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  1. In the post match interview Robinson mentions we don't mind giving them possession as they have it where they can't hurt us. Seems like soak up pressure and hit em on the counter to create quality openings is his gameplan, and so far it's working.
  2. Ill fully admit to being a knicker wetter earlier in the season and glad to be proven 100% wrong. Transfers look to be coming good and a cracking 3 wins on the trott. Hopefully this is a sign of good things to come too, but for now I'll enjoy the cracking few games.
  3. Signed up 3h ago to make that 1 specific post. Either he's super passionate about the long dead non-issue, or its a troll account. Either way, probably not worth your time.
  4. I don't think anyone is arguing that so far Robinson has been crap to be fair.
  5. We sacked stubbs after 77 days/ 4 games apparently. He didn't even have the latter half of the previous season in terms of good faith. Not saying Robinson is as bad, but it wouldn't be the first time the club punted a manager after building the team in the summer etc.
  6. Just caught the highlights. Considering we lost, there were quite a few positives to take from the game today. How many times in the past few seasons have we struggled to test a keeper. We did that today, he just so happened to be playing a stormer. Baccus shows early signs of being a great signing. Play like that and more often than not we'll win. Cliche, but deffo true today.
  7. Bit harsh accusing me of making it up. I Just rewatched post match interviews. He was less than complimentary of the team/players from the motherwell game onwards, but hands up It wasn't as mean or clear cut as I remembered. Clearly just frustrated by all this eh.
  8. He doesn't even talk a good game. Edited to remove my specific incorrect accusation against SR.
  9. If we're as bad as we look, you've got Davidson for another full season. Enjoy.
  10. Some of the signings seemed pretty exciting. Was great getting most of our business done early too. This league Cup performance has shot any goodwill he scraped together at the end of the season. Start strong in the league somehow or its the shoogly peg for me. Not sure I can see where that turnaround is coming from though. I hope I'm wrong ofc. We sure do pick 'em.
  11. May as well rename the thread and be done with it. This shite isn't going anywhere it seems. Sad really. Plenty of fun to be had given how tinpot the cinch can get at times.
  12. Can still get relegated from 11th if you don't win the playoffs.
  13. If dropping points in the league Cup this early should set off the panic alarm, at least we're in good company with Hibs, Livi and St. Johnstone. I reckon we've got enough about us to finish above at least one of them. How's Carsons penalty saves? Might need him to do a Hladky
  14. Not that I disagree with your post overall, and correct me if I'm wrong but weren't we the only ones facing championship tier opposition? I'd hardly put the arbroath team who nearly got promoted last season on the same level as Clyde. That being said its definitely not a good result, and plenty of work needed to get to the level we'd expect/hope for. Very likely we'll end up having a 'meh' season but if you offered me that right now over relegation I'd not turn it down either.
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