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  1. The manager said on Twitter earlier that ruddy was out with a family issue
  2. Kane O’Connor has joined Tranent
  3. Jamie Todd signed for Bo’ness United
  4. Chris aikamhenze re signs for next season, quite happy with that showed some good play in the short time he played for us last season so hopefully he can perform well this season
  5. I’m sure I remember seeing something they said on Twitter a few weeks ago saying we will see something about a new kit soon
  6. Wonder if we will have a keeper signed in time for our next friendly or if we are going to have another trialist one
  7. https://spfl.co.uk/news/spfl-trust-trophy-202223
  8. Chris aikamhenze has posted our fixtures on instagram with the ️Emoji making me wonder if he has signed on for next season
  9. I assume they have put the wrong fixtures on this graphic as website is completely different https://slfl.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2022/06/The-Scottish-Lowland-Football-League-Season-2022-23-Fixture-List.pdf
  10. Civil Service away first game of season
  11. We’ve got Cumbernauld colts at home game to be played weekend of 20th august
  12. How much does it cost to get into the game today?
  13. What time is the game at tonight?
  14. Im sure I seen on another forum the money man was pulling the money away but promotion changed his mind
  15. Wondering if we will have any announcements today
  16. Wonder if anyone from last seasons squad will get re signed
  17. New signing announced at 9tonight
  18. Wonder if we will get any signing announcements today
  19. Very pleased with that, foundations of a good squad for this season coming together.
  20. Hopefully it’s An announcement of Scott Sinclair from Bo’ness ath
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