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  1. Season ticket purchased this morning, new pitch looks amazing
  2. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/av/uk-scotland-glasgow-west-62048852 Ruth and her guide runner do my parkrun at Strathclyde park, an absolute inspiration
  3. Albeit a pre season friendly but Celtic 1 - EK 6 is a fantastic result
  4. My wife's maiden name is Thomson. No p. My father in law was adamant of the no p. He also hates the colour green. He also didn't speak to me other than grunts for a year because he thought I was a Catholic because I didn't support rangers. The quicker that generation dies the better.
  5. That should be played every week from now until the referendum
  6. At the start of last season there was a really unsettled team and management. Rutkiewicz steadied the team and we've carried over a good couple of players into this season and done well in the transfer market. We'll be fourth
  7. That bloody holiday advert to the Christmas tune is still being played on the radio, I feel as if Christmas has never left.
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