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  1. I just dont get what some of these guys are about. Nobody is trying to restict any sensible, meaniful, informative, topical, humourous or debatable input. These forums are to argue different points of view in a grown up manner, ideally with a sense of humour and non vilification. I know that many contributors are very well informed, connected and know whats going on. Thankfully they continue to share these tit-bits in a manner thats not derogatory or condescending. Nothing wrong with a strong dose of constructive criticism or a completely different point iof view. But stupidity and attention seeking are wee bit primary school level. Hopefully we all get back to enjoying the read and the banter sooner than later
  2. Have to say - i'm only an observer, not a contributor, so it takes a lot to be bothered to write; So to be clear - this used to be a resonablly well informed site with no malice or derogation. Now it's dead!!!!!! complety and dying on its feet. I urge any Dunbar supporter to now take back ownership of this page before it becomes just another defunct sheet in the history of P&B Where are the guys who used to give informed content???? Redlichty, Maltyguy, Sunny Dunny, IMHO - youve been conspicous by your abscence - why has some guy from the toon now dictated the DUFC page???? I'M VERY SURE THAT I SPEAK FOR THE SILENT MAJORITY - WHY HAVE OTHERS FOM SOME WEIRDO PAGES TAKEN TO DUFC. I JUST CANNOT SEE THE LINK FROM SOME ABSURB EDINBURGH AMATEUR TEAM TO A VERY PROGRESSIVE EOSFL CLUB. Tomorrow the team are playing in a significant competion against a team much higher above them in the rankings - as peR FB!! Support the team, support the manager, and for the sake of of transparency - just support Dunbar United. Some other profiles are very vague to say the least, shallow would be a fair description. The big clue is getting back to EH42 from 'the Toon' on a Saturday night, If you dont know it then, you are really are from the planet Zod!! Platform 19 - the saviour, the provider, then into Dundar at 2120, and into either he Golf, The Dolphin, The Mac, Bull, The Eagle, the Bull, the Castle, Volly's, the Lodge, Summerfield,,,,, even the Craigengelt, Hillside or Bellvue , Battleblent, Bayswell and West Barns. Jimmy Forsyth, Olly, and the rest assured it was great times, stuff of legends - and there were a few - several of which are still going along to NCP, and just laugh at the comments. thats fact and not fiction. The half time chat all wonders wha this font of knowledge id frse the toon!! Eveyone is totally bemused by by the interest from some 'Toonie Loonie'Theres guys with an average age of 70, so they've sen it all, heard it all and know when the smell of bullshit is obnoxious. I really hope that this gets back to being the local, informative, accurate, and timeous page that it used to be. Just cant underrstand why its now become a targret for those who've been emptied from other pages. If youre asking me - I'd say some some strangers; wha urney frae Dunbar- could be called outa eos or something similar - is beingf a total w****r. I fully realise that Mr Sandy will will awake from his slumber to criticise me. Im really worried about that.... Yes a guy from an amateurt ebinbrrae amateur league, folling a couple of guys on a Dunbar page, What a joke. I only want DUFC stuff on the DUFC page. Strange but true. I have got no otheri nterest in other Eosfl Clubs, and certainly havent got any any interest in some some half baked edinburra half baked amatuer team thats only one small step removed feom a pub team. what im saying is what evryone else that i chat to thinks, That is simply Get Tae Feck and let this page be a Dunbar page. Criticise, support, inform, or just comment but fffs dont just talk a lot of bollocks that never gets either a + OR - because the stalker from Sandys decrys everything thats semi informative. Its your page not - DUNBAR UNITED - not an ebinburra amateur page.
  3. That seemed an enjoyable day at Hallhill. Anyone actually remember Dunbar United scoring 5?
  4. What a Knob he is. The Dick Of The Season award winner is Andy Pandy from Sandys .
  5. Shocking - so many people give their time and money for the mindless few to trash their efforts. A great setup at Easthouses, hope it's all repairable and no further instances
  6. Predictions - there's a quotation around 'don't predict it, create it' which is what the more focused coaches at the very top of the senior game seem to follow. Create it by buying players, developing a winning mentality or simply creating an illusion of superiority. If I was predicting the future - I'd predict that matters won't be settled until around match-day 26. But at the minute I wouldn't be swapping the Dunbar position with anyone. If you told me at the start of the season Dunbar would be clear league leaders at the top around mid-Oct going into Nov leading by 3 points and also a game in hand - I reckon not too many folks would have believed it possible. But there you go, things aren't too predictable in this sport. Well done guys, enjoy it while its around.
  7. A little bit of bait for that Sandys troll, it dont take much to set him/her off. £60K if only. It seemd to be a good match with a far too many chances not converted into goals. Maybe Jonny Ed is the solution.
  8. Yes it is, and a bit more competitive and meaningful than last years conference setup. I suppose that the conference step had to be gone through to establish the pecking order. Its certainly seen a lot of close encounters and unexpected results. Theres certainly a good few clubs who could easily hold their own against the majority of the Premier teams.
  9. if anyone feels interested, the current rankings for the EoS Div 1. I'm not interested in debating the pros and cons - its simply an info share.
  10. Looks like a very important 90 minutes on Saturday for both Dunbar United and also Dunipace.
  11. All the best to the Team today in the Scottish Cup. The Third round is waiting. I very much hope to see your name come out the draw. I can see that guy from Sandys (who previously scribbled above) ranting on bigtime if DUFC really do get through and get the mega payment from the SFA. He seems obsessed on fiction. I think that DUFC have an excellent record at home in the Scottish, hope that toady it continues.
  12. "offers something completely different" does that include speed ?
  13. Well, it was another win, and they've somehow managed to get themselves to the top of the league table. It's very well done to the manager and the players. I think that Dunbar are at the top on merit. I'd agree that they still have a distance to go - I'm sure most supporters would also agree that they can make lots of improvement - but that's what it's all about - winning and improving. The team are doing both. I wonder how they'll play in the next two matches - Preston (Challenge Cup) and Uniy of Stirling (Scot Cup). Personally, it would great to win both. But without doubt the focus and priority has to be league matches. Threes also the postponed cup tie at Gretna to get through. I'm hoping none of these cup-ties prove a distraction to the league campaign. Well done guys, fair praise when its due,,,,,
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