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  1. Fantastic result for gala against Bonnyrigg rose. Bonnyrigg full strength but gala were just too good on the night. Good to see Twitter motor mouth Brett correctly getting his matching orders on the night.
  2. This post aged well don't speak about things you know nothing about people like you are the problem in Scottish football only thing you are good at is running your mouth with verbal diorea.
  3. https://livingstonfc.co.uk/neil-hastings-rejoins-the-lions-as-first-team-coach/?s=08 When appointed gala manager a few on here ridiculed the appointment but gala got it spot on. Moving to be a first team coach in the SPL proves this. But @Mancs and his crew of dinosaurs knew better.
  4. https://www.bordertelegraph.com/news/19836318.hastings-thanks-board-players-volunteers-support/ Fantastic job done by Neil Hastings took a club that was slowly but surely getting run into the ground by previous manager and revitalised the club on and off the park. Good luck with the move.
  5. I don't think so as Berwick have a sqaud that has decent players and wether you like it or not has been build on a substantial budget to put it mildly.
  6. As a club ?really good club nice people involved and a good ground. Just don't have the playing sqaud as results this season suggest.
  7. Are you aware it was GRETNA. ? But none the less good result for Berwick considering. well needed result. PS it was GRETNA.
  8. I now firmly believe i am speaking to a child or certainly a very childish adult.
  9. Alloa v Bonnyrigg (draw) Civil v Peterhead (Peterhead) Gala v Annan ( draw) Dalbeattie v east Kilbride (DS)
  10. I am aware of Mr Harvey's poor record. Do you now judge every manager on Harvey's record ? In that case Malcolm and water boy don't need to win another game this season.
  11. Blah blah blah. Ps malcolm and his water boy shanks will drive your club into the gutter mark my words.
  12. Very optimistic Berwick won't be beaten today. It's their best chance of a result
  13. Hey maybe they all ain't as delusional as finest and they actually see Malcolm and his water boy Shanks for what they are.useless.
  14. When you are speaking to someone who is delusional it's sometimes best to step away from the situation so on that note goodbye. PS congratulations on your 2-0 defeat
  15. So you think getting hammered from civil is improvment. Malcolm has never upset me but i can see through the crap. No win against top 6 side for over 3 months. IMPROVMENT ?
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