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  1. James McPake is our most competent manager in an age. I've said this on various forums for some months. That's just my opinion. He's proven he can turn players around. Look at the mess of Chalmers, Wighton, Mehmet, Breen etc last season and the turn around this season. Look at the progress of some of our youngsters, Matty Todd, Chris Hamilton for example. I've been impressed when listening to him at supporters communication sessions. He's incisive, passionate, articulate and pretty straightforward. He speaks about unity, social inclusion, bonding, how important it is for players to both enjoy their fitbaw and understand their individual roles. If he takes us up as champions, or even through the play offs, he's done his job, therefore earned the respect of us supporters. Good news on the contract.
  2. 2 x 49 seater buses almost full for the Falkirk game on Saturday 8th of April. Hopefully going forward we start to see things picking up regarding more supporters buses coming about again. There were around 20 odd in the Leishman era.
  3. I know gor a fact Pars fans have tickets for the main stand already. Obviously.
  4. It is called cheating its exactly what it is. There is no hiding from it, and neither should there be. For those of us who recognised what was going on, we got organised, highlighted what was going on, then fought to oust those who were responsible for taking us to an abyss. I don't feel any level of guilt for that period, embarrsed in some way, but we as fans weren't responsible. In fact I feel proud of what the supporters achieved in saving the club and bringing back pride in our club. Things are being done right since Mastertons regime was moved on. The personnel responsible winning the club back were the ones who lost hundreds of thousands of pounds, and went on to run the club, putting more money in.
  5. We want you in the league next season, you're fun. Good luck in the final if you get there. I hope it's Rangers, then you've got a slim chance. I hate them, and Celtic.
  6. Is he?, for fucks sake min. I thought the big hieded fucker was a man in a costume
  7. No pence in the pound, yeah. Most debts owed to local guys who gave soft loans and ended up removing Masterton, then taking over the club. Voting to accept no pence in the pound. There was a lot of making up with local businesses to be done. Which has been pretty successful. Masterton did f*ck us up. But hey, we're still here, still the same old club, owning you all season so far. We're going to shove McGlynn on the antique mantlepiece in the NW at the end of the season.
  8. Shut up you silly tart. <<<<either way>>>>, shiteing it.
  9. You are of course correct. However, that's not how things play out on here. Good job you've got level headed folk like us about eh.
  10. Regardless, it's a fine stadium. We absolutely love it. It has 4 stands and I don't think we lease it off the cooncil etc.
  11. Over 1000 tickets sold. They'll all be gone by the weekend.
  12. Going to be another superb event. I think they should give us the main stand as well *snigger*
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