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  1. Ian Murray always looks like he needs a wash. Like he lives in the bins round the back, alone and unloved.
  2. My guess is that they are waiting for the decision from the Supreme Court. Politeness Ditto Not really, no Lords. That's a significant difference between the SNP, Scottish Greens and some other political parties.
  3. He types, "whatever" in response to Antlion then 10mins later, reads said response takes offence and then go off on one. How drunk do you have to be to take umbrage at your own replies? Laughing my ass off here.
  4. Dude has more pics of Nicola than an SNP fanbois.
  5. I believe the correct term for a bunch of lemmings is a slice.
  6. lol Priti Patel fails to get enough backers. They're all horrible, self-serving liars who will cater their promises to what their increasingly elderly members want. Average age is 72. Pandering will become the order of the day. Rishi is hoping they fancy him. He is well prepared, thanks to taxpayer funds: Rishi Sunak spends £500,000 of taxpayers’ cash on focus groups ‘to repair his image’ | The Independent The Rish bitch won't spend his own funds.
  7. Some of them are just trying to increase their public profile in hopes of landing a cabinet position.
  8. He says he is offering change, yet his signal policy is merely to comply with the NIP as written which is a continuation of Tory policy. Make Brexit twerk.
  9. Kier Starmer giving a speech. It's not great as he is a bad public speaker. He mentioned Gordon Brown doing something on devolution and Lord Blunkett too.
  10. In 2021 The SNP won the majority of the vote, it was the largest single party. Majority does not mean they command overall or outright majority on their own but hey do command the largest voting preference at the ballot box. Here's example ballot that may help your misunderstanding. Simple election vote. 100 votes total. 4 Candidates A,B,C and D. A get 40 votes B, C & D get 20 each. Who won the majority of the votes? A Who wins the seat. A. The other 60 don't count as a unitary block, because their share is split 3 ways with only 20 each. Now, this is my question to you. IF the SNP were to command 50% or greater, what would change? What threshold in law are we attaining? I can't find any. This requirement appears to be just another arbitrary hurdle. One of many set by opponents who lost at the ballot box. Because the fact is if they were polling at greater than 50% yet unable to command the legislature then they would not be able to hold a referendum, and the opposition party that presumably would be in power wouldn't be minded to bring one forward on the basis of polling.
  11. A majority of the Scottish electorate were motivated enough to back parties that supported another referendum, enough to gain majority representation in our Parliament. How is this not indicative that majority are in favour? That's the question, if a majority were not in favour why is that not being reflected at the ballot box. I've not really commented on FPTP or called it unfair, so i have no idea where you get that from. Our system is more sensitive to swings from one party to another though, so if people were so motivated to oppose they could easily unseat the parties in favour of Indy and remove them from power, but they do not. It's not because they cannot. It's because they are in the minority.
  12. If elections aren't representative of the political desires of the electorate then what are they? Are the results meaningless? What other measure would you use?
  13. That's not how we elect representatives.
  14. They don't seem to realise that the majority want a referendum. The evidence is that there were enough of the Scottish electorate motivated to vote in favour of a majority of representatives in our parliament to do exactly that.
  15. Seem amazing that a Tory government that cannot even hold itself together, is mired in sleaze and has a criminal squatting in Downing Street still has a chance of matching the numbers of seats as the Labour Party at the next election. It is the strongest argument in favour of an MMP/PR system of representation. An easy policy to sell at the moment. Call it reform of Westminster. Introduce a set of binding ethics and codes of conduct for MPS and Ministers and include the Lords reform as part of the package. Power to the people.
  16. It's all very softball at the moment, maybe they will toughen up once we get down to the last few. Penny Mordaunt has declared. That's nine now? Also, Johnny Rotten endorsing Jacob Rees-Mogg, Punk truly is dead and Lydon is fucking it's sloshing corpse.
  17. Tugendhat is instantly forgettable, makes a lot his service which will play well with some but doesn't have much of a personality at all. Kept talking about a 'clean break' with Europe. Shapps was polished and there were no awkward questions for him. Very cosy. David Davis on now, dumb b*****d he is. Agree that nothing will change overmuch. Awful policies aren't going to magically become better because of a new leader.
  18. Well, it is a possibility. The Supreme Court and the Judges value their independence from a government they view as periodic. There is criticism for some of the proposed legislation and acts coming under the present one. Breaking international agreements and allowing ministers to overturn judgments rendered by a court are not welcome interference. It would naturally be concerned about conflicting with the UN resolution, Kosovo or other precedents and aware of scrutiny by the EU and US when it comes to the GFA and it's legal obligations. Of course it could all go the other way. We won't be certain for a while yet. Although they've not immediately said we can't. So we can, for now, proceed on the understanding that it's going ahead. The Bill is there, pending. The ballot paper looks good. The date is set. Labour have little meaningful say on the matter right now.
  19. Hard to leave them out, what with them being part of the UK and all. That's why this question is so messy. UK law has loads of ad hoc legislation with a distinct lack of consistency and uniformity being applied. GFA should have significant standing due to its international recognition, and should inform any decision by the Supreme Court on Scotland's future.
  20. I was going to suggest some sort of cognitive test for the elderly, then i remembered that the last guy waved his small questionnaire for brain damage around as if it were an Einstein Award.
  21. Not the point though. In law they can, with a border poll, rewrite the constitutional borders as part of their ability to determine their future. In or out of the UK. Parallels with the Scottish situation are abundant.
  22. Thing is. Norther Ireland has that right to determine its future under the GFA, as a border poll is guaranteed and it concerns seceding from the UK without anyone outside NI having a vote. It's part of UK law.
  23. I mind similar predictions when Salmond left. His replacement, Nicola would not be as popular with voters. heh. Mhairi Black is a great speaker, and is being mentored by Ian Blackford. Another eloquent speaker and practiced parliamentarian. There is some real talent within the party. There is also the fact that media training is a skill that can be acquired to a certain extent. They'll do just fine. Of course ability to navigate a media landscape and being good at debating are not enough; look at the wretched Gove, and man who garners praise for both, yet remains widely loathed. Our very own Ted Cruz.
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