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  1. Yeah that made be chuckle when I heard him say 'atrocious decision'! Umm....denying a goalscoring opportunity.....in the box....that is a red card and a penalty all day long.
  2. Ally, thank you for publishing your letter here. Without question, it is hands down the best and most heartfelt and accurate summary of how the vast majority of City fans are feeling at the moment. You have shown tremendous loyalty and financial commitment to shell out for a season ticket which could equate to just 45 minutes use. We are indeed a laughing stock. Also Kudos to the many Dunfermline fans who have given a decent summary of their experience yesterday.
  3. Wow. 25 shots to 1. 16 on target. 16 corners to the Pars. And it was only 3-0. Wasn't at the game but I think City got away with it there....
  4. Yes. For around 20 years there was a new years cross country race series at Holyrood Park that used to attract Mo Farah, Laura Muir etc. Council withdrew the £100k funding for that a few years ago so it folded. As witnessed by the sh*tshow that is Meadowbank, lack of any decent indoor concert facilities for more than 2,000 people, it is clear that the Council / Edinburgh Leisure are not interested / incapable of supporting any kind of spectator events in the City. Glasgow is decades ahead by comparison due to the Commonwealth Games legacy. Good luck to all the Pars fans attending tomorrow. An unlikely City win could rub salt into what is looking like a lousy day out compared to your usual matchday.
  5. Yes, there will be standing available. The new stand is pish, try and get a back row seat. Maximum capacity is 1,280. I can safely say that there will be more away fans than home, so enjoy your day out. Nice to have a top of the table clash this early in the season, eh?
  6. Good question. I'll be charitable. On one hand, the Board have supported the manager, appointed a commercial manager and made some pretty decent permanent and loan signings. On the other, they have chosen to alienate the bulk of the (very small by SPFL standards) fanbase, and pursue the corporate pound that I just don't think exists for a place like Meadowbank.
  7. Well you can't fault the club for going all in to target the corporate market. But will there be any takers at all? £96 including VAT for a day out at Meadowbank....hmmmm.
  8. I am mulling over whether to just go to a few away games this season. Going to Meadowbank might just feel like seeing your ex-girlfriend with a new fella, after she has dumped you via the Evening News classifieds...
  9. As a Partick fan I am guessing you don't live here. Edinburgh Trams - delivered 3 years late and £375m over budget Enquiry into Trams debacle - has so far taken 8 years and cost £12.5m Sticking up cycle lanes all over town during Covid lockdown with no public consultation Meadowbank Roadwork upon Roadwork upon Roadwork I could go on but I think my post doesn't belong on P&B....
  10. Well I'd stake my last 50 pence that the architect would have at least asked "3 rows of seats? You not wanting any more than that pal?" of the clowncil / Edinburgh Leisure
  11. Last nights BBC local news had a three minute section on the new Meadowbank. Interesting to see the Edinburgh Leisure CEO June Peebles tell the camera that the stadium was delivered two years late by her organisation due to Covid, Brexit, and the war in Ukraine. I was surprised that she didn't add the Edinburgh roadworks and the price of tea in China to that list. The indoors of the stadium and the running track look great, it's just that diddy 3 row stand that sticks out like the proverbial thumb. The whole thing cost £47 million quid. Baffling how the planners, architects, clowncil and local sports clubs couldn't have made the case to even double that to 6 rows and a 1,000 capacity. Chairman Jim also popped up to say how the club have plenty of plans to make FCE a 'real club for the community', be interesting to see how that goes seeing as how the Board have done a pretty good job of dismantling the one that was in place at Annan in May.
  12. You're on the right lines but Chairman Jim is very careful before he puts out written statements. Or he just talks to the Evening News and lets them type it up for him. In the live Q&A event a few weeks ago Jim "hoped" that standing around the pitch would be allowed this season, he also "hoped" that the issues regarding building the new stand on the opposite side of the pitch could be resolved. Don't hold your breath....
  13. The club have just put up the 'Sold Out' sign for the game tomorrow. Be interesting to see what the reduce capacity is for this "test event", and whether any P&B contributors to this forum can send us some photos of their afternoon out. I am going for an attendance of.......250.
  14. There is no 'probably' about it. Brian Schwake dragged us from a lower mid table team into a promotion winning side. Up until the signing of Sam Ramsbottom yesterday we did not have a keeper on the books.
  15. Relegated with Dumbarton last season, conceding 71 goals in the process. Possibly the benchwarmer goalie for City?
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