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  1. City drawing and Liverpool winning isn't that outlandish a situation. Hope to God it doesn't happen but it quite easily could.
  2. Deary me. ContraryCraig comes in with some well thought out, hilarious, original banter there. Best you just stick to the boring stats and rule book stuff you obviously get very excited about.
  3. English play off finals being at Wembley and then treated like some major cup final. Playing there is being treated like the important prize for winning a couple of games, not promotion through the back door. They should be played on league grounds.
  4. Welcome to 2022. Good move nutting someone when wearing a bright yellow top when it wasn't a Norwich game. That is just straight forward assault. Should be jail but he probably wasn't breastfed as a child so it'll be picking up litter and gardening for a few months. There's still too much made of getting through to Wembley for these play offs, as if that was the main objective. It should only be about now being one game away from promotion, especially as you weren't good enough over the season to go up automatically. Location of the game should be irrelevant. They shouldn't even be at Wembley of course but that's another discussion.
  5. I see a flaw in the Alan Preston theory. As Chic Young is now technically a freelancer and not on the BBC staff there's no reason why he shouldn't be able to go and cover his favourite club.
  6. 4 hours without scoring a goal. Marvelous achievements.
  7. I never used to mind Cowdenbeath until you brought the raging bigot Findlay on board and all that went with him. For those reasons I'm glad you've gone. You can come back when you're bigot free.
  8. Matterface is going full Matterface. f**k that.
  9. Good show. The flares much less of a distraction there.
  10. What an afro! That's the highlight of the afternoon.
  11. About 14 minutes for Loftus-Cheek. Worse than not getting on at all.
  12. Ah, Jenas I take it then. Started off on BBC but gave up as he never shut up. It takes some doing not to be the lesser of two evils when Matterface is the other one. Thanks. ETA - oops.
  13. They're scousers. It's what they do.
  14. A one off game's not so bad but it should be straight to pens for two legged ties.
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