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  1. Easy answer is to go back and set up the West Juniors again.Simple.
  2. There was no need for the West Juniors to be wound up. Most clubs in the WOSL have no ambition to be licensed or promoted to the LL,SPFL. These clubs along with the likes of Talbot who seem to glory in picking up meaningless tinpot trophies could just have kept on doing that and let the rest who do want to progress get on with it.
  3. Go back to the Juniors then? Nothing to stop clubs setting up the West Region again.
  4. The best place for the Junior Cup now is the Hampden Museum.
  5. But you rested players but no other club is allowed to do that then?
  6. Glencairn put a weakened team out against Darvel midweek because they knew they’d lose to keep players fresh for the weekend which is arguably worse as it affected the title race. It would seem that integrity only counts when it’s not Glencairn…..
  7. Did Rangers play a full strength team at the weekend?
  8. The Bankies have had GPS vests for 2 years
  9. To finish below Clyde is some achievement! Seen them against Clydebank and they were utterly hopeless.Never even managed an attempt on target the whole game and should have lost 4 or 5.
  10. Why would Talbot be scared of Darvel? Didn’t Darvel already beat Talbot?
  11. Apart from a 5 or 6 game spell in November and December the quality of football has been dire. The fact that Talbot are top of the League says more about the standard of the League than anything else. The dire league that saw Darvel beat Stranraer and Brechin,Clydebank beat Elgin and Clyde and Talbot beat Hamilton!
  12. I doubt Ange would sign a player saying it was because Hearts had asked about him!
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