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  1. I hope you were really impressed with my graphic design skills too
  2. Kai Fotherngham loaned to stirling from Dundee UTD
  3. Going for the chairman role Currently going through deleting any of his old posts
  4. Happy first post K Mac - Interested to see how long you stay around for
  5. 2 members of the media team remain. Average age of 20 between them though if that makes a difference
  6. ditto everything said there my only concern is he doesn't get the game time to show what he can do. The next Sean Heaver...
  7. How the f**k can you not remember such a thing. I wasn't even there and I know - from someone telling me - that it happened
  8. Correct Rhliston doesn't know how a football club works. He think's Stuart Brown gives the team talks, picks the starting XI, does the tactics and scouts & signs players.
  9. Can hear Rhliston crying in his sleep tonight with Stuart Brown still chairman
  10. Looking forward to this game - first time to the rock in around 10 years may the best team win
  11. From that comment all it proves is Mr Liston as expected has a vindeta against Stuart Brown and it now shows
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