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  1. Can't agree with your assessment of some on that list. Those I agree on are McKay, who has shown repeatedly he's not going to cut-it and I've got no qualms with letting Oliver and Morrison go. Watson and McGinn have something to offer short-term and Mackie, Henderson and Nesbitt have plenty of energy if allied with the potential shown - predominantly by Yeats - and what we've seen of Lawal if he stays. In losing our wingers I'd opt for playing narrower and look at getting a foil for Allan rather than replacing Kennedy or Morrisons width. I actually prefer Nesbitt in a wider role than centrally.
  2. Coming to the conclusion we should try a challenging financial budget and remove the favourites millstone from our necks and see where that takes us. For me, it takes the pressure off everyone and the BOD can set a public goal of anywhere between 1st-4th. As we've seen in seasons past, comparatively smaller teams in 2nd-4th spots have gotten similar or better outcomes without being tagged as failures or big expectations. Get a tight-knit, unfancied but ambitious squad to a championship and it's a greater feat.
  3. Going over old ground again but the idea of "digging deeper" to fund, what some quarters would have you believe, one of - if not - the biggest budget in L1 is going to be a stretch regardless of who's in charge. Misunderstood by many - which has possibly led to the claim above - is the "football budget" encompasses not only the 1st team but all of the others we have or plan to have. As alluded to in the podcast I mentioned, we have immediately taken the 400K hit by staying in L1 next year albeit mitigated by this seasons cup run and whatever play-off monies we get. I think the inherent flaw in the model of creating a "sustainable" club is that initiatives like FSS or FF are unsustainable whilst it appears that the money isn't making a jot of difference to our outcomes! That's not a slight on those schemes btw but eventually, like ST, people will begin to question where the money goes IF vast improvement doesn't materialise when compared to clubs run on a fraction of our budget and support seem to live within their means (at least from the outside) while making us look mediocre at best. Airdrie a great example: Competing on a seemingly modest budget, operating a winning youth side; having a transient fanbase and no sugar-daddy. I'm sure Airdrie fans/someone will be along to put me right soon enough if none of that's accurate. I posted a while back about the possible ST pricing and latter announcement and floated a figure which was an inflationary increase + FSS sub combined and posters baulked at that. However, in essence that is what we're being asked to do whoever leads the team. Thanks if you made it this far!
  4. If you haven't listened already it's covered in the Falkirk FC podcast with KJ and KG from a few months ago. Listened back today and it's quite interesting now that we know it's another season of L1 we'll look forward to and what the implications outlined then would be if that were the case.
  5. It's Sunday. Club staff are allowed a day off. News will be announced this week, if not even tomorrow.
  6. It feels very much today - and has been building for weeks - like many posters are looking for any negatives to justify sacking the management. Stats, signings, tactics, interviews etc. This last few weeks have been disappointing and frustrating but we haven't been good enough. We can go through signings 'til the cows come home but many weren't expected to play as much (Lawal, Yeats, Carroll, Burrell) and others were learning the game (Rowe, Wright, Alegria - recalled when he was beginning to make a difference, Meekison - who promptly got injured). A lot of ifs, buts and maybes and the squad fell short but to rip it up and start again with no guarantees that it'd work.
  7. If I wanted to read another "McPake the Messiah" post I'd dip into the Dunfermline thread, thanks Comparing a squad who've just came down vs. one who had spent 3 years at this level is not the same. Both budgets may have been comparable but suggesting that the quality was like-for-like is apples and oranges stuff really. Likewise, it can also be possible that some players who were already under contract can get new deals as there is no rule that says he has to ship everyone out. You'd be on here berating him for signing a whole new squad, if he achieved the same outcome, had he been able to do so . He may be circumspect over the closed-season and I hope he learns from this as it's been a chastening experience but fed up of the bad takes and told-you-so's from others right now.
  8. The exact opposite I'm afraid. McKay was under the ball and is falling away from it with his jump but ignoring that Coll clearly shouted when the cross came in that he was going to head it - it was clear as day in the KM stand. McKay didn't have to jump - he caused the collision and is the one squarely to blame. Run it back and the throw-in comes from McKay initially doing his usual of shanking a clearance! If we're going to waste money on pay-offs I'd rather use it on his contract.
  9. I thought he was hit-and-miss (no pun intended) and not sure I'd keep him or Morrison now, given the choice.
  10. Agreed. A key takeaway from the interview, regardless of what you think of it, is McGlynn himself is under no illusions that only going up as champions will do. The momentum he alludes to needs to be there from the off next season.
  11. I know it's easy tonight to decry everyone and everything but thought PJ did well today. No chance with the calamitous defending from his central defensive pair at the goal but felt, some kicking apart, he merited starting today.
  12. I thought it was a masterstroke as he won them. Just a shame there wasn't anyone to get on the end of them ...
  13. Airdrie didn't have to do very much today and probably knew they just had to wait for our customary f**k-ups. Our style of play was a carbon copy of Tuesday. Wingers who can't cross, trying to hit one or more strikers who aren't going to win high balls and a midfield who don't like to break beyond the lines. Add to that a defence who can't defend and you can see why we lost 7-2 overall. Max was a standout until he went off - likely the effects of his earlier headknock - and I know I'll be in the minority but I'll credit Nesbitt as he gave us impetus along with Lawal. Morrison and Kennedy flattered again and I do wonder why they are resistant to driving into the box these days and seem to start over when they got a sniff of the box. If Lawal isn't on the retained list it'll be a travesty.
  14. With added on time it'll be about that
  15. Shouted well in advance and McKay panicked instead of leaving it. I can't blame Donaldson this time as he was clear and took charge whereas McKay was still working out which way he should be kicking!
  16. If we could do even the basics of defending we may have had a chance. McKay should be concussion subbed off for 2 years just to be sure
  17. Stay tuned until 1510. Comeback then and find out ...
  18. He needs to play the majority of the team who finished the game on Tuesday night from the outset. What he does need to tweak is the formation to get Airdrie turned quicker and not slow it down until Airdrie are getting nervy. Start off ponderous and cagey and we're in for a long afternoon in my view.
  19. Opinion from the Peterborough vs. Sheffield Wednesday where that result parallels ours. Regardless of the turnout tomorrow its not the fans who have to believe we can get a result, we need every single player selected tomorrow to believe it.
  20. I don't think I could survive another two games where it's a coin toss which Falkirk side might turn up .
  21. It's Friday so would like a strong pre-match interview today now McGlynn's had time to consider Tuesday too. Likely our last game of the season, so call out whoever he has to and pull no punches - let those who are staying with the group know that level of performance won't be tolerated again. There has to be no doubt that we win the 2nd leg by whatever means even if we ultimately go out We might not have won the "war" but give us optimism for the battles ahead! Apologies if I've gone all Mick Kennedy
  22. Yes it was @Springfield that I was quoting originally and we do agree.
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