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  1. Very pleased to see 4 Saturday fixtures in November. We now have Saturday matches in the league until the middle of January. Good.
  2. Musselburgh won another close and competitive game today. Broxburn started on the front foot and deservedly took the lead. They sat back after it and Burgh came back into the game, having plenty possession, particularly both full backs got well forward, as usual. Bradley Whyte took his goals well. The second after he was fouled in the box, he just got up and knocked it in. For the second week in a row Burgh's opposition hit the crossbar early in the second half but Musselburgh seemed more likely to score. It happened with the last kick of the ball. After the Broxburn goalie missed his clearance, loanee Aaron Murrell rolled it home. He did well in the little time he had on the pitch.
  3. We have been starting with 4 at the back for the last 6 games. I don't see it changing soon. Whether it's been 4 or 3 the full backs play high and we get caught out far to often. 3 at the back hasn't worked since Bradley Donaldson left, although Liam Reid only played at the centre of the 3 for the first time at the end of Saturday's match. Ross McRae was unlucky to be left out but since he got back in he has been excellent and should keep his place when Ben McGinley is available. I agree with playing some of the Under 20 outfield players, in general, although it would be better to bring them in to a winning team. another reason for getting some positive results next week.
  4. Casey, If our aim is to finish in the top 3 the next 3 games will tell us if that is realistic. The recent poor run of results will need to change quickly if a high league position is to be maintained.
  5. "He's not doing it" said quite a few Burgh players during an injury induced drinks break during the first half. They were talking about a team mate. At half-time the player was moved and five minutes later subbed. It seemed like there was more discontent amongst the team than at any other point of the season. Joe Hamil has a tough job putting the moaners and whingers back in their place and reasserting unity. It does not help that that a player was sent off for a tackle 100 yards from his own goal and that we have only 2 full backs in the squad. Playing a centre half at right back and then moving him to left back at the injury break cannot be the solution. On the bright side Bradley Whyte scored another fantastic goal. This time with no assistance required.
  6. Musselburgh were much better today in a very competitive game. The return of Darren Downie helped but it was an overall team performance that earned the win. The highlight being the first goal. Greg Page driving forward, before passing into Jordan Smith who played a cute little pass onto an onrushing Bradley Whyte who ran forward with the ball before calmly slotting it past the Bell goalie. Nobody better.
  7. The answer is Darren Downie v Dunbar. He also scored against Stoneyburn. Dean Ballantyne scored in our opening league match and that's it apart from the now departed Nathan Evans. Since he went to Bonnyrigg we have scored 8 times of which 4 have been penalties. No wonder the manager gave the Under 20's striker a chance.
  8. Musselburgh were poor again today. Tynecastle deserved there victory. They messed up a few 2 on 2's, hit the post and missed a good opportunity before scoring with 10 minutes remaining. Musselburgh created very little in response. I am not sure if the problem is entirely the forwards, although we do miss Darren Downie to hold the ball up and bring others into the game. We did bring on an under 20 players who looked like he could play that role too. We did leave out a number of players who have been playing regularly and played some of the fringe players. The most impressive of those was Liam Gregory but he did not receive the ball often enough in my opinion.
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