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  1. Have to agree. They are only good for pumping Hearts in the Scottish cup about 100 times in the 90s. Even John Martin was a scab ***.
  2. Would be better imo for prizes 1st 2nd 3rd but I appreciate the setting up regardless.
  3. From a great wresting family too. Her brothers a great guy and dedicated to feck to performing. Shes always been the type that makes the wrong choice and people love her because of it and want her to do well. Me too. Cant see it ending good though.
  4. Big Tony (not that one) has been eating and telling Kebab Pies.
  5. Do they not count anymore no? You genuinely can't handle your "tin pot" ground doesn't hold as much as our stadium. And not even that the highest crowd in our city this season has came from......... years and years of "dressed as seats" and "dot counting" one year you may have the accolade of holding the biggest footballing crowd in Edinburgh, but it wasn't last year and it's impossible to be so this season too.
  6. Are you sure? Or was that kid on home fans such as yesterday? "dressed as seats etc etc" The highest capacity your stadium has held this season if you don't mind? Highest in our city, surely?
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