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  1. In defence of @Bairn in Exile, I think he was giving examples of criticism that would be levelled at the board under both scenarios i.e. running a tight ship vs throwing money at it. I don't think he's implying that the BoD have or haven't done one or the other.
  2. Some sympathy today for the ref. The angle FTV shows it looks like a slip but from the KM Stand it was a push. God knows what the ref ultimately saw from another angle as he was. His linesman should've helped him out.
  3. Keen to see the highlights later regarding the incident with Alegria and the Clyde 'keeper. The officiating was suspect again and summed up by the ref overruling the far side linesman even though he hadn't a clue and the lino had the best view.
  4. Sadly have to agree with this. Firstly, yesterday's statement was clearly pitched to ratchet up the need for investment/funds which until then had been downplayed coupled with the sudden announcement of directors appearing on FalkirkDaft - I'd wager to reiterate the perilous financial position the club really is in.
  5. Some issues, for me, with this communication and FSS/Club relationship generally - The organic growth of the society does seem to have been forced, somewhat. There was a perceived up-take after Holt was emptied, which I assume many attributed to the FSS involvement but unconfirmed as far as I'm aware. There's an argument to be made that this was the catalyst for a lot of reactionary members rather than increasing the membership through an actual example of influence. It also contradicts a stated aim of "... gradually increasing the proportion of fan ownership". The latest update doesn't tell us anything new but seems to imply that the FSS remit now isn't purely to safeguard the club but instead has rapidly progressed to a model where they need to accelerate the fan ownership part hence the 90% comment as I believe ST numbers should never imply membership. One point I can (and hope to) expect pushback on, is what has the FSS achieved for the subscriptions: Yes more shares but what tangibly has that meant? If the FSS are improving X, Y and Z on behalf of us all shout it from the roof-tops and show the difference they've made for the funding they're given. Let me be clear - I'm all for the FSS but I am one of the 90% and not in a position to commit to ongoing contributions - at the moment. I believe it's legitimate to ask whether the FSS, at the moment, could be perceived as a stream of funding the clubs losses, by the back door instead of the club charging ST + £120 to cover the budget set which is a different proposition.
  6. It was against St. Johnstone and is reported in the Courier: St Johnstone star David Wotherspoon suffers injury scare (thecourier.co.uk) Would appear we conceded 4 from the report but doesn't mention much about the actual match.
  7. As I understand it there will be no bank hol for the funeral but there will be one for the coronation.
  8. All good points but broadcasters could apologise for reduced TV coverage (not like anything other than news is on) and avoid games being cancelled this weekend. Police aren't mandatory at football grounds and like any crime, would respond (eventually) if called in and around the stadiums. Instead fans will need to mourn QE in the pubs, restaurants, cinemas, hairdressers and sports centres of their towns and cities this weekend
  9. It was a poor, probably avoidable result on Saturday. McGlynn knows it wasn't good enough and I don't doubt the players will be disappointed but the castigation of everyone - including the usual supsects - is as expected as it is OTT. The false equivalence of comparing Tony Parks to Nicky Hogarth is bonkers but at least you've got a new scapegoat to bang on about.
  10. Next time I'll post we'll take a doing and shouldn't even bother turning up as the opposition are a shoe-in to win! Sorry for my optimism . You must've been ecstatic you could post that when you saw the score. What a life!
  11. The online ticketing already takes care of card payment - away from the turnstile. I am not advocating for removing a cash gate.
  12. Would have to disagree with this one - Option to buy online and download to your device removes the need for payment at the turnstiles. I think you potentially introduce a bottleneck if you allow card payment at the point of entry.
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