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  1. As far as I am aware Livi had all turnstiles that we could open. There are three turnstiles that do not work as the mechanism has broken and isn't made anymore. It would need the whole turnstile block to be replaced. Not really worth it for the one season where we are having the bigger teams when we don't have enough money as it is. I would think that the other 13 turnstiles being open should be enough as long as fans leave enough time to get in. All our turnstiles are operated by volunteers who pay to get in to the game. As for the serveries, they are operated by external company, Lindlays.
  2. The current short term creditors are at a perfectly normal level and will be simple day to day issues on the standard 30-day and 60-day credit terms, they actually have only increased marginally over the year. I can see the debt to the directors ending up around £1.1-£1.2m and the other debt staying roughly similar. Now this isn't ideal, but the club has fixed costs which it has to cover and players were in contract, and if its a choice between getting in debt to the directors over long term (remembering one is a Livi fan and the others have worked significantly with lower league clubs so will know what to expect) or not paying our bills and terminating contracts early then I know which I would pick. We have been down the road of terminating contracts, with legal cases against us by Derek Lilley and Colin McMenamin and the high profile case of Manu Dorado, the latter resulted in us paying the legal fees, paying the value of the remainder of his contract and being issued a fine. If your going to have to pay the rest of a contract, better utilise the player. And, well we know whats happened in the past when bills haven't been paid. The clearly displayed directors debt shows that the costs of running the club in the divisions lower than we were set-up for clearly shows that the directors are covering the costs rather than failing to pay the creditors.
  3. A formerly part-time young player and a past-it striker, neither exactly expensive. Remember full-time doesn't necessarily mean they are paid a lot, a lot of part-time players are paid more than our full time players. On the point of Bobby Barr at that time we had a few injuries and it was looking highly likely we were losing Andrew Halliday, a key player, hence the fact that we brought someone in, however it was a player who was playing in the same league as us part-time and not getting games.
  4. It is talking about the financial year 2011/12 eg next season. The takeover was after the start of the new season and only slightly before the close of the window. We immediately released our most expensive player in Chris Innes if I remember rightly and all other players were encouraged to find another club. We have had the unfortunate experience with previous chairmen of terminating contracts early and gone through serious legal cases over it and ended up having to pay the entire wages they were due plus a fine, so much more expensive, so it has been a case of honouring the contracts to the end (hence the fact that Roddy McKenzie left and Jason Talbot left and came back again last summer). This therefore meant that we have ran at a substantial loss for the last season. The club has substantialy cut costs where possible, by using in volunteers etc and bringing in Trust involvement in many areas. Unfortunately some of the costs are pretty much fixed such as stadium maintenance (before repairs) which particularly with last seasons hard winter was substantial. Anyone with their head screwed on knew the club was going to make a loss for the third division, however we are on track to half that loss for this season according to McDougall and Nixon in the press with higher crowds and less repairs etc. They are saying by the end of next season because, (hopefully) we will be back in the first division with larger crowds, the last of the expensive unaffordable contracts will run out and will be released or renegotiated (Ged Nixon has said at forums all new contracts have been based on the level we are playing at). The greater income will allow the club to cover the fixed and flexible costs that the club accrues. Meantime, by all accounts we have paid all bills on time, we have apparently had VAT inspections every quarter since they took over, but have been found acceptable. I know you probably won't accept this answer, however I hope you will be willing to hold off the judgement for at least another year and you will hopefully see that the club has cut its cloth accordingly and over time will hopefully reduce our debt to the directors and be sustainable. I certainly hope so, like all fans I will always have a certain scepticism, but the current board have been very open with us from the beginning, honest about losses and how they are dealing with them, and the proper submission of accounts shows that they are not trying to hide things and be in denial like previous boards.
  5. I backed Flynn most of the time, and certain things I still back him on. In this case, I am not backing him, I am merely stating the fact that he was a clever businessman and almost certainly would not have debts signed to him, in case he ever planned to sell the club, so he could then get out quick. I backed him because without him in both cases at either end of his reign we could have been without a club (he was the only proper potential investor at the beginning, and when the money was running out at the end, he actively looked for investors or a buyer). I may have not agreed with him on his way of doing things, but what he was doing (that were public knowledge) I didnt disagree with.
  6. Too many Livi fans cant tell the difference between "doom and gloom" and reality. These fans are the ones who have seen more of within the club than most fans. Too many of the fans are being sucked in, believing that Massone and his cronies are the messiah's we've always been looking for. Pearse was a clever businessman, a cruel businessman, but clever none the less, I suspect that all creditors are signed to Livingston FC the business, and that means whoever owns the club at the time. I for one, don't trust the Italian Consortium, I am not getting carried away with a little success on the field. Too much of what they are saying are pretty much what the gullible Livi wants want to here, both the "Letter to the fans" and that post online, are filled with typical business talk. Look at any PLCs anual reports and the chairman and managing director will talk a lot of shit about the things they are improving but they will generally leave out the not so good stuff, look at some of the annual reports of some businesses that have went out of business years ago, I'm sure you would find the same talk (old Safeway for example, I doubt they will have been saying, oh we are throwing money away and are close to going out of business, but they did). Open your eyes, fair enough, get behind them, but they have to gain trust, has nobody learned from our three previous chairmen, that they should not be instantly trusted, but if things are still good in a few years and all bad rumours and facts have gone, then they will have gained trust. Trusting them entirely, when he is telling some of our most long term loyal fans to "go and support Celtic and Rangers", after only a few months, its not good.
  7. Most I've personally seen my team lose was 5-0 to Motherwell in a midweek CIS Cup game during the short lived Allan Preston reign, that was one of the most depressing games I've seen. Most I've ever seen us score was in an away game to Kilmarnock in the first season where we won 5-1 and al six goals were scored by us, if i remember rightly the goals were off of the three David's (Fernandez, Xausa, and Bingham) and I can't remember the other scorers, and Didier Santini scored the own goal.
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