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  1. It didn’t seem to stop him having a go, and there were quite a few folk there who obviously hate the Kibble, although my take on it is they are just the vocal minority. There was a suggestion to have an independent audit of the facts, because both sides claim to have paper trails, so you’ve maybe not heard the last of this.
  2. I also like JN. Don’t know him from Adam, but I get the impression he’s one of us. (If you didn’t giggle at his squinty bridge comment, you’re not a buddie). However, I’m quite pissed off with Alan Wardrobe, but to ban him from the stadium is OTT. He’s definitely gone too far on a non story, but everybody has a right to make a tit of themselves. This nonsense really takes the shine off a great year, so please sort it out so we can hopefully enjoy being top 6 for the first time ever (in the modern era - for the pedants)
  3. Steady now…… or you might find yourself involved in a bit of “bare bum boxing!!”
  4. Ryan Flynn has been a stalwart for us in the 5 years we’ve had him. All the young players name check him as a positive influence and also as one of the most skilful footballers in the team. I for one am very happy to keep him involved in SMFC, even if his playing days are reducing. I still think he’ll do a job on the pitch, but he’s a guy that we should hang on to for the future. He’s obviously got an eye on a coaching job. Who knows, he might he might even end up as our interim manager when Sir Stephen gets poached by one of the Uglies
  5. No. I finally gave up when there were Covid arguments. I could see it all going down a rabbit hole. Is that what’s happened?
  6. TBF, anyone could go. We can’t refuse a good offer for any player, but I think most of the first team will stay because it seems like a there’s a good spirit in the dressing room and they like what the manager is doing. Success breeds success, if we lose players I’m confident we’ll bring in people as good if not better. In SR we trust
  7. Totally agree. I sit in the main stand and although I’d heard about it, I had no idea how much work had been done. It all looks amazing and along with the W7 guys has really improved the experience on match days. Well done to everyone involved and who knows, I might even join in with the singing
  8. Looking forward to this. They’re saying it’s the 3rd time we’ve sold out - but i don’t think we’ve sold out this early before. COYS.
  9. So, this chap who wants to run St.Mirren (who are you- you don’t even give us your name), why don’t you join SMISA- because that is the only way you will ever get a chance to do that. If you’re as good as you say you are, then I’m sure you’ll get voted onto the board and maybe even become chairman. St. Mirren are fan owned and there is no way we will ever give that up. I speak as a SMISA member, although not a particularly active member (due mainly to work commitments and not living near Paisley) and a season ticket holder. If you want to invest in the club financially, I’m sure we can find a way for you to do this, but the days of individuals buying their way into the board are gone, unless you can get some of the smaller shareholders to sell you their shares.The whole point of St. Mirren becoming fan owned was to avoid this scenario. Which gets me on to the issue of SMISA at present, I also got the email this morning- but it looks fairly reasonable to my eyes. I don’t know any of the past or present board, but in my experience all organisations will have some level of infighting. But the way to make sure nothing sinister is going on is to have as large a membership as possible, who can keep checks on what is happening and then use your vote to influence the direction of the board/ club. It does dismay me to hear regularly of people giving up their membership because they don’t agree with this person or that person, because if we all did that then we would be back in the situation of only a handful of people running the club and surely that is exactly what fan ownership is meant to stop. Anyway, sorry for the long post- but I don’t do it often, think of it as me just saving up all the smaller ones everyone else does
  10. I see we have sold out for the Hearts game on Friday. Does anyone know how many tickets we were allocated
  11. Is the $10k not split between the clubs he played for in the past 2 years? If so, then we’re only going to get a fraction of that
  12. Wow. Just wow. I hope you’re a sad and lonely wee man, because I wouldn’t like to be anywhere near you. Issues…….
  13. We’re top 6 now. Win against Livi and Dundee and we are in 4th. Good position to be in if we’re looking for a manager
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