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  1. Can’t wait for this! Hopefully get a ticket again. Will Annan shift 200 tickets?
  2. That’s like something out of the movie Platoon
  3. Clyde didn’t register one real attempt on target which is lamentable against a team 3 levels below them! The post match interview that Lennon gave was embarrassing talking about a small pitch and Clydebank being workmanlike? They played Clyde off the pitch in the 2nd half!! The players look great in training
  4. Bankies were terrific in the 2nd half and if it had ended 4 or 5 it wouldn’t have undeserved.
  5. It’s brilliant to see the Bankies getting rewarded for all the hard work the supporters have put in over the years. Just shows that ordinary fans can make a success of their own club.
  6. Clyde fans seem pretty confident that they’re going to win by a few goals?
  7. One for the Bankies dressing room wall
  8. Managed to get a ticket for this one. Was at the Elgin game at Holm Park and thought it was a great occasion. Clyde will be a step up from Elgin obviously but it’s a one off game and you never know!!
  9. Why is this cup still going? Don’t all the clubs in the West play in senior leagues now?
  10. Elgin looked like Brazil for half an hour but they were never going to keep that pace up. They were spent in the 2nd half and were lucky to hang on at the end.The baldy fullback was bombing up the wing early on but was blowing out of his cheeks in the 2nd half.
  11. LL is worse! 1 relegation place with 143 teams below!
  12. Are there more teams in the South Cup than in the Junior Cup now?
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