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  1. No incompetence at all. The ground staff and refs checked the nets before KO and they were fine. Broken clips/materials couldn't be helped.
  2. I'm a big fan of the keeper. Arguably a better goalie than you had last season despite his stature. Voted best keeper in the league after Leishman on the Junior Puffers Twitter poll; but sadly had to play behind a v. Poor rossvale defence.
  3. Do you ever post anything positive about the team you support
  4. All these rule know it alls don't even seem to know the rules. If in fact it's true, medda don't get awarded the points. The result stands but Kilwinning would get a 3 point deduction.
  5. I certainly won't be. Bad enough watching meddas defence never mind Irvine Vic's.
  6. Oh excuse me for visiting different grounds. I'll remember that it's not allowed on future. And you're welcome. It was worth the money watching kilwinning beat you. Hopefully when I'm at a few other grounds this year I can see irvine again and watch them slide into obscurity.
  7. Two games ive seen medda play. The left back is a great addition. The two CBS can only defend high balls. I saw them both fall over their feet multiple times when people ran at them. It was actually embarrassing at times how poor and scared they looked. I can't say they've upgraded at all this season, bar the left back as I mentioned.
  8. Jesus Christ dry your eyes. You're just desperate for those three points cos your defence is awful and it's another relegation dog fight on the way.
  9. He's not even top 3 keepers in the league. He'd probably struggle to make top five in all honesty. Many better keepers in the league that truesdale. Also to even consider him on par with leishman is embarrassing. He's the best in the league by a country mile.
  10. How do you not even know the names of your players? Nobody called Jamieson went from Kilwinning to Irvine that was sent off in the final.
  11. You'll be lucky to get a game at all in those monthswith that shambles of a pitch but nobody has had a better season than Arthurlie. To go undefeated is outstanding
  12. This is exactly it. If there was anything other than Gowser sitting out he would've said. It's the same with all the Darvel underhanded tactics. There's always another side but never a fact to be told. If you read what he's actually written on twitter he's outed himself as not wanting to play by saying they've/he's outed me. Not very professional to have a contract and not honour it. Mick comes across good in interviews maybe but you've seen the posts on here. I'm sure iirc he started the gowser pile on with a vague tweet too. He's a bigger troublemaker than anyone. Constantly causing problems and denying it when the proof is provided.
  13. The irony of a medda fan saying this isn't lost. A team who's fans have used homophobic language at players, attacked a media man and broken another's camera gear. Kilbirnie fans are by far the worst but my god medda fans run them a close second.
  14. Syme is under contract with Kilwinning til 2023 im sure. So Darvel are making a mockery with contracts by having "private" chats with in contract players. Yes if he was free in the summer its fair game but whats the point in a contract when it's not respected?
  15. He maybe doesn't answer unknown numbers for the tapping up calls?
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