We are massive!
  7. All the officials were what we've come to expect to be honest. Not surprised the lino's missed Higginbotham's headbutt, holding of players at the touchline and Austin's forearm smash yet thought Tidser kicking Hendo's foot was a foul against Hendo. Wouldn't have been a surprise if they gave a PK for Ageymans dive. It actually looks worse on the highlights as he clearly belly flops after his miss control.
  8. It's definitely odd to suggest they couldn't find anyone better and do a deal for them throughout January. Whilst they're top it's all academical but should they slip (here's hoping) it's going to seem like a terrible view to have taken. Goes without saying I'm glad they've not strengthened.
  9. Completely theoretical and not sure if we incur any costs over and above the catering contracts but what about the disposable consumables like cups etc. Does that cost get factored into the cleaning/disposal and is additional costs for waste management or is that parcelled up with the council service. Outside looking in we might only guess at true costs of running the operation.
  10. Aye I'd have to agree. Can't see him kicking a ball for us again even if he's going with our best wishes i.e. been told he's not getting renewed. With his injury record is he likely to put his body on the line if needed when he's got a paying gig lined up ...
  11. Indeed. Going by the Falkirk Daft podcast with KJ we seem to have a good relationship with the council when it was brought up about moving operations out. However, going by my weekly visits (poor facilities replenishment, which I assume is the councils purview) and the public relationship between the two you'd wonder if the club and council knew each other - Some examples of where they could jointly do more to help each other in my view. The Falkirk Stadium (@FalkirkStadium) / Twitter Kelpies to Kick Off 2023 Tickets, Sat 4 Mar 2023 at 11:00 | Eventbrite
  12. Given our CEO's experience and skill set I don't think the rumoured 50K is that bad, all considered! On the utilisation of staff, I expect there is a trade-off that's been calculated in tie-ups like Greaves and Ticketing which may not be obvious. The one I currently can't fathom and can only surmise is due to our catering supplier arrangements is the deal with SeatService. One of their USP's is increasing concession revenue and yet we haven't taken advantage of the service and generate some additional monies.
  13. Telling the story is definitely key. Most supporters should know what the aims of the FSS are by now and there will have been a few rounds of directors being nominated from the membership - Hearing about the achievements that have been made as a direct result of FSS involvement might persuade people to join. Also, some vox pops from the FSS demographic about why it's good to get involved and get some "real" voices to articulate why joining is important. No doubt all these avenues have been discussed but throwing it out anyways.
  14. This. Great we've freshened up the squad but we must have a fair few players entering the final months of their deals and the one thing Holt got right was continuity is required. We'd all hoped for signings but seeing regulars extend their contracts would be welcome too.
  15. I don't think there was any deeper meaning other than today was going to be the day folk had been begging for signing announcements. The starfish meme words are the key part - not the tentacles
  16. Jordan Allan only on a one year deal so we've probably paid peanuts in the grand scheme (remaining months of his contract perhaps?). Sounds good tho
  17. Aw shit. We've all been done and they're announcing the new North stand sponsor ...
  18. Looking ever more likely that Kennedy won't end the month with us.
  19. Sometimes the easiest answer is the obvious one. Circumstances have changed and those that had disposable cash now don't. It does seem that folk are looking for a smoking gun - like board differences or personalities - which aren't necessarily there.
  20. Either way you want to cut it the Patrons have invested £10k (or more) into the club: https://www.falkirkfc.co.uk/2021/11/21/new-fan-investment-in-falkirk-fc/
  21. That is a very old fashioned view of how sponsorship and marketing work. "Partnerships" is the buzzword but really it's sponsors signing up to longer-term commitments and being promoted on more than a pitch-side hoarding. We don't know the value of these partnerships and some are questionable but hopefully it's all adding up. On a side note does anyone know if we have managed to recover monies owed from the judgement against Clarke Epos?
  22. Read it as he's still raw and we're looking for a bit more of a finished article. However, he might be plan B if one of those doesn't materialise.
  23. That's because he looks like he's towing a caravan
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