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  1. The vlog highlights the issues provincial clubs in Scotland face. I can't imagine supporting another team and imagine it's only representative of the age group he spoke to on the night esp. the Falkirk lads in it. As for the "controversy" , it's indicative of footballs tribal nature and fans will use anything to put players off, even if it's untrue - Take Akinfenwa chant a few weeks ago as an example. A decent and humorous watch but clickbait none the less.
  2. My reaction to signing Griffiths now reminds me of when we got Latapy. I thought he was done and the baggage wasn't worth it and look how that turned out! Just to be clear - I'm not comparing them as players - just my view at the time of hearing of their signings for Falkirk.
  3. Aye. Mine was meant tongue-in-cheek to be honest.
  4. Man who says there are no leaks, leaks that he's been told we aren't in for a target that was leaked weeks ago
  5. Glad to see we've finally cracked Gary Holt's spreadsheet password
  6. 12+ days since Kenny Miller uttered those quotes As Dick Campbell would say, with those estimations KM can come and measure my carpets
  7. If all other parts of the team were working and you were lacking goals then I'd buy your argument but our misfiring in front of goal is a consequence of the rest of the team so that should be addressed first.
  8. We're killing Morrison now when he was the great hope last year. No-one has impressed enough and until as a team we become better anyone will look "average".
  9. @Rocco for starters the "damaged goods" point is absolute guff. Smaller, less attractive clubs on paper (location, facilities, p/t etc) manage to attract players who have excelled and don't feel the need to associate themselves with the ilk of Goodwillie. I'm not one to stick up for Shadwell - he's more than capable of doing that in his own - but the factors you mentioned are probably a long way down the list of why players would sign or clubs would loan to us. Hope that explains your red.
  10. 5 or 6 is pie-in-the-sky. One more is probably all we're looking at.
  11. I'd wager the smart money on Rennie not being around beyond his initial 6-month contract.
  12. Aye and in years preceding that we played at a ramshackle, un-compliant ground, we finished 2nd bottom saved by Airdrie Mk.1's demise and had, in some folks opinion, a complete bam managing us and played at illustrious Ochilview over that period while the club worked out a portakabin! We still managed to sign some cracking players who weren't always the finished article. Aye footballers want success but most want to pay the bills - Being part of successful teams makes that part easier - and some need minutes or a chance somewhere else and take it regardless of the club's stature at the time. Folk dismissing the timing of Holt's departure as long as he's gone are glossing over the fact he must've put in the legwork of scouting and talking to clubs about players and produced something - speculating that it was more potentially poor signings also overlooks that we still haven't signed anyone that the manager thought was better and immediately available. Hopefully we sign a few very soon.
  13. Yeah and we scored 2 - one by a striker. Don't concede and we've nicked that game regardless of sitters missed!
  14. We don't need a striker at all. It's clearly mid/def that needs sorted. Defend better and we don't need tons of goals per game! Another poster mentioned earlier, you can't keep conceding 2+ goals and expect to win matches
  15. Where does the fault lie though? Holt must've been working on recruitment from Oct - Dec and identifying players with his staff and Sheerin. There must be collateral produced over that period that has gone in the bin when the new BOD or Rennie appeared. Was AT-S even considered before impressing for Dunfermline. Midway through the window and knowing we need fresh blood - as acknowledged before last week's game - and another week slips by without even one new face something does seem amiss.
  16. I'm just realising that this appears to have been a meme on SM for quite a while now! Happy to see tweets like this wrt Falkirk for the foreseeable
  17. We have gotten ourselves into a quandry with Dowds. He clearly is rated by Rennie and has proven he can play at a higher level. He won't be short of suitors and the fact his contract expires soon he has the upper hand. I'd hope we could extend his deal and give him a proper run. Also hoping Rennie can convince him of staying to make it mutually beneficial to both parties.
  18. Great performance today and good to see our strikers score Also pleased to see we looked like the home team for once.
  19. That we can agree. Instead you seem unconcerned that the club would even contemplate the move to the point it becomes "Hobson's choice".
  20. Publicly addressing it would signal he's not a target. Falkirk TV won't do "cold" interviews so what is or isn't said can be agreed before recording. As it is, the conclusion is he very much is a target. When should fans - ordinary or FSS members - make their views known in your view. Perhaps we wait until he's paraded with the scarf at the stadium
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