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  1. Seven winnable games up to the 4th February (Fife neighbours 2nd Jan) takes us to 26 games. These games critical to where our season ends.
  2. Really hoping that we can get on a decent winning run, not convinced we’ve got players who actually have the leadership qualities, to get us there. Mackie looks like the only guy to take a burn on his arse……..
  3. Never questioned M&S appointments, and still think there probably the best (in our 4th season in league 1) we could have in charge, and considering who would actually take the job as we’re seen as a basket club. My grave concern is simple, we’re touching the half way stage in fixtures, third in the league, and still not beating the usual candidates. Players like Morrison/Nesbitt/Oliver/McGuffie are passengers, all producing a one in ten performances. Henderson after a difficult start seemed to settle into a decent partnership with Donaldson but now looks a bomb scare. Our captain looks like a player that unfortunately the legs have gone. Throw in a continuing issue with our RB position and we continue to suffer upfront. Add the issues with our financials and without new faces (couldn’t give a toss if it’s only loans) the reality of another year in this league looks certain.
  4. Wasn’t to fussed about listening to the after match interviews, but sitting in an airport lounge had time to kill. interesting hearing McGlynns reaction to being asked about the transfer window. Was it a discreet dig or gesture to the BOD?
  5. Yesterday confirmed that we need to somehow make use of the upcoming transfer window. Yes we’re skint yes we’ve players on contracts, but we need two, possibly three players in that can change this mediocre team.If Airdrie had a decent CF we’d be staring at another loss. McGinn Oliver Morrison we’re absolutely brutal. Said weeks ago time had caught up with McGinn, and with Nesbit and Oliver playing along side, teams are playing through us with ease. Thought we looked decent defensively, Mackie giving more of a balance, however we need a better balance in midfield. McCann was good, but another general lack lustre performance, that was supported by some horrendous refereeing.
  6. Has anyone got factual information on the stadium deal. Shafted is commonly used on here, be good to know what we actually contribute?
  7. Said previously, the fans wether those financially or the regular supporters who would walk on this ice for the club, have had there fill with how the club have fallen, will support in far greater numbers, once we see a half decent football team every Saturday and a BOD that merits that kind of support.
  8. Involved throughout the years supporting the dinner and the academy. Some great speakers and many guests albeit not bairns, would support the evening with many companies and people generously contributing cash to the raffles/prizes etc. Maybe wrong but believe they raised close to 30K one year which was a pretty amazing. Different animal now and in many business circles, trying to get individuals to attend could be difficult. No problems if it’s a friends invite but there’s been a considerable shift with acceptance/inviting business people to “entertainment” As said hope it gets supported by the local businesses and as many local punters who can afford to attend.
  9. Firstly what an absolute spillage of bile/shite by some posting on from the outside, many should look at their own clubs situation…….. We've got a serious situation which requires immediate cash/investment/soft loans and the new guys in town have been in long enough to fully review all aspects of the club including the finances. For me there’s more than a concern/worry that they’ve underestimated the P&L.
  10. Saturdays game can’t come quick enough. A horrid run of results over the past couple of seasons, with the odd exception. Don’t believe in the bogie team pish, if there’s a real want for the title, games like this need to be won.
  11. Not to fussed with the draw, if we play to our strengths, more than a decent chance of progressing, far more potential pitfalls other than Alloa at this stage.
  12. May have missed, but have the Rawlings made any statement(s) since the Deans and co were removed?
  13. Unless there’s been significant investment found, it’s a fair shout that MR & SA will be asked to provide the necessary funding, yet again. From the latest statement the FSS numbers are miles away from the initial projections and unless we get promoted I wouldn’t expect much growth in numbers. Puzzled that we’ve heard absolutely zero from the Rawlings. A significant large investment, then the now legendary “an audience with Deans & Co” at the Inchyra and then Houdini? Just not getting it, they will want to protect their investment or have they had enough and want out? maybe some of the ITK might have more information?
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