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  1. Alluded to this earlier, with the first team squad running with a tighter number, and if the likes of Oliver remain, McGlynn has a much narrower scope of bringing in players (better ones) unless some still under contract, are punted, hopefully that’s his plan………………,,,
  2. The club has shown what can be achieved with having the right people upstairs and a decent manager. Well done Luton.
  3. Don’t think there’s any supporter not wishing the guy good and we all hope he hits the ground running and scores bagfuls of goals. Have we got time to develop and improve a guy in this critical season? The statement from the BOD more or less spells it out very clear that anything other than promotion will see our club facing the abyss of either hybrid or PT football next season. I’m hoping that there’s still others to come in, that are better than someone with a very average career so far, but hey ho if he’s got the main gig, we just need to hope he comes good.
  4. Tie was lost in the first leg. They’ve got a guy at the helm who will learn lessons and no doubt will further invest……
  5. Guys lose confidence coming here? He’s a twenty four year old, he’s bounced about a few clubs. Maybe we are just going for the wrong players. Sorry but I do agree that in any walk in life we can always improve, but at 24 in football you’ve either got it or you don’t. We are literally at the most critical period the club have faced but we’ve signed a guy that’s wanting to improve, FFS gimme a break. The problem with our club is that we are constantly signing average players that won’t get us up.
  6. As said maybe it’s the previous four years of abhorrent shite that we are now tainted. I don’t think there’s any supporters that don’t won’t any new players not to do well, however (and I don’t mind eating my words if wrong) we don’t seem to learn from our mistakes. So far there’s been a couple of new deals to new players that for me look bang average, and rewarding another bang average player with two years. Bang average doesn’t get you out this league and I wait with some concern to see who else comes in. McGlynn might have Arfield and a few others that are better than average lined up, so I reserve judgement to see what he assembles as a first team squad. Some people think with our fife neighbours and Airdrie away this will be an easy league…..at our peril…….
  7. I posted about the average players, and agree that we’re throwing good money (at bad) away, thanks
  8. With respect totally disagree with your assessment on Nisbett. He downed tools season before last with some others that are still here. That was a sacking offence. Hit a bit of form mid season and gets handed a two year deal. Absolutely bizarre, as was the timing. He’s nothing short of a fan dancer we can ill afford. Players like Nesbitt have failed to get us promotion and we reward with another two years. Already posted that the signings so far are at best average…………..
  9. McGlynn has stated that he’s lost potential signings due to the current pitch.
  10. I’d be like to think that there’s load to happen. Agree, far to early to predict and let’s hope the big announcements are still to come. Let’s be honest and with respect the two new signings are average at best.
  11. We have more than half a team from last years failures, likely to get starting slots this season. We’ve announced two new signings that may get starting berths, depending on McGlynns set up. Just hope McGlynns got a few good players ready to come in.
  12. No doubt we’ll hear soon on who else is leaving. Really surprised with todays signing as thought we’d be approaching players with better qualities and players that are proven at this level. Got to be honest and unless McGlynn got a few good signings still to come, struggling to fully understand some of Swinney’s comments when interviewed and the BODs statement. This is a critical close season/season for the club, and todays signing throws more questions on why we’d gamble on a player that’s been PT and take into FT football.
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