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  1. Can’t see past Caley Thistle in this tie, having suffered the indignation of double defeat to Charlie Adam last season shows me that a team in decline (St Johnstone) have gotten into the losing habit, “heroes” like Stevie May and Glenn Middleton warming the bench tells me that something isn’t right. Caley v Arbroath is a harder one to predict, I’m sure Saints don’t fancy either of them tbh.
  2. I honestly don’t believe that, maybe a few living up there trying their luck. Crowd will be announced during game around 10,500 and the place will be in meltdown As for Killie beer gardens you may find the full to bursting before you get down, by the sound of things the only sure winners today are the Pubs, and Bowling Clubs btw .
  3. I’m guessing they are all staying for the weekend, catching that last train will be very tight. Only in Scotland, and they really want people to use public transport.
  4. It's not actually 2 tiers though only 1. Would have to have split it horizontally for segregation. It has successfully been carried out previously against Dundee United and St Johnstone, the split would be vertical directly behind the goal, Arbroath would still have access to approximately 2,200 tickets, maybe even a few more. Killie fans probably would be sparsely sat at the other side of the segregation, as I’m sure there will be a mysterious appearance of 1,500 tickets for other areas .
  5. Likely Arbroath tickets will become open seated and the stand can be segregated down the middle.
  6. As you rightly say, the ground capacity has been reduced considerably by our new “offices”, If you don’t know what I’m talking about you soon will when in RP, I believe the ground holds less than 16000 now. There are several hundreds of seats available in the Frank Beattie Stand, but sadly TV, SPFL and loads of other wannabes will have access to them, probably won’t use them and everyone who fails to get a ticket will see all these empty’s on tv. No doubt Dungcaster will have his arse on one of the best ones available.
  7. Segregate the Chadwick, Arbroath are not going to sell 50% of the stand, Killie one side of stand Arbroath the other, simples.
  8. And yet they turned up more regularly in the Bobby Williamson days, it’s all about a team challenging for, or actually winning silverware. Still waiting on the ones who left because of JJ & MJ to return, I’m sure they must be close. Of course peoples priorities change, but we seem to be finally engaging with the younger fans, hopefully a good performance and victory on Friday will whet their appetite for more .
  9. It’s impossible not to pass respect onto Arbroath for this season, what needs to happen is for the Killie team to show no respect for 90 minutes and hopefully focus on getting the victory. I wish we had 8 or 9 thousand Killie fans turning up every week, we wouldn’t have been in this position if we had.
  10. True but you find much in the way of sympathy down here about Friday night games I’m afraid
  11. Any from The Brass and Granite, The Portmann, First Edition, any of the ones on John Finnie Street if coming by train, there is always the Hotel at the ground, but it may be very busy. There won’t be any without large numbers of home supporters, but you may be pleasantly surprised at how hospitable the Kilmarnock fans can be. A few good Bowling Clubs close to ground will probably be hoping to fill their coffers . Try and enjoy your visit, just not too much please.
  12. I always thought the youth system in place at NDP ( or whatever these days) would have produced a few to keep you up near the top, was the defeat to Arbroath the final nail for this season?
  13. No, hardly. But do you think Killie have been treated fairly in the Friday night games? The comment about the gates is relevant in the fact that even financially we were to take a hit, fans and club. As for Accies? Where do you see yourself, I thought you would have been one of the top four.
  14. It’s amazing the difference this game appears to each club, for Arbroath the job is almost done, why would their board want to go up to the PL with all the additional costs it brings, their lot is a happy one and they have done themselves and their town proud. Then we have Killie, the absolute disgrace of last season could actually bring the club to its knees, our Board made three ridiculous management decisions, allowed Alex Dyer to recruit lads from the lower leagues of the English amateur game hoping that they could raise their game. Killie are not Dundee United, Hearts and most certainly not The Rangers, but have spent more than they should have to get out of this league. It is imperative that Killie go up, for Killies sake. Killies support have swelled the coffers all over the country this season, but TV decisions have been awful and almost to a stage where the club has been unfairly treated, additional costs for a hotel in Inverness twice, Arbroath twice, Kirkcaldy twice, all very difficult games away from home on Friday nights. So it may come to an ironic end on Friday that Killie are at home on a Friday, or does it roll onto the last day, which to be fair is the normal Killie route to promotion. In my opinion, Arbroath need to leave Rugby Park with all three points as I think a Killie side going to Kirkcaldy knowing victory takes them up will make them very strong favourites. A few sherbets will be had before Fridays fayre, could be a nervy night.
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