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  1. Should have said chris aikenhemze away on loan to Livingston utd.
  2. Jack ruddy has a knock. Will likely have to source an emergency gk. Davo was the best player on the pitch when he came on. The players put in an unbelieveable shift and performance didnt deserve to lose but that's football. Looked a foul on gk for 3rd. Lost the 4th trying to chase game. We had a goal chopped off for offside when player never touched it and never interfered with play (strange). Hit the bar also. Thought the lads effort and desire and quality was good. A defeat yes but some positive things. Now we have to start picking points up in game like that.
  3. He played 38 games last season I'm sure for brechin. The definition of done for me is a lad who plays pretty much zero. The signing shows that the club want an experienced lad on and off the pitch. Will he play every week dont know.. but in terms of driving standards and being a leader we have found one of the best in the Lower leagues. He can still play and yes although he wont be as quick as he once was I'm sure he will manage games on the pitch really well in terms of positioning and winning 2nd balls being physical etc etc. Mon the cowden.
  4. Eh?. What a strange comment. So our team has no ability apart from Daniel Martin's and 2 gks is that what you are suggesting?. I think the signings of late are showing an intent to improve the squad in certain areas. 2 lads who have played a lot of football at higher levels and will help on snd off the pitch.
  5. Massive game tomorrow and although we won our last 2 the opposition will be much higher in quality and a good spine to their team. A win tomorrow would genuinely b huge to confidence and finance. Our record in Scottish is abysmal however and having been beaten by civil and broxburn out of last 2 or 3 seasons we need to try get out of our Scottish cup slump. Mon the cowden.
  6. Chris hasn't left the club but is injured. Carlos can be in squad tomorrow.
  7. Av been in Maldives so just back tonight. I have brought a lad from there on trial lol. New signing is Carlos Lyon. Used to be called issac layne. Working on 1 or 2 other things that may come to fruition. Good stuff from the club
  8. To be fair he did get a chance he started 2 games under mo maybe 3 one of which was our win away at stenny. He wanted to go on loan rather than club offer him out. Hes a good lad. Stays through in Glasgow now due to studies.
  9. The keeper booted one away alresdy lol. Dont understand why their bench wanted to keep the ball but yeah got it back lol.
  10. Games about opinions however winning 2 games in a row 3 nil and still having negativity is strange to me. Of course there is issues and improvement and yes the better teams in the league we will have to sharpen up on things. I see a team out there who has a great spirit and desire something I believe may have been lacking in the past. I just feel we are one bad result or performance from them being slated and an i told you so attitude which is a bit unfair. We will lose games and have bad performances thats football. Dont get too high when we win and dont get too low when we lose. I think ronaldincoo makes some good points. Stuart love was missing today and 2 attacking options were injured today also aikenhemze and cammy graham. Jack ruddy went off with a bad dead leg hopefully be back for boness. Alfie shouldn't be too bad and again hopefully back for boness game.
  11. Nice positive attitude pal. So the horseshit team edi uni beat east kilbride..?. Of course you are entitled to your opinion but sounds a bit harsh. Gk made errors yes but we were winning both games at the time of the mistakes. Yes teams had chances but if they didnt take them that's their fault. We shouldn't give away as much chances as we do but hopefully that will come too eg more solid. There was some good play today and other night as well as some real sloppy stuff. Anyhow going into the game against boness is better with 2 wins than losing or drawing. I'm fairly confident this group will win games outwith the bottom 3 dogshit teams as you would say.
  12. Well done to the players and management for putting 2 good results together under a bit of pressure. I was shocked at some comments after the edi uni game eg they had chances and we weren't great etc etc. We won 3 nil and as today proved with edi uni beating east kilbride who have spent a LOT of money on their players it shows this is a difficult league and anyone can beat any1 I thought at time comments for our win against uni team were harsh. Anyhow 2 good results and 2 clean sheets. Miles of improvement left in this group but they know that so wont get carried away. Good few training sessions now for the group before a massive scottish cup tie against boness who are a right good team with good players. Would be gr8 to get through the round from a financial aspect as much as anything. Well done to the fans who were excellent and encouraging. It's very important. Mon the cowden.
  13. Is that tongue in cheek why would it be a low?. Curious. Never confirmed it was travis tbh.
  14. He wanted too much money. Muzza also wanted the captaincy as well as a 2nd hand car.
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