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  1. Would probs sound about rite from what I have seen from Talbot & there fans probs shouting play on, if it’s not ref’s there moaning at or screaming for penalties at the halfway line it’s unsportsmanlike behaviour then again your not allowed to celebrate either when you score against them
  2. I can only comment on what I have seen of Talbot in 4 games And for me they are where they deserve to be behind darvel! Darvel try & play football on the deck passing & moving Talbot are route 1 & humph it up the park merchants I can see how they never beat hurlford as today they were the same back to front nothing through midfield and tbh it’s horrible to watch a team trying to play and opposition being complete opposite. From what I recall in the darvel home game earlier in the season hurlford played well but jinky will be a sore miss for them and to darvels benefit, The boys scored some goals since he has came to darvel, his work effort & touches for a small guy are unreal and his understanding so quick with team mates has been amazing darvel’s league to lose now barring major injuries to influential players!
  3. I shall change my name for you, with your typing you need to learn English or go for elocution lessons
  4. How do you know it’s not sustainable? Since when we’re you darvel’s accountant ? , your guessing and there celebrating was absolutely fine , what’s wrong with it ? It’s ok for Talbot to do what they want & shout & abuse players? But when a team celebrate your pulling the place down
  5. With the start darvel We’re off to in the league I would say they have done well to get to where they have, how does flinging all the money at something mean they will automatically win, if you pay 300k for a racehorse doesn’t mean the one that’s 10k won’t beat you ! let the guys have a bit of fun with there money Theyv worked hard to get it
  6. You do know darvel have been playing 3 games a week for the last 6 weeks there entitled to be tired, some of there players will need timpsons They have played that much, how can you judge the management difficult to like if you do not know them, mick is the fairest manager in football win lose or draw he treats everyone the same way, he was first across the park to the Talbot boys at the end! It’s sustainable cause they have plenty money & it’s a hobby for them theyl never lose sleep over there wage bill!
  7. Have to agree and said the same In last game at Talbot , they are hoof merchants, darvel at least try and play football, must say the play & 2nd goal for darvel is goal of the season !
  8. Darvel have much of a support today? Far better today than previous games there away support is pretty poor tbh
  9. Is that not how Darvel lose most of their goals though trying to play too much football? For me no today’s goals were a decent strike & a penalty that was probs dubious & a foul in the lead upto it, I’m all for a keeper passing the ball from the back rather than a hoof up the park to no one, chris can at least play from the back not sure the other 2 can
  10. I agree with you Chris’s loss is massive he is for me one of the best keepers in the league and that’s a start when you have someone who can pass a ball from the back not a keeper trying to kick it long to no one & out the park!
  11. Im not sure where the big names are ? They to me have not brought in any big names there signings are from other teams at the same level? jinky up until the missed penalty today has been outstanding for them a cracking signing, and davy from buffs Not sure where the big names are I certainly don’t see any ?
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