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  1. I went to a Catholic school also and although you had to do some prayers and hymns and that it was pretty mixed apart from Protestants. Any **** in the school got absolutely tortured as a dirty smelly orange *** bassa and it was tolerated as it wasn't racist to do so like it would be if it was someone of another religion in the school. Being a Hibee I was alright apart from being patronised but there was definitely religious hate towards rangers and their fans, not so much jambos but there was some abuse of them from time to time also.
  2. What's the reasoning behind the purple ones they bring out too?
  3. He's out of contract at Sunderland. I don't think they will keep him on now that they've went up so he will be around the media the next few weeks for certain. Probably not a good start ripping into an old manager. Lee Johnson played him religiously there though so I think it's as good as done him joining us.
  4. That's because quite simply, he is. He will end up at us next season though.
  5. Yeah I thought so too but he's definitely changed his mind. Gutted to be leaving Dundee and wants to keep playing if a club want him. Going on holiday etc etc. But announced it today so clubs know of his availability. Got it all out after his Liverpool chat.
  6. He would love to keep playing he's just said and he's said early he's leaving so clubs know he's available.
  7. I would pay good money to watch it. "So you still think you have what it takes Gordy boy" - "ayeeeee"
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