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  1. Think the atmosphere will turn on Saturday as that interview from McGlynn was up there with some of those by Sheerin and Rennie recently. We've not kept a clean sheet since 1st April in any competition (8 games) so to expect us to score 4 and not concede is pushing the bounds of credulity.
  2. That's really what sticks in my craw tonight. Every time we're asked to step up, we do. Just seems like the players can't hack it and for all their warm words about our support would prefer to play in front of one man and a dog.
  3. Burrell did well when Alegria was holding up the play and Burrell could run in behind and score. We've seen flashes of that but he can't do both. Burrell causes panic with his pace, at times e.g. Setting up Morrison's cup semi miss and the sending off tonight but he needs someone to play him in not vice versa.
  4. Kinnear should help Williamson find his seat in the stands. Didn't make one save tonight and PJ can feel aggrieved he's been dropped now. I'd have hooked him, Oliver and Williamson well before half-time.
  5. I defended him this morning but he got that completely wrong. There are ways to lose games and that was not it. Defensively we can be a shambles too often. We had our pants pulled down tonight by an Airdrie side who wanted it more and were streetwise. Same failings we've seen for a while all on show tonight and a massive disappointment that leaves us a mountain to climb. If it's L1 again next year as it looks to be then we need out the blocks quicker than this season. Patience is wearing thin I'd think now.
  6. Knew 5 mins before he went off he was going to pull-up. Looked like he wanted to be anywhere other than in the team. Yeats, a makeshift right-back, making a bigger contribution in the time given tonight than Williamson has since his Hampden.
  7. My earlier post was very much tongue-in-cheek In honesty, all I am hoping for is come the end of tonight Falkirk are still in the tie and Saturday's game still a competitive encounter. I think both side having something to play for over the two legs makes for better games overall than one team taking a huge advantage into a game.
  8. As you highlight in none of these games were Falkirk home-and-hosed before capitulating . Try harder next time.
  9. You're trying to rewrite history now to suit a narrative. He was given the deal he was given to get us up - we all hope it's done in his 1st year but it might be the 2nd... or neither. At that stage you can make a judgement as to whether the deal was correct.
  10. One has a contract while Bowyer has a break in his. The situations are completely different unless you're happy to want to pay-off another management team.
  11. To be fair KH isn't football admin so most likely would be unaware of squad numbers - especially the younger ones I'd guess. It's an administrative error that needs rectified and not repeated.
  12. ... you could probably charge your phone as well!
  13. If it's terracing, something akin to the EV charger canopies would suffice as a structure if you can imagine 4-5 rows of bleacher type seating on the side facing the community pitches. Win-win. Boost the stadiums green credentials further, add additional capacity and provide a covered viewing area for both pitches on the Grangemouth side. Might also please @HopeStreetWalker as it'd keep the atmosphere in
  14. Just saw it. It's pretty much a carbon copy of Saturday's. The blazers and lawmakers are ruining football.
  15. If only football was played on paper you might be onto something. If all things were equal I'd probably agree but you can't take those stats in isolation without factoring in ~ 3-years of context.
  16. 2nd for assists in L1. His contribution to the team prior to Max arriving was what warranted a new deal. He's just looked jaded compared to Max recently. Other clubs would've been keen on him with that record and so makes him a useful squad player.
  17. It's almost like all the teams mentioned who've been in L1 over that period have regressed and yet you can't see that we have as well, making McGlynns job harder As highlighted in the replies there are literally too many intangibles as to why statistically their records are comparable but the seasons and outcomes have been vastly different. Perhaps a factor was that then we were seen as a massive scalp and teams setup differently whereas now that notion has gone the games in the league become closer. Who knows! However, it's become an odd hill to die on.
  18. Steering the topic away from the now tedious M&M vs. McGlynn posts which prove the old Ebbe Skovdhal quote quite well ... Does anyone know the clubs position on the B-team shenanigans happening at the moment and likely voting intentions? I'd hope we've sounded out our tenants the Shirey-pirey for their views.
  19. I appreciate we've been in L1 far longer than we'd hoped but we're now clutching at straws with calls to sack McGlynn. Credit to Dunfermline in bouncing back as every season you're down the pressure grows and you can end up desperately going through players and managers to get back up - sound familiar? Every year you don't compete begins to take its toll and boards make bad decisions hoping to strike it lucky eventually. We're all disappointed we've not won the league over our rivals and yesterday was a step too far but spinning the wheel again having invested what we have so far, I think, would be folly. Stay the course now and if ultimately McGlynn isn't the man get rid at the end of his contract. Creating unnecessary drama now only weakens the club ahead of the playoffs.
  20. Perhaps too good to pass up in January but difficult to change formation to suit and sometimes that happens. Maybe Allan hasn't stepped up as management thought he might. So many factors at play as to why it's not happened for him but as said I wouldn't discount any or them next season. Different levels of course but Rashford couldn't kick his own ar*e last year and has been a standout this year.
  21. Interesting that some of our most successful teams in recent times have played this style. Yogis team was often derided for the "tippy-tappy pish" IIRC. Pressleys kids overachieved realistically but had a Farid or Lyle Taylor and Houston's was a fine side and were easy on-the-eye when compared to the route one guff we've enjoyed a few seasons ago. Our only downfall is the transition and often we're not quick enough to catch the opposition out which is where ICT succeeded yesterday although I personally didn't think they were great.
  22. With all the striker chat I'm not sure what we all expected tbh. McGlynn has tried his best to find goals but due to the squad composition at the start and everyone and their dog looking for a scorer we've had to make do with untested or un-prolific ones that we could afford. Another pre-season to integrate Allan and Burrell with more games under his belt could be all that's required. I wouldn't discard them with another addition in the summer.
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