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  1. Yes I get that point, and I agree. His execution and the way he has gone about it are poor though, in my opinion. Absolutely certain, "clear as day" etc. When in fact it wasn't. I also think people should admit when they're wrong and apologise when making false accusations. But, again, that's just my opinion.
  2. Nah, away you go. He went all in on the "scumbag" who shouted the line in question, and has been shown to be incorrect. A wee apology and we can move on.
  3. Glad it's been established that United have both the footballing and moral victory on this one. A sorry chapter for Hibs and their fans.
  4. All of this unpleasantness could have been avoided if those naughty hibees weren't being so absolutely horrid to poor Tony!
  5. Only in the boxes behind the dugouts. Not sure if they have mics in there though.
  6. Yup. To me it sounds like it starts with an f, but then it sounds like it ends with a ck. I wouldn't say it's clear. Either way though, the guy definitely sounds like a cock.
  7. Horrendous that folk think it's acceptable What song is this?
  8. Unacceptable behaviour from Colak. I want him sacked. If I didn't have my boy with me, I'd have run on the field and given him a right good kicking!
  9. My my, this Motherwell lot seem awfully uppity. Can't you just enjoy your side's world-class first half performance and fade back in to irrelevance?
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