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  1. 48 minutes ago, TxRover said:

    Thanks to FalkirkTV for helping RaithTV get a decent setup for todays Cup Final. For all the joking about only having three sides at TFS, watching this match with the camera in the Main Stand it really is a really unattractive venue on TV for not having at least a small standing area or stand over there. I guess BBC Alba is getting the nice view of shooting at all the stands, and I’m sure that looks miles better.

    Watching on Alba it does look impressive from the gantry.

    Understand why we film it from the main stand but putting semi-permanent infrastructure over there doesn't make sense currently. 

    I'd advocate a standing area but possibly due to lack of a barrier is one of the reasons we don't. 

  2. 13 minutes ago, Ranaldo Bairn said:

    He was utterly hopeless.

    And as for keeping Morrison and McGuffie on the wrong flanks when both sides of the field were getting loads of opportunity to cross but we always took too long to cut back onto stronger feet... jeezy peeps man.

    Not to mention Kennedy's attempts at crosses 🙄. Less said the better. 

    Donaldsons attempt should have signalled that we'd get joy having a pop and then ... nothing.

    That we didn't even attempt further shots from range in the rain - especially after Kennedy himself mentioned it post Ayr - was baffling. 

    To me a good few of them are waiting on the usual suspects to produce the goods rather than be ready for the 2nd ball. A little more adventure wouldn't go amiss.

  3. 1 hour ago, Salvo Montalbano said:

    Not at all, just a standard facet of watching football. Plenty of defenders go over for next to nothing at all levels from Saturday Amateurs to Champions League and get soft free kicks. It happens a thousand times a week. The referee has an easy option - if he gives the soft foul it won't really change anything other than upsetting the forward and his team's supporters. When a striker goes down, the referee has to be sure. Give the foul and it could end up in a penalty/dangerous free kick/yellow card/red card. If he gets it wrong then he's potentially changed the outcome of the game. It has nothing to do with rivalry or who anyone supports, it's a fairly uncontroversial statement IMO.

    You're talking about a contentious penalty where he has to be sure due to an element of doubt.

    Watch last nights highlights and there is zero debate. If it's not a penalty then Morrison should be booked for diving!

  4. 43 minutes ago, Back Post Misses said:

    Nothing to fear in the play offs if we find our form. 

    That's the problem tho.

    We've huffed-and-puffed in games and not necessarily got the breaks but we don't look as dangerous or confident as we should based on all the stats banded about.

    Playoffs will come around soon enough and we can't afford a middling performance like we've seen recently.

  5. 29 minutes ago, Salvo Montalbano said:

    I take it you haven't been watching football very long? Defenders always get very soft decisions in their favour. You can argue about why that might be - easier to give, less impact if it turns out to be wrong, higher bar to give a penalty or attacking free kick, take your pick - but it's a pretty standard feature of the game.

    Watching far too long it seems!

    "higher bar" to give a penalty is just a poor excuse to say that getting it wrong is acceptable. 

    You watch Penedictus every week so I suppose you're used to watching defenders get soft fouls for f**k all.

  6. 2 hours ago, Heaton said:


    FYI the offside ruled out goal was because Kennedy was off. Morrison pushed down would be a soft pen as he was tapped and fell down. 


    If Morrison's is "soft" then why did the ref give the Kelty defender a free kick at the end in their box? He went down like a sack-of-spuds for less.

    Idea for Hampden and get it on TV (not that it's not known by the SFA) to get yellow/red placards and highlight the refs aren't good enough. Make the statement for the whole league 😡

  7. 46 minutes ago, Harry Kinnear said:

    I totally agree with you and I feel that if teams like Dunfermline double up on Kennedy, Morrison it totally nullifies any threat we have.

    Going forward to next season whether we are in League One or the Championship I don’t feel the team needs a massive overhaul. What are the key positions everyone feels McGlynn needs to focus on. I think we will need a striker with a bit more physical presence and we need to add a bit of dig to midfield, as well as a creative midfield player. We will also need a new right back as we cannot underestimate what Blaine has brought to the side.

    It will be refreshing not to need yet another complete squad overhaul though.

    We don't need an overhaul but what is more pressing, for me, is tying down the majority of the squad. Would prefer we retained players rather than them walk out this year.

    Lets see some contract extensions please.

  8. 7 minutes ago, Shodwall cat said:

    We need to keep the league challenge going no point letting it fizzle out now . Beat Ayr united then struggling to get anything at queen's isn't good.

    You don't wish to be too negative after the week we had last but to go and lose today whilst Dunfermline also look like dropping points is god awful. 

    Not to mention Airdrie seem to have hit a very purple patch and the other play-off contenders winning makes today's probable result at time of writing a very, very bad one.

    We never seem to do it the easy way!

  9. 22 minutes ago, SouthStander1876 said:

    Cant wait for the Navy Blue Juggernaut to roll through Europe next season, build a super-squad with the money and completely wipe out whatever league we're in. Will be gorgeous.

    Lets keep our feet on the ground 🙃. Still 8 "cup finals" before our semi! 

    Keep our eyes on the prize and the rest will take care of itself.

  10. 17 minutes ago, Salvo Montalbano said:

    Not quite sure how it's "abusing the ticket site"

    Dunfermline have been provided with a link on your own club site to specifically purchase AWAY tickets. That some may be purchasing tickets in the stand not allocated to Dunfermline for the match is abuse of the site and it's limitations.

  11. 9 hours ago, Bairnardo said:

    Aswell as for myself and everyone else who has suffered the post Houston era, I can't believe how happy I am for my wee lassie who comes to games with me. She's about to find out what football CAN be like, that you don't need to support a bigot twin to have big days out.

    We've all been lucky enough to have had a no bad amount of cup runs for a Diddy team, but for some like her, just starting her fan journey, this is going to be enormous. This is what gets us hooked. ... 


    I wasn't sure if my 8-yo son was getting the 'Falkirk bug' as his support has coincided with our biggest slump in my lifetime. It's been a tough sell some Saturdays and my tales of yesteryear can't do justice to that feeling, whether it's '97, '98 or Hearts at Brockville/Hibs and so on. 

    However, last night with the buzz and noise - and THIS TEAM - I've finally saw it. Amarillo all the way home in the car and he was high-as-a-kite going to bed. Same again this morning watching the highlights and off to school talking non-stop about it 😊

    For him this is all new and I should try and keep him grounded based on bitter experience but I'm not going to! 

    Nights like last night and days to come are, for me, what it is to be a Falkirk Bairn and nobody can tell me any different 😍

  12. Loved that tonight 🤗 

    KM7 stand was rocking where I was sat and hats off to the organisers of the display 👏

    We looked comfortable, I thought, early on and could've gone in front. Ayr probably peaked too early and we looked spooked after the goal but settled into the game.

    Penalties like buses as well! 

    Fair play to Nizzy and Kennedy for attempting to shoot from distance. 

    At the end you could see how far we as a support and this team have come together.

    Lets give them everything from now until the end 💪

  13. 13 minutes ago, Bluegrass Bairn said:

    Compare that to BBC's Scottish Football page - headline; "Who will take the last semi final place?" - its a 45 second video of Govan, Celtic and ITC winning their 1/4 finals. Neither Falkirk or Ayr are included in the footage, neither is there any commentary or written reference to either team! Now that's coverage... 

    That's harsh. There's a still image where both ourselves and Ayr are tacked on in the final seconds!

    I actually thought it was their highlights package. 

    However, it's par for the course - the BBC Football Scotland lead story is about a player who's been 2nd fiddle for 18 - 24 months at his club and whether he'll get a new deal 😴

  14. 5 minutes ago, SouthStander1876 said:

    Re: Atmosphere

    ... There is a core group of people who go every week and sit in the top corner of the KM7 ... If we want atmosphere to improve we just simply need more people to get involved. Majority criticise while sitting on their hands. 


    Final note: If everyone in the KM7 gets involved tonight, this display will be a success so please can everyone play their part.

    Sounds like we need to unofficially designate that area near the end of the KM7 as the section you want to be in if you want to get involved and let it organically grow. Anyone not wishing to sing/chant as much who'd normally sit there can budge up 😉

    Good on you and others who've organised this and hope it goes as well as planned 🤗

    I and my usual attendees will be along earlier than usual to participate in the display.

  15. 2 minutes ago, Numbers_One_To_Eleven said:

    A safe standing terrace would be a good thing in theory at TFS.

    Edited 1 minute

    Perfectly do-able while we're below the Prem. 

    Only thing I'd borrow from baseball 🥱 would be this idea. Buy your Bovril etc and stand and watch the match.

    The East stand area would be ideal. 


  16. 29 minutes ago, Bairnardo said:

    I think in many years of the club doing a lot to attract families to the stadium, which is the right thing to do and you can see it in the numbers, thr atmosphere has suffered accordingly.

    I disagree. The families grow and the kids pick up the songs (for good or bad!) and its passed from generation to generation. 

    That we don't sing is for me, due to a rather threadbare songbook which has consisted of WBWW, "Down in the town"  and "You are my Sunshine" for the majority of my time watching. 

    The others are fairly anachronistic such as Stainrod, Scobbies and McHughs in recent memory so don't tend to get an airing much.

    Not heard the latest ones particularly clearly for McGlynn and Rowe but from what I understand they fall into that category.

    Love it or hate it, Amarillo is still a belter but it's not one we tend to start on our own.

    Maybe we're not very musical 🤨

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