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  1. The club has 9 signed players for next season which I would hope we can add too before the end of this season. Recruitment never stops really and the process of improving the squad short medium and long term continues. There is good processes in place now and targets already identified for next season should the budget allow and targets for if the budget is x y or z... Never again should the club be in a position to sign 20 to 22 players with no processes in place. Building relationships with clubs currently for loans for next season and beyond also. Let's hope the team can get 3 points on Saturday and extend the recent positive results and performances.
  2. Both scott walker and Dan are signed for next season yes. As was Andy black.
  3. Scott can play right back. Right wing back. Right of a back 3 as well as left side. Also could play midfield. He will be a big asset for the club. All about improving the squad with anyone coming in which I believe we have been doing. Striker is imminent but hopefully get over the line within next 24 hours. Losing aiden is a blow but outwith clubs control. Andy black picked up a small niggle so will miss weekend game but hopefully back week after. Dean ritchie back in training after an illness also. Just to keep all fans updated. Cheers.
  4. 5-1 win. Sinclair 2 free kicks. Sam newman. Ewan thomson and aiden gilmartin goalscorers.
  5. To clear up any confusion. The lad unfortunately was down the pecking order and there was no issue with the player the opposite actually he was a great lad and great trainer but at the club everyone wants to play and camelon offered a transfer fee for a player that wasn't going to play as many games as we/him would want. He didn't rub any1 up the wrong way or a bad egg etc. Club will continue to strive and improve the squad where possible.
  6. Young Ben is training with the club for extra experience and potentially one for the future. As we had a bounce game it was a good opportunity for him to get some minutes yesterday. The lad will continue to train but keep playing with his u18s team. Great attitude and composure for a young lad.
  7. Good news is the team played an indoor game against opposition at oriam to keep the squad ticking over fitness wise.
  8. Yeah he was number 5. Played well in game composed and positionally was excellent. Probably his best game. 18 and needed mens football to learn that he did. Maybe league 1 a big step as some others have said however that's up to his club and player to choose the lads next step in his development. Lowland to league 1 is a big jump in terms of opposition.
  9. An imposter is a bit harsh and strong worded on a lad who is 18. Dundee utd and the lad wanted to test himself higher than lowland league rightly or wrongly. He was a good lad and integrated well with the group. He has developed well from his time at cowden. Good luck to him.
  10. Scott signed an 18 month deal when we signed him. Just a reminder there is a meeting tomorrow at Central Park 7pm for all fans to attend. Cheers.
  11. Game should be fine today. Reminder its a 1pm ko. Sean slaven misses out today should b back next week. Mon the cowden
  12. Hearing lowland league manager has been interviewed for stenny job.
  13. The loans are a difficult one in that we have tried to secure various targets that either 1. The club wouldn't loan due to the level (premiership and championship clubs) the said player has either gone to league or league 2. 2. The player also doesn't want to come to the level. 3 financial eg % wages to cover. For example we tried to get kieran mitchell who has gone to bonnyrig and done a good job. I don't think our loans have been too bad but again that will be down to every person's opinion. Sam newman everyone moaned at very start coz it was a spartans player he is arguably been our most consistent most improved and most threatening player. Gilmartin he has fans that like him and he has scored 4 or 5 goals. Mikey cunningham just arrived and has gelled well within the squad and is a tireless worker and did score his 1st goal other evening. We have contacts within spfl clubs so any1 suggesting we don't is wrong. Signing a loan is not easy. I can guarantee that targets for even next seasons loan system are in place. Through watching constantly reserve spfl games. That's the ideal target market. This is a tough time no doubt and the club and supporters shouldn't accept the position we are in however everyone and I mean everyone is working tirelessly to get things right on and off the pitch.
  14. I'm here just now at boness watching athletic vs linlithgow and it's not easy. Side streets best bet
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