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  1. Saturdays game can’t come quick enough. A horrid run of results over the past couple of seasons, with the odd exception. Don’t believe in the bogie team pish, if there’s a real want for the title, games like this need to be won.
  2. Not to fussed with the draw, if we play to our strengths, more than a decent chance of progressing, far more potential pitfalls other than Alloa at this stage.
  3. May have missed, but have the Rawlings made any statement(s) since the Deans and co were removed?
  4. Unless there’s been significant investment found, it’s a fair shout that MR & SA will be asked to provide the necessary funding, yet again. From the latest statement the FSS numbers are miles away from the initial projections and unless we get promoted I wouldn’t expect much growth in numbers. Puzzled that we’ve heard absolutely zero from the Rawlings. A significant large investment, then the now legendary “an audience with Deans & Co” at the Inchyra and then Houdini? Just not getting it, they will want to protect their investment or have they had enough and want out? maybe some of the ITK might have more information?
  5. Best wishes to all the fans travelling to the beyond, expecting a different but difficult game.
  6. From what I was told when KK left, your posts are spot on. The decision to appoint Sammy was just stupid, no sales/commercial awareness but believe is was carried out to get some unity with the support. A decision Deans and co got horribly wrong.
  7. Good post, brutal watching defenders trying to play like defenders……..
  8. A very large dose of reality and thanks. The day we need to worry about and as posted “curtains drawn at the stadium? Leaks at Larbert high school? FFS were in the third division of Scottish football.
  9. Anyone ITK what Rawlings stance/are planning with the club. After a fairly heavy investment, all very quiet.
  10. Enjoying some sun until the results came in. Haven’t even bothered listening to the managers post match interview nor the highlights. It doesn’t take much to work out we are brutally short in defence albeit Donaldson missing was a blow. Williamson starting is baffling after such a long time out, and if I’m reading most posts correctly, we’ve continued with one up front. McGlynn and the feel good factor over, at very best we will make the playoffs. Not sure if true but hearing after the Edinburgh game we’re in a bit more financial trouble than what’s been released publicly. Looking forward to the AGM.
  11. Thanks, In view of the hike in utilities, I would like to think that it’s being closely monitored. I’ve passed the stadium at various times and we certainly like a bright sky…
  12. Anyone have any idea who picks up the energy bills for the stadium. Noticed the stadium floodlights on late midweek, when travelling to airport. Assuming these are LEDs ?
  13. Good luck guys tomorrow, don’t miss many games, overseas and wont make the game. 3 - 0 COYB
  14. Notoriously difficult time to wheal and deal, dearly love to offload but not sure who’d take many of the fringe (shite) It’s the most magical time of the year, so we live in hope……
  15. As posted it’s a great offer/gesture from the club especially during these difficult times. However your first sentence is way off mark if you listen to the recent podcast and what I’m hearing about the clubs finances.
  16. Think it’s fair to say we won’t see any additions to the first eleven, unless we can loan or move players away. We’re heavy in squad numbers and we certainly don’t need others as spare jersey fillers. If and it’s a huge if we somehow get Williamson fit and on form, we won’t see much change, still think another striker could be the difference come season end.
  17. Spot on, we’ve got a few games before year end then our neighbours on Jan 2nd, third quarter looming….
  18. PJ all day long - Hogarth never leaves his line.
  19. I genuinely think that anyone in the top four identifying/getting one or two finds in at the transfer window, will be not be far away from winning the league. There’s little between the teams.
  20. There’s absolutely no doubt that under MCGlynn and Smith we’re playing a lot better than the abhorrent shite endured over the past couple of seasons. However we’ve not yet nailed a comprehensive win over the likes of Airdrie and the losses to the likes of Kelty are unacceptable. A few on here questioning M&S tactics In games which for me are fully justified, where it’s clear we need change, but for reasons only the manager can explain doesn’t happen. Can’t speak for other posters but don’t think there’s any supporters wishing anything but good for the team, and as previously posted the next few league games crucial.
  21. Nisbett under M&S has improved. McKay is probably another who although playing RB, has improved. Messers Morrison McGuffie Hetherington (Williamson when fit) give a worldly one in ten. Apart from Dunfermline away ( Nesbitt best game since signing) these players have in general, been poor. We’ve still to register a win against the likes of Airdrie and let’s not forget that these guys downed tools for a season. Players getting it tight - yes however gladly eat my words on any of these guys when they consistently play well. For me our captain since scoring twice has no where near turned in his earlier form.
  22. Lawal was a standout yesterday, even with Edinburgh playing in their own half until the first goal. Always looking to create, and his forward play (beating an away player) was a joy to watch. Mention for McKay, he’s had it big from me like a few others, not a RB but can’t fault his attitude and application yesterday.
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