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  1. Yeah was down the high street earlier and seen them getting off their bus
  2. the winner of that will host either Dalbeattie star or Stirling uni
  3. With Scotland playing at the same time of that game wonder what the attendance will be like
  4. Also quite looking forward to this one, in august we played a good game against them and now with a better team I think we can get something from this
  5. Just seen this on twitter, must have been one of the last times we’ve played Celtic, game finished 5-1 loss but we took the lead to start with Also only 3 pence for a programme, wonder how much that would be in comparison to todays money
  6. For anyone on here who uses Twitter make sure to vote for Scott walked for Player of the week
  7. Hopefully we can get something against them, we were unlucky when we played them in august and we are a lot better now so hopefully confidence from last couple games can help us but got a good feeling about it
  8. Yeah it was one of the VEO cameras just between the dugouts
  9. Wonder if there will be any highlights from Saturdays game, noticed there was a camera recording but there hasn’t been any highlights for past games
  10. Christ, and I thought that we weren’t playing well
  11. Good to have some of the players signing onto next year aswell both new signings sound good can’t wait so see them get started
  12. quite happy with the signing of Scott, by the sounds of things he will be a great player for us. also happy with another striker coming in as gilmartin has been an asset for us this season and would’ve been a big blow to not have anyone to replace him
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