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  1. That was then , this is now. Dropping like
  2. Did Franz Beckenbauer ever score with his head ? Hendry and Craig Gordon our stars. Midfield could have been better. Really hoping the full backs are o K. ! Please , please
  3. 1 ) It is an emergency call up, 2 ) he is not that internationally inexperienced
  4. Clips of movies I have been watching. 1 ). Casablanca. 2 ) the Departed. great stuff , from different eras
  5. I believe the , at least , majority opinion is to play K.T. at LCB in a back 4 would be a monumental error
  6. but he is a Kilmarnock player , and they are investigating ( which has been reported by the BBC at least )
  7. Is that not the m o. of the friends of a certain manager , serious point ?
  8. At this particular moment in time we have a shortage of quality centre backs. e.g. Grant Hanley , John Souttar are injured. Are there any up and coming centre backs , Ryan excepted ?
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