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  1. A bearing had went, manufacturing problem, pull chord completely stuck. Doesn't instill confidence that the thing will last 2 years if it breaks after 2 weeks. To add to my rage it took 50 minutes to get from east Kilbride to Hamilton because the schools are back
  2. The £1000 lawnmower I bought 2 weeks ago broke down this morning. I know things aren't built to last anymore but christ, id expect it to last longer than the 5th time I used it
  3. I'm sober, if ye cannae gloat about beating the team 2 points behind you in the league 4-0 then what has fitba become? It was a flippant comment, no need for anyone to get their knickers in a twist and threats of your cards marked, now that is making an arse of yourself.
  4. Don't be too hard on your b team tonight. Motherwell absolutely had us under the cosh the whole of the second half and for want of some better finishing would have seen Motherwell win. I was surprised at the attitude of Motherwell though when they got the equaliser, thought they'd have went for the kill but seemed to be content to run down the clock to their obvious detriment. A great goal for us to win the game but a boot in the baws if you're on the recieving end of a last minute goal like that. Motherwell were a strong physical side with lots of things to be positive about. As an EK fan I'm more than happy to have seen us beat hearts Celtic and Motherwell in the past 2 weeks
  5. Special mention to the referee tonight who was an absolute warmer
  6. Rode our luck the whole of the second half tonight. Although we did have a lot of young boys on the pitch. Thought Motherwell should have won but for the lack of a finisher, surprised at their attitude after they scored with ten to go, thought they'd have went for the kill A fantastic break up the right wing and inch perfect cross seen only our second attempt of the half hit the back of the net. That's us beat hearts Celtic and Motherwell already this season
  7. Are people really having trouble pronouncing galbani? Which is an advert i seem to see all the time
  8. As a gardener that does a lot of work for old folk I'm one bad winter from losing it all
  9. Watching the commonwealth games cycling and she pipes up, who's in the cyclists in the black tops, Germany?
  10. Was a good game last night. Things are starting to come together with the new players. 4 wins out of 5 in a tough opening few games isn't to be sniffed at. Celtic had a lot of possession last night but had no one to finish. Thought their number ten was a good wee player and when they took him off their creativity lacked. Our keeper Curtis Lyle had a good game, as did Cammy Elliot scorer of both goals and as always Neil McLaughlin. If we could just be sharper in playing quick passes instead of trying to beat the man we would be fantastic, but I think that will come
  11. Sorry wrong thread I'll delete
  12. A village in the third Reich was a fantastic listen. It's a story made up from diaries and newspaper articles from one village in Germany from the rise of the Nazis until their defeat.
  13. To be fair they were both belters
  14. A fantastic 3 points in the bag tonight
  15. I really enjoy reading about the exploits of the other clubs on these forums. I hope you all don't mind an East Kilbride fan commenting on your thread. Some of the posts here have made me feel really bad about the fortunes of your club. But, If the club has the same passion and commitment that all of you have shown to your team, you'll be fine and fighting for your place back in the upper echelons of Scottish football. Just not this year, Mon the kilby
  16. No dedicated hearts b thread on the forum?
  17. Binned mate, they normally only last me 2 seasons. So much had already went wrong with the mower this year I'd had enough. Changed brand, bought a weibang, previously using masport.
  18. Gear box went on my 18 month old lawnmower this morning, had to fork out £1000 on a new machine. #uck
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