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  1. What a lot of utter pish. What’s utter pish about it? have you seen darvel recently ? Did you watch the Talbot game at there own park the so called unbeatable team? I did and they were 2nd best I’m afraid , so whats utter pish? don’t say things without backing them up If darvel played Talbot 2mrw home / away I know who my money would be on !!
  2. Unless I’m blind you can’t judge a league table after 17 games or half a season, the table I see only one team has 6green W nxt to there name, Barcelona are 9th in la liga West Ham are 3rd in epl will they finish there?? Darvel can give yous 7 of a start before new year in a canter Talbot are for the beating long ball team with no plan B
  3. Darvel would wipe the floor with them all when there squad is full strength, Talbot don’t play football they humph it back to front & teams are scared of them, darvel beat them at there own midden on the bridle, passed them off the park! they will never be 7/2 again to beat them that’s for sure !
  4. As everyone will know this game was abandoned due to the goalkeeper of Gretna Mathew connelly sustaining a facial injury, I believe he is on loan from motherwell and has a a bright future ahead of him , reading on there Twitter site he is awaiting surgery, I would like to wish this young man all the very best to a speedy recovery
  5. Only got to game with 30 to go I heard 3/2 but meadow down to 10 went 3/3 with a cracker of a goal I must say probs one of the best finishes I have seen all season then instantly 4/3 meadow then a cracking free kick made it 5/3, be a great game to see full highlights
  6. Meadow down to 10 men winning 4/3 against Kilwinning
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