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  1. Petrie was meant to be undercover for us too. Shanner. We should chose not to represent them in next years Champions League for this.
  2. The World Cups still on. We won't have Boyle when he plays in the Final on the 18th. SFA corrupt to the core as per usual etc etc etc.
  3. Porteous will be Prime Minister of an Independent Scotland in 30 years time.
  4. Zurich 0-1 Killie 0-1 Turks 0-4 Rangers 0-4 Tonight 0-3 P5 W0 L5 For 0 Against 13 All they teams shitting the beds that much of the Tiny atmosphere they escape with clean sheets.
  5. Aye no doubt the welt will say it was a tight game until the sending off. What a miss man.
  6. Scotland womans team putting up a much better fight on Alba.
  7. Hearts fans booing as if Fiorentina need to be timewasting against this shite
  8. Fiorentina players shiting themselves into a 3 minute lead.
  9. 30 secs of shite glorious shite at sporadic periods until they go 1 down.
  10. Dropping your best player this season is not unexpected?
  11. Aye Snoreson pointed out Ferguson dived for a penalty and didn't go further and accuse him of cheating all the time (although would have been factually correct).
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