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  1. I have no relationship with past or present boards. Ordinary fan with an opinion.
  2. I don't have issues with volunteers per se but I think your underestimating that role and what it potentially entails nowadays. You also overlook the actual plea which was included sales experience. This isn't the club inviting folk to help smarten up the stadium or clear snow - these are specialist roles which are time consuming and skilled.
  3. A lot of words to say we're skint and our commercial operation is a disaster! It would seem in order to "control non-football costs" we seem to have reverted - if we ever deviated from - relying on volunteers with professional skills to work pro-bono which, in my view, is a nonsense considering the amount of work realistically required in the areas mentioned. I can't say I'm as enthused as others about the statement. Yet to see tangible change happening which aligns with the pillars the board describe their instigating.
  4. Where is the information about the fixtures/results for these teams? The sooner the club and relevant committee get on top of the website, comms etc the better.
  5. Save yourself the keystrokes and just go back a couple of hundred pages. This has already been discussed long since. He didn't sign for us and McGlynn won't make the same mistake twice. If my auntie had balls ...
  6. Would not be unhappy to offload Williamson. Wilson wasn't a million miles worse than him and it's not even his position! Can only surmise the fear of injury has set in with Williamson.
  7. I don't get the pitch argument either. As was mentioned weeks ago, if the main pitch is causing injuries then switch to the newer one and only use the main one on matchdays. If it's due to the bounce etc then the majority of teams we've faced seem to have mastered it. An aged 5G pitch is surely better than a rutted, bare grass pitch every other week.
  8. Jamie MacDonald returning for a second spell
  9. Who the f**k leaked that! It's so unprofessional
  10. Beginning to think you're at the wind-up now! He's out of contract at RR so there was no need to contact them. They've probably reacted to the newspaper gossip we've all seen and reflects poorly on them. Your logic for that approach is baffling considering what is reportedly happened - RR clearly wouldn't think it OK if only yesterday they were suddenly forced to negotiate a new deal with him to avert him joining us. Where is RR respect in all of this? They've not tapped him up! He's out of contract. His only obligation to RR is to consider a new deal - which they acquiesed over to the point where he's considered leaving. Like any other walk-of-life, he's not going to wait around for his current employer to decide whether they want him or not. On this subject, your criticism of our board is bizarre.
  11. Seems RR are making last ditch attempts at persuading him to stay. A lot of ire from Rovers fans about the way it's been handled. We could yet be knocked back by McGlynn.
  12. There are two boards involved here and you can't discount reporters trawling message boards for tidbits to inflate or corroborate. Perhaps, just maybe, ours is fuming that RR have a leak or they are quietly laughing at the misdirection here and in the national press!
  13. Possibly. Although it's been discussed whether anything posted on a forum is truth or bo**ocks!
  14. I can reveal it definitely won't be Brian Rice (again).
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